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  1. so what..we got like 2 more weeks to vamp banksy? bring it back to 88!
  2. those fuckin cobblestones at the s harbor spot popped my stolen bike's tires and left me stranded there,but i had a nice nugget of hash in my pocket so it ended up being a good day anyway. Rode that shitty bike out of the spot till the tires fell off the rim so I left the bike by the big ass amazing sabe / more wall on the outside...then came up on something decent to ride home at central station copenhagen is the shit..see you next summer..
  3. fuck..props to Etips for painting that shit on that ledge calf cramps for the next week probably haha
  4. @Tommy Url - fuck yeah man...i've heard the legends haha
  5. word yo..keep it real yo! but this flick is a legal wall so... [nox is freshhhhhh but come on..no one needs the lecture of illegal vs legal at this point]
  6. damn everyone has their own arrow, even No Parking...I mean Jesus Saves
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