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  1. Soon, the ditch was hot yesterday because a car got broken into, we were painting and before you know it theres 6 cops walking around entrance. We also got a nice legal lined up for saturday in pakalolo land.

    Keep checking the hawaii thread in paper chase within the next few days I should have a bunch of sketches up from my homie.


    And I see you've been painting with Mean a lot lately, lucky guy, that dude has more than a few tricks up his sleeve.

  2. You know what irks me. Is all these different crews these kids belong to that no one has ever heard of. You guys should just stick to one crew and push it to the fullest, instead of having a bunch. Its mostly likely the same group of friends in all the different crews, and it doesn't make you any better just because you rep 3 crews. I'm sorry but I'm just stating my opinion, because i noticed the same thing here on the big isle and it is a little annoying

    Not to mention the crews are usually like one letter off from an already established crew

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