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  1. SlowPoke Diva??? In San Fransico Thanks to Pikle.
  2. another bus mission ^ Empty Eyes from CCC, waiting for the bus. ^ this sign fell and took out a chunk of Slowpokes head on the way down V ^ collab with CCC. If you look hard you can see a slowpoke fill on the stencil.
  3. DBD. Nice paint work. Here are some flicks from a bus mission this morning. Sorry I never post anymore. I am a lazy tired bastard. keep up the good work fellas...
  4. There have been a few, you could just add onto this one. Stencil Thread
  5. that last one is an instant classic....good work as always homie.
  6. longest post of my life nice work!
  7. Nice work DBD! I got some today too.!! Monk: I passed one of your stickers on mill, but my memory card was already full.
  8. daaamn, that slow poke is ooooold
  9. MONK: If ya want there is an arizona sticker thread at http://www.silentwrytes.com. Just in case you want to post a few photos.
  10. Here are two in PHOENIX for ya
  11. "yea my mans from arizona, but he prefers to remain nameless ive known him long time, he's stayed at my yard etc and since his return to az we have stayed in touch for trades and the like anyway peice out" He has a nice showcase of painted beer bottles and canvas down at wetpaint. If I had money i'd buy one. Tell him, if he wants to trade, or go on some missions to email me.
  12. MONK: Pick up a copy of the ASU State Press, and check out the graffiti article in teh back.... and again, WHO DOES THIS STICKER???
  14. Philly Kids!!! Check out Silent Wrytes Forums http://www.silentwrytes.com
  15. I don't know if it has been posted in here, but Silent Wrytes is back up in action. Check out Philly Kids!! http://www.silentwrytes.com
  16. Photos by Crunchy Pickle Sorry o my HUGE lack of work but i'll get a bunch of slap up this week, and flick em.
  17. niiiiiiiiiiiice work. looks like you had a ot of fun over there.
  18. nice work Monk. Looks like you are holding tempe down nice. You caught a few of my homies in there.
  19. Spel Much Hesh Crew Hybrid Mber
  20. stickers on boob...such an awsome combo.. now lets get stickers on boobs in the streets........haha
  21. Page Plant trees Aware streaks
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