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  1. the german? i know he has a lot of shit in that magazine graffiti magazine from germany...newer issues are in english.
  2. i dunno what 99% of the graffiti was but go dwight! fuck kobe...
  3. Re: writers in action! shas madrid! really nice.
  4. did this before. got chased and its unfinished and i dont have a day photo. i am the worst. nice huge pieces though. keep your spirts up...
  5. got chased doing some other shit. stupid piece. ill post it later. superrobocop chased me. get well soon.
  6. man...i hope everything is ok. dudes obviously a strong man and im sure hell be ok. my heart goes out to all you out there who love this guy. kyt, dtc, mdk, arts, pier, biter, everyone else...if you need anything i got you. i am sure everything will be fine. keep your head up. -p
  7. Re: writers in action! great photo.
  8. one of the best doing it. great guy. come back to the states...
  9. brizo x3 tacoe tuph drive
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