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  1. The fucked up thing is that the only legal way to end a human life is by taking them off of life support. In this case, starving. I think starving to death would be one of the worst ways to die, just thinking how hungry you are for your final waking moments. And the quickest, most painless way to die which would be some morphine followed by a lethal dose of potassium-chloride is illegal.

  2. I was sick the other week and I took erythromycin(antibiotic). I ate some chicken katsu, and then I took a shot of jack. About 15 minutes later my stomach felt very weird, I knew something was wrong, I puked about five times but I felt normal after.


    I dont know if it was the meds and alcohol or the food. Because last time I had food poisoning it was much worse.

  3. There is a group of scientists that offers a very large sum of money for anyone who can prove anything along the lines of paranormal, telepathy, bending spoons with your mind, ghosts, any of that shit.


    Not one single person has ever been able to prove any of it.


    I was watching that Unexplained myteries show on ghosts and shit last night. I couldn't believe how bullshitty that show is. A bunch of weirdo's talking about how they "feel" presences and all this crap. Fuck that shit. Spend time worrying about some real shit.

  4. I'm just now getting over being sick for about a week. Everyone at school always gets sick around the same time.


    Advice from a friend/doctor:

    Drink plenty of fluids

    Avoid dairy products as they lend to congestion

    Eat lots of greens and fruits


    Try and get some sunlight if at all possible/some light excersize to make you sweat

    Drinking a shot of wheatgrass reach day you are sick helps alot

    Dont smoke weed while you are sick

  5. I' ve got the insurance. But I do alot of travelling with mine, so I just got it for peace of mind. I've had trouble in the past with cd/dvd drives. I'd say get it if you have the extra money to burn. Then you dont have to worry about your screen going out or anything. I hear apples service is extremely good.

  6. This kid I went to highschool with was shot 3 times in a costa rican bank robbery last week.

    Thankfuily, he is still alive and recovering. God bless him and his family.

  7. Originally posted by ARCEL+Mar 11 2005, 08:56 PM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (ARCEL - Mar 11 2005, 08:56 PM)</div><div class='quotemain'><!--QuoteBegin-Yellow Feets@Mar 11 2005, 11:42 PM

    MD 20/20



    NOOOO, not the Mad Dog


    I think choosing the right drink, depends on my mood. Sometimes I want to just drink a few more expensive beers and relax. Sometimes I want to get as fucked up as possible and go around breaking shit.


    Regardless, you can never go wrong with some good whiskey.

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