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    Gum Rank Kepto
  2. QUOTE (infamouscraze - Nov 27 2004, 01:30 PM) you need to get some stickers from one of the best cats in atlanta... he goes by geist... hes got stickers all over the place... You mean totem's character mr.fangs I had a few of his in my book, but my photos dont show up anymore.
  3. Photos and/or Ups by Mr. Crunchy Pickle
  4. Nv and Drunk are taking the cake on this page
  5. not a big leather fan, can you do it on polo fleece??
  6. Bob - " Rabbi??, Wow I havn't seen you since my barmitzvha...how ya been?"
  7. damn bob, a hellalot of nice photos right there. Beautiful ODB tribute.
  8. God damn. I am really falling behind, i had to go through like 5 pages of stuff I havn't seen yet. Looks like some cool stuff from new people to the street sticker thread. I used to bitch about not having a life, and now I need less of a life so I can put more stickers up....
  9. I'm just gonna guess that Phatwop is an old member that didn't have the balls to say some shit on his old name, so he made a brand new one just so he can get some shit talking off his chest. But it's all good, thanks for the push. Your beautiful words have inspired me to "go all city" now. I don't know why I had just been aiming for backyard fame before... Love, your favorite 15 year old with stickers and a felt pen. Dopey SlowPoke
  10. Ving, I'm sorry. I havnt gotten stickers up in so long. Not even my own. I am going thru withdrawls. I need a few days off from life so I can enjoy the feeling of stickering again. your stickers are around still tho, and will eventually all be put up and flicked.
  11. Sorry Chris, but I am only stealing from your site to provide this thread with some nourishment.
  12. :shook: Oh know. he is right. this thread is falling to shit... Here are some of Cute Crimes Photos from LA and MPLS
  13. Haha, that aint no million dollar home, looks like a threee room apartment complex to me.
  14. Hermdog sweaty breasts!!! streaks rule
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