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  1. RUBBISH... what up fool?! yo, i am off the net but still peep my email now and then. send me some word, rinse3003@yahoo.com. still writing and started up some music production on the side, dub style. anyways, i lost your e-mail but i stumbled across something you've been looking for. hit me back and we can set up an exchange. looking forward to your message, hollywood. seeya.
  2. rinse

    top labels?

    so this is where all the LABEL-WHORES are. -diesel -555soul -north face -tribal -third rail -puma -sabotage -ck -obey -pointer -element -dickies -polo -alpha -mecca -express (for men) -ae -independant -kikwear -d&g -sketchers -turtle fur -marc ecko -vintage wears -ufo -timberland -a&f ...too many to name. all depends on what kind of night i plan on having.
  3. so bassicly what i am getting out of this is, your more into the defacement of property qualities of graffiti. the one timer type graff like you mentioned at the opening of your statement really annoys me. its like junk food (no substance) only it doesnt even have the sweet flava' that junk food has. its just no style, no substance waste of space. this stuff doesnt provoke thought, carries no aim or direction, and has no bearing in any way within the terms "petition of media distrust" or "public forum". its even a larger stretch to think that graffiti like that has any effect on advertising bohemiths in any reguard what-so-ever. dont get me wrong i am all about the empowerment of the indiviual but if you dont have anything to bring to the table then why even pull up a chair?! to be honest, the general population is more hurt by graff than it is by product placement and advertising. say mr. average joe just buys a house or starts a business in a seemingly nice area within the city... then writers come down the block and crush everything over and over again... to the average joe graff represents crime and civil unrest, even urban decay. so now the property value could drop over a period of time, people might not want to shop in that area for concern of safety, etc. if an ad campaign rolls down that same block, to the average joe the effects will largely go unnoticed. the only way you are going to save people from the evils of advertisers is to go over the advertisements themselves with your graff. know what i mean? ;)
  4. rinse

    Graffiti Grapher

    this article is shitty... poorly put together and bearly skims the surface. but as far as math in graff, most definately (depending on the skill level of the practicioner and the style that is being aplied). writers may not use a formula or equation in numerical form but there are artistic equations that should be kept intact. the more complex your styles become the more mathmatical your sketches seem to appear as well as your finished product. there are some intensely geometric styles floating around out there. some wildstyles are mad geomtric in form. on top of that there is a far less literal analogy between math and graff. there is always a system involved in proper pieces. in the same right there is always a system or "order of operations" in mathmatical formulas. thats why when you see so an ill-ass burner heads are like "someone has got this shit down to a science". its a mataphor that is lost on some kids aparently. science and math share the same pulse and when graff is done properly, its fingers are on that pulse. some of yall are taking this way too literal. i would say that there is a math to some degree or another involed in the construction of a piece as well as style of many letter fonts. anyone who thinks mathmatics cant be found in strange places needs to peep that movie "pi". honestly though, i am tired of all these online graff tutorial web-games. they are tired and boring... if you want to play with graff... go outside and do something real.
  5. the return address?! really?! yup... a thankyou card would be the good & christian thing to do. why not? W.W.J.D.
  6. ...nothing to be gained here...
  7. rinse

    Stenciling 101

    yo... your better off without any overspray... it looks soo much better that way... keep your work clean.
  8. rinse

    Good graff tip <-

    another obvious tip brought to you by rinse: bombing in the rain is a stupid idea.... no matter what you read in the 12oz rain bomning thread.
  9. rinse

    Stenciling 101

    earo... what is up with that over-spray?! it doesnt even look intentional like the graff/art-hipster types always partially frame their stencils with. it just looks sloppy.
  10. omen... whatever happened with those mops you were talking about awhile back. the ones that you made out of old-school glass deoderant containers?
  11. blackmarket records kiddies... nicky is the mad-note.
  12. what does it mean?! your name is your trademark style... you havent been at it long have you. what is your name? how did you get it? what does it mean to you? you shouldnt even have to ask shit like that but since you did. why dont you answer them for yourself.
  13. rinse

    Turntable Timmy

    doesnt Doug Cunningham go by dug one? yea he did the wave twisters annimation. he's got some skills. souds cool. sounds even better then that hip kid hop childrens book by doug e. fresh. i may pick up a copy for a certain 5 year old i know. thanks for the heads up.
  14. true... writers were sprayin' it before mc's were sayin' it. but graff, though still parallel with hip-hop and still a element there in, has found its own and is no longer found only as the resident visual expression of hip-hop. its something much larger than that now... shit, its not even strictly urban art anymore. there are hip hop writers, punk writers, rave writers... somehow it brings a level of credability to any music based culture that is found on the fringe of acceptability. yea, respect its roots but climb the tree and see what the view is like from is various branches. denying the true nature of the beast is counter productive. if you cant evolve with it then you get left behind. as for vh1, any proper showcasing of the art of getting up benifits true writers and brings exposure to the sport. isnt that the point... fame? then as the cycle has proved over and over... the scene will fall below the mainstream radar. its just not worth buggin' out about that sorta' shit. if your not feeling the media scrutiny, just wait it out. it wont take long. things will get quiet again.
  15. rinse


    i am a lefty but it is so hard for me to cop a tag as a lefty, that i gave up writing for breakdancing... but thats real tricky to do left handed too, have you tried it?
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