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  1. Originally posted by AerosolTerrorist@Feb 24 2005, 04:14 PM

    ^Learn how to spell correctly,SUK is a graffiti crew,Stick Up Kids,They are certainly not babies.Im sorry do you mean SUCK?.If so were in a graffiti forum,and you shouldnt mention SUK and babies whining together.ha


    by the way.why did you write."............ILL....STATES....ILLEST

    Get........Wasted "


    ^your the reason graffiti is viewed by the general public how it is.


    BTW,some of those are pretty good

    You are a fucking moron.

    And btw, those sketches, they all suk....

  2. I've recently switched to firefox on my mac.(1 or 2 months ago)


    Dope. Especially with expose's shortcuts(f9-f11).


    My only complaint is that sometimes when I'm looking at pull-down menus, if I'm holding down the mouse when I select an option, the ctrl-click menu pops up and wont let me get out of it unless I select an option from the menu.


    It could be my mouse though, its a microsoft, and I never installed any drivers for it.

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