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  1. chicken quesadillas and vanilla coke is a good combo.
  2. im watching dawsons creek... i dont wanna wait,for my trapper keeper forever....
  3. HAHA,I see that big bone lick sign everytime i drive to cincinnati,funny more people notice it.
  4. tonight was real shitty,my friend locked his keys in the trunk right before we were going to paint,cant get a locksmith till 5.
  5. most of the parties ive been to lately have all been the same.I can still enjoy them sometimes,but some nights im tired of all the annoying drunk chicks yelling in my ear.
  6. you guys know what they call jewish womens boobs?? JEWBZ. anyone else catching the new southpark?
  7. car wrecks are lame. beer is the only thing thats making me feel better.
  8. whats everyone up to? we should have a big get together sometime.who else is down?
  9. i dont see how anyone is stupid enough to meet up with some chick off the internet expecting sex,and they are paying money also in exchange for a nice VD afterwards.very classy.
  10. hahahahaha.oh ben your are soo perfect,soo spectacular in every way...oh tacos in my tummy yummy yummy give me more.
  11. penn station has bomb philly cheese steaks..incase you didnt know already.
  12. these broads have no shame in their game. v.d. central.
  13. cause french canada is the best canadaa in the land.
  14. iced tea and sour twizzlers are an awesome combo.
  15. oh for sure. But i ended up finding this girl i lost contact with years ago after we broke up.soo it worked out for the best.
  16. i left the world of myspace a couple months ago..then i gave in after a while and made a new one.
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