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  1. thumbs up for the az kids!! The guy with the flag is Ghella Monster (spelling). My homie pickles knows him. He does some cool work.
  2. Damn, nice and fast on thos RIP's. I heard Toro is movin to sunny Florida?
  3. ^^ he is part of Cute Crimes Crew. http:/www.fotolog.net/cutecrimescrew
  4. Monk. you should post all your Az street shots in the street sticker thread
  5. Monk. you should post all your Az stret shots in the street sticker thread
  6. nice to see that Emos sticker up
  7. So many awsome photos on this page, it's crazzzy. You Phlly kids make me so jealous.
  8. Who is this Mr. G guy from Philly? I dig his stuff.
  9. Please take that out, resize it, and put it in the correct thread..
  10. brrr....makes me cold just looking at those photos.
  11. Kids Much Sinek Guilt Mber Buik
  12. damn. a full 100 pages. whoda thunk it?
  13. Here are some quick night shots for a small mission tonight. I tried to throw some variety in there.
  14. Damn, Havn't seen an Emos sticker in a good while. I like those girl stickers, and the "cat in the hat" bob..
  15. haha. i watched that shit like 4 times.
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