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  1. been naples smashed it got about 100+ photos of runners hahaha:lol:
  2. just see stuff on the staines line look out
  3. hold up

    uk wall flixs

    can anyone spot the "itch my bum" tag haha fuk heroin dart u fuking toy imkool suck my dick u faggot cunt little WANKER CUNT MOTHERFUCKER. HA
  4. there is a akel next to that nodi ... post it up!!
  5. hold up

    DDS Crew London

    thanks 2 http://www.btpcantcatchus.tk
  6. bump for all the damage!!!..2kold is getting enuff damage done at the moment ;)
  7. sneak u kno they have been posted before why r u posting em again!! merry xmas!! :chicken:
  8. yeh its next to clapham yard and its the wall just off one of the platforms
  9. see ribs soe damage running on southwests 2day
  10. boom caught this running other day
  11. i dont give a fuk really :cool:
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