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  1. There really is no point in buying a half assed setup to start off with. It will really hinder your learning curve trying to start of with some piece of shit tables and in about two months you are going to want to upgrade. TRUST ME.


    Learning is all about practice. You can watch someone else or read up all you want but it really takes "doing" to learn.


    If you must you can go to: http://www.asisphonics.net

    They have a pretty comprehensive skratch tutorial, with sound samples to go along with it.


    I wish I had mine with me right now. Perfect boredom killers.



    p.s. After you get a setup....accept any vinyl donations. You'll start noticing where all your favorite hip hop tracks get their samples from

  2. it would be nice if y'all could just shut the fuck up for a day or twenty.

    I go to sleep for 16 hours and you guys have already added two more pages of shit talk.


    go do drugs, or steal from your neighbors.... just get the fuck off the net


    Ambushing Fakers.

    (I stole that one from Bhive)

  3. You think wrestling is aimed at kids? I think its aimed towards idiots that like to watch sweaty beasts fondling eachother while they are pretending to beat the shit out of eachother.


    I prefer that new shit, where they are actually beating the shit out of eachother.


    Regardless, its fuckin Television..... 99% of it is trash anyway.

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