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  1. Re: Re: The Freemasons: evil? Willim Cooper... ...and they killed him in, I think, '96
  2. My grrl would kick your ass if she saw this!!! No Joke!
  3. "...yeah thats right, or we'll tie you to a tree, fuck you in the ass while we jerk you off, an show you what we really do to perverts around here!...you sicko" Say It Isn't So
  4. "...or did you think I'd be too stupid to know what a ugoogoly was?"
  5. there are the "cliques" like that, but its not really to the extents that it is on tell-lie-vision. they never tell you that the jocks are usually pussy, and only pick on kids 4 years younger. most of the schools I went to didn't really even have jocks. One of my girls friends boyfriends is always portraying the little rich highschool he went to, to be just like the ones on TV, fuckin tool. I call him preppie... saved by the bell
  6. whoa I've been playing that game for the past two weeks now!
  7. I'd have to say that this is pretty dope, if he really did it than I think it would be an interesting battle
  8. "well I guess I would have to answer your question with another question; How many abidiginols do you see male modeling?" Derrik Zoolander
  9. FUCKTARD!.... del has like three albums that rip rip shit, before he hooked up the album with automater!! fucktard...
  11. one of the guys says "HEY, DIS NO MY PEE!!!!"
  12. anybody who didn't think that shit was funny has a terrible sense of humor!!! ben stiller and owen wilson are the shit!!!!
  13. I used my real name and got long dong kong my grrl got queer johnny but when I was in prison they called me TEASER :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Just kidding, tease
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