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  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me out... trying to find out if rojo is still writing/around. PM me if its sensitive info Cheers, peas
  2. Yay! Thanks Shirk and DBD :) Also: prvrt's blue monkey is nutters :love2:
  3. New stuff! M/F-ono Fonollox F/M-ono Venks Orco, Fono Goon Squad Robotelefono Rainbowfonos Laters ;)
  4. Good to see Utah's still repping the ladies :)
  5. Nice shit Nose :love2: 15LBprophet: computer printer ink isn't waterproof (unless you've got a couple of grand for a laser printer)...try laminating them/hand printing/less absorbent paper/etc Leicestaaaah doings: Mistah Breakfast, Starz Fono/Starz Starz n Fonos Mr. Breakfast, Naru, Pills, Fono, Starz Scoop that poop! Unknown, plus Mr.B on anti-peel duty
  6. Thanks Fr0st and Lord B. Couple more, and a huge wodge to come tomotrrow ;) Not sure, reckon this is Ayr. Holy boot Breakfast, Fono and young up-and-coming artist Shepard Fairey. And remember, kids:
  7. Starz - I got your sticks! fanks :love2: flicks soon... In the meantime: Fono, Bollox, Fono Fono Fono, Lord Breakfast, Bollox, Breakfast, Fono, Bollox Orco Bob, fono More later! ;)
  8. BUMP kuta and Mes3 :love2:
  9. Hey Ving! That Zorro rocks my socks. Nice to see you back again... Coupla bits: fono Junk-e, fono Venks Mr. Breakfast, fono, Uneek, Ayr B'fast, fono, bollox Venks, fono fono x2 fono, Goon, Toro Keep on keepin on...
  10. *bump* for Diva...extremely nice shit :love2:
  11. That omelet king one is priceless!
  12. Nice! Also Showchicken, Sums, Roar and Chun1 :)
  13. Hey Hans. Looking good! fono Ner fono Junk-e Goon/Toro collab, Ayr
  14. Thanx Kill or Die... all my stuff is hand-done. PM me and I'll bung u a handful... Hiya your Lordship! That sloth is fucking excellent! I'm going large too soon so keep yer eyes open kids....
  15. Right, a few flicks; firstup, a couple from london Dats? Red5 and Cornish And more Leicester: Agro Fono ...well, do you, punk? coupla fonos and a straw ...or else. Junk-e Pink Bollox. Ho ho Goon and Roberta Bollox, Goon, Ner, Junk-e, Dert maybe? I'd forgotten about this one... :innocent: Laters...
  16. Wow, good posts adobo and lord Bfast... town's looking good :love2:
  17. Hee! Thanks for the ups DBD :love2:
  18. More from the big-ass pile of flicks that seems to be multiplying on its own... SOE? by me. Fancied a change :smiles: Deyz n bollox Red Bollox (ho ho)
  19. Are those 1986 ones yours sifer? They are well nice. Like the duck...
  20. ...finally for today Lord Breakfast, Mono, Zchos
  21. ...more... Tiny weeny fono! Mono, Bollox Moneybags! Junk-e Bollox Goons, Monk Dosea?? Bollox, Goon
  22. So much good stuff on this thread! Carrying on...
  23. More Leicester stuff! Possibly Dekoy Adobo Mono Unknown Goons and fono More soon, got a huge pile of flicks to go through. Ups to Adobo n Pom, noice fliiiicks
  24. Got yer exercise then? Great flicks :love2:
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