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Everything posted by Stomah

  1. most of them worked for me, still missing 7-8 of em. Some good catches tho
  2. I like the shot of Jbue and the family driving past...
  3. close enough. post some more. i love your stuff.
  4. Thats the NG wall in Tuscon. Dope shit. Your chick looks pretty FLY
  5. Finally. I love to see these characters put up in paint! We all need to hook up somewhere and paint a big ass wall someday. good work fantom
  6. streaks streaks...oh how I love streaks
  7. awsome thread. keep it runnin
  8. I love Neckface and Creeper. Sorry to those who disagree.
  9. I'll get some soon, I swear. Today was my last day of school for a week or two, so hopefully I'll get a bunch up. And about the Graff/stickers. Don't give one up, work your ass off at both!!
  11. ^^ the free style and the collab with poopa are niiiice
  12. 2die4 Thumbs up for beefin
  13. That Geso and Mink were over in my hood not too long ago Nice catches!
  14. Yo, I got yours. Very nice pack. I didn't know you were gonna send so many. I usually just send what I can with one stamp. So sorry for shortin ya. We can set up another trade here soon, and I'll send ya a bunch. I'll have more freetime on my hands after this next week.
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