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  1. Moooooooore fono, agro agro bit blurry, sorry. lots of bruce lees fono
  2. I was most pleased to find this lot today :love2: unknown Gren, fono, ? mono yobs gren ?, junk-e
  3. Re: THERE'S SOME STUPID STICKERS OUT ON THE STREETS. Yeah, But there's good shit an' all :crazy:
  4. Ace ving/toro combo. Love that afro :love2:
  5. Hey peeps. ? Shepherd Fairey gets bloody everywhere... Don't know whose these are, but they're getting some classy placement - this is on the roof of a chips/ice cream kiosk... Junk-e+accompanying tag. Mono Fono More soon :freak: :scream:
  6. Holy shit fr0st! ok, now I gotta do some stuff. lol Liking the big-eyed manga toros peas
  7. The thread for unstuck stickers is "The New Sicker Thread".
  8. Ah sweet! someone from my ends with a decent camera! lol I like junk-e's stuff :love2:
  9. Hey peeps. New shit from my ends: Mono Junk-e unknown Zchos unknown. SS? props ving, destruction, frost, craksmoka Have fun in NY geezers. Hope it goes well :spin2:
  10. Coupla fonos severely liking the stencils 83 m8 :love2: maybe they guy who stared at the bus stop had a thing for nips lol
  11. Really loving those ghostpatrol stix - they've got an excellent cute/creepy thing going...
  12. "and for the etching i dont give a fuck who ever touch it... i mean why touch a tag made outof etching? stupid.. dumb people only do that... i love etching.. " What about the poor fucker who cleans the bathroom? Y'wanker. :tongue:
  13. Wost, you seem to hang out in public toilets a lot.... fyi, did you know etch stays chemically active for at least 48 hours? So if anyone touched that mirror for 2 days after you tagged it, they'd have got an acid burn. Good going genius.
  14. Don't know who's doing these, but they ruuuule. Once again, apologies for shiteness of flics.... The speech bubble says 'no tea for conan' lol detail of previous Really intracate... much props
  15. Aw, poor ving.... I like your flash char :) well nice
  16. Ease up a bit wost... u sound desperate.
  17. Well...you know stationary shops? Find pens. Try em out till you find the one you want/like :) Don't be worried about trying out stuff, even if you don't get what you're looking for first time, it'll still be worth it and interesting, like fr0st sez peas oh! ps. potato prints: get big potato, cut in half, carve design into surface, let it dry a bit, ink/paint it up and away you go
  18. They've only got glue on half an inch at one end... Have you tried a screen-print type thing? rollers? potatoes? lol
  19. Dammit, that should be 'adjusted for alleyways', lol and speaking of royal mail stix:
  20. Are the perros the dogs? they rock... Wost-one: u might have a bit of trouble getting royal mail stickers, they've changed the way they glue the backs and they're pretty shit now :( Adusted for alleyways... pretty much worked, I reckon
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