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  1. out in chitown now. hit me up on a PM.
  2. PedroHammers

    holy fuck

    this has got to be a joke.
  3. rest in peace from the TNC family.
  4. PedroHammers

    The Draft

    good question. i dont know how accurate the article is, but nonetheless its appropriate to the thread at hand is it not? just food for thought.
  5. PedroHammers

    The Draft

    "If the military fails to attract enough recruits and America maintains a large commitment in Iraq, the nation may have to consider some form of conscription, said Cato Institute defense analyst Charles Pena. "This is getting dicey," said Pena." CNN
  6. wear what you want to wear, but seriously if you want "tight" jeans, rock some levis 517s, no bullshit excuses, no nothin' just straight jeans. and why is "fashioncore" even a fucking word. thats gross.
  7. deutschland deutschland ueber alles yo tesser, hit me with an email if you have it. i am going back to the euroland.
  8. good post... one correction. the paint rollers are are on a Vienna subway and the kid is from Vienna, Austria.
  9. 1. 1st punk/HC show attended?: Sick Of It All/Sam Black Church/Life of Agony -1991 Norwalk, CT 2. Last show attended?: Give Up The Ghost, Vienna, Austria 3. Favorite punk/HC band ever?: Burn 4. Are you straight-edge? How long? any sXe tattoos?: no 5. Favorite era of punk/HC?: 1988-1995 6. Favorite scene (time and location)?: Connecticut Brotherhood/Deathsquad mid nineties 7. Worst scene?: Louisville, Kentucky 8. Most memorable show?: Underdog, Wide Awake reunion show 9. Biggest live disappointment: Sheer Terror 10. Best live punk/HC band?: Give Up The Ghost 11. Ever been in a band?: yes 12. Best venue?: Too many to name 13. Worst venue?: The Cricket Club in Irvington NJ 14. When exactly did Walter S. lose it?: Couldnt careless 15. Do you own a record player?: yes 16. Do you own any colored vinyl?: yes 17. Been to a "fest"? Which one(s)?: no 18. circle pit? mosh? kick box?: walk on peoples head, fuck dancing. 19. Favorite punk/HC 'zines and/or websites?: Change 20. Old enuff to remember the Krshna fad?: all too well 21. Young enuff to be part of the Christian trend?: that was worse than the Krshna thing and no i did not participate 22.a) Were you upset when Green Day signed to a major label?: VH1: make that money B) Jawbreaker?: read replay to question 22a. c) AFI?: read replay to question 22a. d) H2O?: read replay to question 22a. 23. Older vs. Newer? Older, with the exception of Give Up The Ghost a)AFI?: dudes a transvestite, that is kind of funny. B) Throwdown?: who? c) Refused?: one of the best european imports d) Sick Of It All?: always a favorite in my book e) Converge?: hate it f) Hatebreed?: good for them and where they are now 24. How did you get into punk/HC?: family members
  10. Fairly simple, but not so simple... I came over here after being accepted to a program at the University of Vienna, one of the main reasons I applied to the school was in order to get a one year Visa... but as I have learned you can basically stay over here as long as you wish without a Visa as long as you leave the country every 90 days and go to a country that is not in the European Union (ie all of the Eastern European countries) and upon coming back to a Western European country get a stamp in your passport... ... being in Vienna is good place for a base, Slovakia is a half an hour away and it costs 16 euros roundtrip... the Czech Republic one hour by train... I was lucky and knew somebody that lived here already and shared a flat so I have had a place to stay since I got here. As for hostels... they are cheap especially if you are a student or can produce a student card or are under 26 years of age. As for everyday living... a pack of cigarettes costs me 2.90 euros, a bottle of wine costs 2.00 euros at the market, beers at a bar are 2.80 euros and you dont have to tip. As for working, a good place to look to are Irish or English pubs, they are always looking for people that speak English to work the bar, they pay well and it is off the books, or if you can cook that is another bonus. I hope that answers some of your questions.
  11. I am finishing up a year in Europe right now. Costs are pretty cheap if you head towards more Eastern countries in Europe that dont have the Euro yet. (The dollar is getting killed by the Euro right now) As far as flights it isnt that bad round 400-500 dollars roundtrip. (That is what I payed to Austria) Cheap places to go: Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
  12. As much as I would like to say that I have matured with my musical tastes I still cannot get into Zero Zero... but as far as Dans band Kid Dynamite... that was the hotness.
  13. `F Jamie Oliver, its all about Ainsley... Ready Steady Cook represent.
  14. http://www.languagecourse.net/images/cities/c132_2.jpg'> http://www.vienna.cc/wienpix/naschmarkt.jpg'> for one more week this is my city.
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