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  1. actually i got $350.00

    for a four hour session?

    what do you do for work.....

    mop floors? :king:

    dont hate....


    hahahahahahahah ha HAAAAAAAAAA...

    Damn, you could've come down here and paid $50 and got a better looking homemade tattoo than that shit you've got on your arm.


    You should start working somewhere there is an extremely high risk of losing an arm at the shoulder.

  2. I think Bio-diesel is a good step...which uses used cooking oil to produce a fuel for diesel cars and buses. You dont need to do any type of engine conversion, and you can cultivate soy bean fields to use to make fuel. There is only a few places that practice this.

  3. This is why it is important to have a LIVING WILL. That way you dont go being a vegetable for 15 years having everyone take care of you when you might not even want to live anymore.


    It was not just starving, it also includes no water. A human can live without food for a couple of weeks with just water, but can only survive about 6 days without water.


    Its so ironic that the most painless way to die is illegal and the only legal way is very painful.

  4. Anyone here use Adobe Audition aka Cool Edit Pro. Fairly simple, yet powerful program for recording. I used it to record a mixtape that never was completed.


    You can't knock fruity loops, especially if you have a midi-controller. I've heard some incredible stuff come out of that.


    But, you still cant fuck with analog

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