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  1. i see atleast a t2b on the other side, got a flick of it?
  2. Re: Wholecars part 2 it requires more than paint to do t2bs...
  3. yeh... great, thanks for posting that.
  4. HAHAHA where the fuck did you pull that from? i don't know much about any other places other than sydney but they sure as fuck let panels run all the time, usually for atleast day and in some exceptions it could be longer...
  5. havent recieved to many injuries during painting, the latest one involved me snapping my shin bone and being in hospital for 2 weeks, still can't walk properly.
  6. Re: >>> - SYDNEY - AUSTRALIA - <<< yep sure can... nice flicks
  7. Re: >>> - SYDNEY - AUSTRALIA - <<< yeah theres a nice nosm how dent etc on the wall just up from there...
  8. and you won't see a single one of those animals! except at the zoo.
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