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  1. i guess i could bring back the orange center bold text,,,,i mean, if thats less annoying
  2. yeah, im petty sure i'd hit that smile in the face too....
  3. http://www.cnn.com/2005/SHOWBIZ/TV/09/06/d...t.ap/index.html
  4. youve only been on a year and a bit more than me...with way more posts therefore making you more of an internerd than me....and its not "fuckin internerd fuckin talk" what is there not to understand about what i said...? :rolleyes: Quoted post [/b] i was playing around sketch boy
  5. man do i smell ubertones join the club, well, you did, welcome to the club... happy 19th, but dont steal abc's thunder...zues style thunder
  6. well, as i said it was innappropriate, and i did spell that wrong, it was a joke, thats why the grammar is so off. thats all and i didnt re register, ive had this name for a while, but i thnk we could go for a close thread about now
  7. Nah, all in all it was innappropriate. I shouldnt have said it, so tesseract is right. And glik0 didnt come out and say what is said, well, not in that fashion, so i dont think his shit is really the same. But how mero can get off sayin shit basically with white/black reversed, and not get in trouble, is beyond me......
  8. yeah, im pretty sure i got the banned, so if you need somethin, pm me here...
  9. i guess you are entitled to your opinion....who else is tge?
  10. yeah, tge is off the porch my friend, the great escape
  11. but outta curiosity, how'd you know that, i dont recall parading it around, but maybe i did, i dont know, just wondering...
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