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    babania had a valid point actually..
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    yea you all seem to think that its sooo ghetto to think being rich is shit. well il drop some knowledge. PEOPLE IN THE GHETTO WANT TO BE RICH. only dumb people think they are 'keepin it real' if they living like a pennyless chump. im not saying all rich people are fine, but dont hate cos you are poor.
  3. thankyou ^ and what you all bitching about? they obviously commissioned it because he is well known for that throw up. he could have done a burner, but they obviously didnt ask for that. unless your as established as him, or as good, keep it shut.
  4. you referring to jawn crue, or the term 'jawn'?
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    uk yards???

    you are joking? i mean seriously, we have yards, trains, running water, cars, and even tv.
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    Re: Brighton UK - Graphotism&SleepingGiants 06 yes to clear things up, posting flicks of their work is fine, but anyone posting an action shot of the painter without blotting the faces or whatever out, is retarded.
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    your inventory

    o and its more like $10 not $12, just thought id ad my small knowledge of the exchange rate...
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    your inventory

    its nothing to do with they dont know what to charge, they just dont want young little hoodlums to buy it and go spraying on walls. unfortunately for them, means paint gets racked instead.
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    Spray Paint

    i dont know why belton is soo popular, it really aint that great. neither is hardcore. to clear things up aswell, hardcore is from spain, montana gold/black etc is from germany, and is a completely different company, with the same name (you may draw your own conclusions to why)- spanish had the name first by the way. beltons arent that thick, and is too high pressure. montana gold is thicker, as is clash. unfortunately america, actually doesnt get that much selection in the way of aerosol paint designed for graffiti, however i love kills, and you cant get that shit in europe! but yea, i think toys should start with shit, i did, most writers did, so the newbies should aswell, apart from the fact they cant appreciate it until they start full color burners. anyway, just my 2 cents.. or should i say pence?
  10. well actually the weed in holland is overrated.... and on another note, people sayin europe is easy to paint, try paintin steel in berlin, or denmark.... that is about as hard as paintin ny subways.
  11. again people tryin to undermine nt....
  12. haha, its 'gay' is it? riiight. well actually im sure if you give it a chance people might actually debate, post flicks etc. the fact is graffiti as a culture is expanding, and i see alot of stuff from both sides of the pond, and alot of people sayin eith usa is killing it, or european stuff. so as there is a mix or people on here, maybe might turn into a good discussion.
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