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  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me out... trying to find out if rojo is still writing/around. PM me if its sensitive info Cheers, peas
  2. Yay! Thanks Shirk and DBD :) Also: prvrt's blue monkey is nutters :love2:
  3. New stuff! M/F-ono Fonollox F/M-ono Venks Orco, Fono Goon Squad Robotelefono Rainbowfonos Laters ;)
  4. Good to see Utah's still repping the ladies :)
  5. Nice shit Nose :love2: 15LBprophet: computer printer ink isn't waterproof (unless you've got a couple of grand for a laser printer)...try laminating them/hand printing/less absorbent paper/etc Leicestaaaah doings: Mistah Breakfast, Starz Fono/Starz Starz n Fonos Mr. Breakfast, Naru, Pills, Fono, Starz Scoop that poop! Unknown, plus Mr.B on anti-peel duty
  6. Thanks Fr0st and Lord B. Couple more, and a huge wodge to come tomotrrow ;) Not sure, reckon this is Ayr. Holy boot Breakfast, Fono and young up-and-coming artist Shepard Fairey. And remember, kids:
  7. Starz - I got your sticks! fanks :love2: flicks soon... In the meantime: Fono, Bollox, Fono Fono Fono, Lord Breakfast, Bollox, Breakfast, Fono, Bollox Orco Bob, fono More later! ;)
  8. BUMP kuta and Mes3 :love2:
  9. Hey Ving! That Zorro rocks my socks. Nice to see you back again... Coupla bits: fono Junk-e, fono Venks Mr. Breakfast, fono, Uneek, Ayr B'fast, fono, bollox Venks, fono fono x2 fono, Goon, Toro Keep on keepin on...
  10. *bump* for Diva...extremely nice shit :love2:
  11. That omelet king one is priceless!
  12. Nice! Also Showchicken, Sums, Roar and Chun1 :)
  13. Hey Hans. Looking good! fono Ner fono Junk-e Goon/Toro collab, Ayr
  14. Thanx Kill or Die... all my stuff is hand-done. PM me and I'll bung u a handful... Hiya your Lordship! That sloth is fucking excellent! I'm going large too soon so keep yer eyes open kids....
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