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  1. i did them that way. just a little experimenting in lightroom. :)
  2. how do you do this? i have been wanting to know forever and havent been able to find any good info on it. i always see people doing that horrible hdr where everything looks completely fake and blahh, there are few doing it the right way like you... and some phoootooos.
  3. anyone going to the photo expo in Los Angeles today?
  4. i dont have photoshop but im guessing all you have to do is use the 'select' tool at a high magnification to select what you want to be in color/bw and then desaturate the rest. that way the colored part is how the photo/whatever would look naturally and you wont have to color it yourself. the select tool usually looks like a lasso, but could be different in ps.
  5. probably just a battery and some film. get the battery and see if the shutter and everything is working and you should be ok. no need to take it to a shop.
  6. it will work but may have some weird results depending on how it was stored. its nice to experiment with but i wouldnt use it for anything really important like a job etc.
  7. more shitty stuff. im not really happy with any of it but some good stuff should be coming up soon once i can get through all these old crappy photos.
  8. ^^^ agreed, although i dislike canon for pretty much anything else, their point and shoots are by far the best out there. shitty shot but eh..
  9. i swear i took a picture of this exact same grove haha.
  10. i think the horizon is a little off on this one, it feels a little off balanced or something. that said, your road shots are on another level. i love the abstract/surreal look to it. which road/highway is that?
  11. thank ya. its nice to finally be shooting again. the next couple weeks are going to be completely filled with photography. :D
  12. damn, such an awesome shot. anyway i could get a print of this? trade perhaps?
  13. convert your image to an rbg black and white image...thennn mess around with the red levels/opacity etc. it should work if your sky isnt completely blown out/if there is still some blue in it.
  14. that first one is illlll pfffffffffffffffffft!
  15. Ckit


    i think i am going to have to get on the abstract weather piece as well....photography is ok right? on the piece above, it doesn't work for me because many of the same reasons crooked already stated. While i like sections of it, when viewed as a whole it seems a bit sloppy and disconnected. your other pieces i have seen have the same looseness to them, it just doesn't come together in the one above.
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