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  1. you kids play nice now....
  2. tuff guy joe Young boys are toys- then with a lot of work they become Kings someday...
  3. Alleyshots It's looking good Iron. you recovered with that pic of my girl.... was that girl back alley sally??
  4. Dollar Seaching??? That kills the image. I broke open my lil sisters penny bank I have 100 pennies?? I know, you want to go get a happy meal. Dont spend all those dollars at the titty spot kid....
  5. Fantastik Post..... those tropicana cars are solid cold!!
  6. HOE??? your aunt tilly!! ART-NONEOF THEM CAUGHT IN THE MITCHELL YARD. you caught them up north at the Cow Milking yard.
  7. what? I give this post a half a thumb Iron.... That Railbox End 2 End was on point!! all caught in da Mitchell I see..
  8. Zedisdead Just Representin' the oldschoolers in this Train Fame Game. I had break it down to it's purest essense for the New kids on the Track...giving it to Em' Raw! BDK -Brothas Dont Know About the Real Steel Deal....
  9. of course it is...can you burn that in Photoshop??
  10. Souls of Steel <font size="5">Rain or Shine we are out on the line... Catching Wreck!</font>
  11. My Third Eye seen it coming. Seeking info- Yes, I'm not gunna front- I do flex some if not all my images in PhotoShop. Did you notice that NONE of my E2E & panel shots have any seems or they're not distorted in anyway? I put mad passion into the shot first- then give certain photographs even more retouching love back at the studio......I have The skills to pay the bills! This shot was in motion hiballing fast!! I used high quality Kodak 400 ISO film at a faster shutter speed- stopping it in motion. Then It was back to the lab to add a nice subtle motion blur to it in PhotoShop- I Added some drama & excitement to the flick-Presenting it to you the same way I witnessed it. I am impressed with your observation of my work-Good call...... Gotta keep the sharp kids guessing. All these shots do exist in real life except the Artistik & the Denz-Refa Compositions... I had to mix it up bit- keeping you brothas intrigued.. Click here to see the actual bench mission & this lovely lady rolling south threw Chicago http://clients.homeboyz.com/railrelics/mov...utboundlady.mov
  12. I give you two thumbs Up Pal on your thread.... Somebody said they saw your Aunt Tilly down rocking on Mitchell St ass naked..
  13. Fantstik cars What a swell post up!!-you are catching nice shit from your bench'in spot. If I were you I would go & cut them fuckin tree branches down with a hand saw! I do that shit all the time when I find a nice new spot to catch trains....
  14. Re: this is a definte quality thread.......bump bump <font size="4"> Let me dig into the archives & see what else I have Instore for the Heads. I am still waiting at the signal to proceed Westbound. Damn. I am still a Rookie too.... </font>
  15. <font size="5"><font color="white"> More Steel from the Midwest Fotokingz......Peep game. Just say no to Alley shots!! </font></font color> Fingers in da flavor! <b/>
  16. Re: are you tough or what Iron- Hold the Phone's kid- Brothas are waiting for the Train dispatcher & the Yard Master to give me permission to proceed West on the WWD track threw the depot. I cant pull my train off this siding pass the RED CTC signal displaying STOP until the company police remove those hobo's from that opened scenic cruiser 50 cars back. There is also a Trackgang replacing the track with new 150 pound welded rail out at Grand Ave Crossing- they're fouling Main Track 1 til 13:05. I have 42 loads-25 empties, length: 3895 thousand feet & My Train consist is made up of Boxcars of Beer, Hazmat material, aerosol products & Autoracks. Hold on I have a coal unit hiballing past me.. CP detector, milepost 84.4 MainTrack 2, Temperature 57 degrees, total axles 275, no defects, work safely detector out.....
  17. <font size="3"><font color="#003399">I thought I would contribute a little taste of my 13 year collection of benched & documented steel......Enjoy!!</font></font>
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