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  1. I like the pencil drawings of live models best. I really dont care for the colored ones or the ones based off photographs.


    How big are the drawings in the first post? 18 x 24 or 24 x 36?

    Maybe smaller since you did them in pencil?


    I would like to see some large, loose charcoal drawings. I like seeing a personal style of marks being developed rather than clean, tight, contours and smooth shading. Keep it up though

  2. What makes you happy about that? Its nothing more than some stencils, arranged very uninterestingly in the upper left hand corner of a bland background. There is also a "big" word underneath the face stencils, subversive, which I guess was supposed to make your piece sound "deep" or something along those lines.


    If I were you I would attack that board with a jig-saw, belt sander, and possibly torch. And work off the marks created by those tools. Because your piece just seems very boring

  3. Dude, please realize that not every style calls for gay hearts and an abundance of arrows.



    She must've been flattered you spent all that time to spell her name wrong

  4. It's been done already, I remember an article maybe 3-4 years back. Just thought I'd let you know, in case you thought you were embarking into some uncharted territory. I think a better idea would be to paint road kill and stick them in air conditioning vents of big tobacco companies.

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