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  1. Having the balls/ovaries to keep it clean and simple is rare. Props to you :love2: btw, ever seen work by L'Atlas? Some of his stuff has an arabic flavour, think he studied the traditional forms. Peas, 'fono
  2. Sort out your design on a plain background first... the printed bit of those examples is making the design difficult to judge.
  3. Something new from me, possible series to come... Hecz: NICE shit. ;) Limit: perhaps take the dots off? Peas.
  4. Nice flix superbrew :love2: Underpiss: Deyz n Dert
  5. My camera aint good enough to get this properly, but you get the gist... Kost reachdown, Leicester uk
  6. Lesta stickers up on Street Sticker thread in paper chase :spin2:
  7. Well, shit. A bosom. How novel. Does that count as "stickers on the street", do you think?
  8. I am now officially Ving's fangirl for that angel-ving... You rule. :love2: :innocent: Actually, let me expand that to all Philly heads :love2:
  9. I agree. You should get props if you deserve it, not just cos you're a girl/in a certain crew/old skool/live in a particular city, etc etc etc
  10. Fuckin hell gren...nice flixes. I've got a few, will sling em up later Ello yell, seen yours up an about...for stix, try partners in the haymarket... 80 8x12cm on a roll Anyone know who does these? Cos I rather like them^^^ Peace vare pom gren yell :)
  11. Last of today's batch Pom Junk-e Pom? Unknown (ss, possibly) Unknown fono So there you go :chicken:
  12. More... Mono Unknown Unknown Venks Unknown Unknown
  13. Results of an afternoon's wandering...there might be a couple I've posted before, but I'm posting again cos flicks are better quality Venks ss(?) unknown (mono?) as above Venks, unknown, fono, sw Mr. Breakfast Bollox ss(?)
  14. Nice flics, your bobness. Lots of fonos from earlier today... ...and a Bollox
  15. Rojotelefono


    Who's he with? definately not up my ends...
  16. There should be something on your image host where you can edit the size... peas
  17. Some recent bits That pherzo's well nice.
  18. Forgot to add this... d'oh:chicken:
  19. Hey guys, hope you all had good hols. From the 'Beyond the Streets' expo in Ghent (belgium) http://www.cap-inc.be/beyondthestreets/pictures.html Geist, where's your Dooder mate from? There was someone doing similar characters a few years ago up my ends (central uk)...this is the only flick I've got, sadly
  20. Time to air the local styles....Leicester UK. Got a fuckload, so here we go! <img src=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v255/rojotf/sek.jpg><img src=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v255/rojotf/render1.jpg> Sek, Render <img src=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v255/rojotf/phyn.jpg><img src=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v255/rojotf/oterone.jpg> Phyn, Oter <img src=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v255/rojotf/nudge.jpg><img src=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v255/rojotf/kiteroner.jpg> Nudge, Kite <img src=http://img.photo
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