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  1. ok, so which gun law will prevent a loony from stealing a firearm from an assumably sane and legal gun owner? i'd love to hear what you come up with. wait, you mean the laws against theft, didnt stop the guy from stealing the gun? and the law against murder didnt stop him from shooting people? hmmm. wait. we just need to re criminalize these things. problem solved! its not bullshit. your point is some scribbling on a peice of paper by some people in washington dc, a prohibition law, will achieve its intended goal. ie. keeping an object out of someones possession. if it does work, how do you have access to drugs? why are they in max security prisons, the most controlled environment in the country? and how can 200 million guns be kept in the right place? what about all the 'legal' ways of obtaining stuff, when you can just go down to a street corner somewhere and get what you want or hell...order it on the silk road?
  2. I believe you are mistaken. are law enforcement shooting bad guys not good guys? the facts are this: 50% of the time, some good guy intervened. of this 50% 2/3 were civilians. 1/3 were uniformed and on duty LE. the other 50% of the time they generally shot themselves or bailed and gave up without any resistance after the fact. interestingly enough, of the police interventions, 7 out of 10 times it was a LONE officer that was able to handle the situation. If these 'nuts' at the 'range' were in fact the psycho's are you idiotically suggest, i can say one thing. a lot more people would be dead. if an actual trained person went psycho, there would be more carnage. the people that do this are bat shit crazy and loony. they get the idea in their head and run with it. for instance, if the batman shooter would not of been using a 'dangerous 100 round beta high capacity whatever the fuck name the anti rights people want to come up with' and would of been using quality USGI or pmags, there probably wouldnt of been a malfunction ending the spree. I do know one thing. it is impossible to keep guns out of bad peoples hands by writing words on paper. i know another thing, the only people who abide by those rules are the people who dont break the law in the first place. who would never murder someone to begin with. so what you create are these neat little victim disarmament zones. where you have disarmed victims. look at the numbers. most of these sprees are in schools, close to 60%. schools have gun bans and stiff penalties. gun free zones. why dont the criminals pay attention to this? nearly all of the rest of the sprees are in areas where guns are either not allowed, where they are locked up, or places like church where people dont generally feel the 'need' to protect themselves in.
  3. I do not know if this is true, but i do know this: Will a gun law with a much less severe penalty prevent someone hell bent on mass murdering people? (carrying the most severe penalty in the american legal system) Do you really think if someone 'isnt a criminal' that is someone really wants to use a gun to shoot a bunch of people, they will sort of stop and have a Q+A with themselves and ask whether it is worth breaking a very minor law to break a law that carries a punishment that is much more severe? Are they going to say: "gee, im going to go shoot up this building with people in it, but, shit, wait, i cant do that because its illegal to possess a firearm on school property. DARN!"
  4. bump this. Interesting no one is talking about the cities and states in the US with the most restrictive gun laws are the highest on the crime ladder. DC, chicago, california, NJ, NY, etc You dont hear to much about the mass shooting sprees in MT where there are approximately 29 guns per household and where gun laws are very lax. Anyone with half a brain could easily see its not how easy guns are to obtain, its psycho's.
  5. perhaps we should also ban pot, crack, meth and heroine. i hear that prohibition works very well at keeping these things out of peoples hands. hell, they might stop getting the stuff in maximum security federal prisons. maybe they should also make schools 'gun free safe zones' and prohibit firearms within 1000 feet of the school. we could also pass over 20,000 firearms laws to solve these sorts of problems. maybe we could pass carry bans and prohibit gun ownership in major cities like washington DC and chicago in order to rid those places of murders and crime. wait... maybe we could also snap our fingers and remove dangerous 3000 lb death machines from america known as cars. over 40,000 people a year die on america's highways due to them. we need to also get rid of the death traps that are bath tubs. you much more likely to be killed in your bath tub than by a gun. swimming pools also need to go. pools of death is what they are. i'd take the gun control position seriously if there was an example of prohibiting activities and items and ridding the world bad things that happen while using said items. however, since its quite apparent prohibition on anything never works, i dont see why people think a bunch of knee jerk bed wetting is going to actually solve a problem. people think if you put a 'no gun' sticker on a door, that an active shooter will not enter. or if you pass a law that requires gun owners to jump to hoops, x, y, and z, that this is going to some how limit guns in the hands of people who do nothing but ignore said hoops to begin with. in 1925 a psycho got peeved off. instead of using the 'most efficient killing device' (guns) he used home made explosives he put together on his farm and blew up a school and killed 125 people. since they cant keep drugs out of the hands of maximum security prisons, there is absolutely no way you can keep 200 million guns out of the hands of psycho's. I do agree that if guns didnt exist, no one would be shot with them. that is also like saying if humans didnt exist, they wouldnt harm the environment. the prospects of getting rid of either are a bit unfathomable. if the rhetoric makes you feel good and makes you feel like you are 'doing something!' thats cool. but remember one thing...pretty much the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun. direct your anger at the criminal, not the tool.
  6. 922® has to be one of the silliest yet most annoying laws they ever passed. and lets not forget it was republicans who gave it to us....the 'pro gun' side
  7. i wouldnt say its 'hard' its just 'different' if you only do basic bench presses of some variety, you'll never be more sore the next day than after hitting 3-5 sets 10+ reps of these type of presses. you'll hit muscles and flexors you never even knew existed. really works on your stability. i've been using it to help rehab my destroyed right rotator cuff. if you dont have a bamboo bar, just use a regular barbell, you'll still get most of the benefits with just straight bar w/ bands and dumbells/kettle bells hanging off it.
  8. Glock 17 is one of the best hand guns ever made.
  9. if you go BCM be sure to consider a mid length gas system. super soft shooting, put a brake on the gun and its like shooting a .22lr.
  10. I havent messed with one, but apparently the waffenwerks are supposed to be giving arsenal a run for their money. especially since arsenal/fime's are non existent right now on the retail market. I would probably own a WASR, but I dont know enough about wasr's to feel confident in figuring out which ones are good. I dont want to end up with a POS and regret dropping 600$ on it. Especially when waffenwerks are only 100$ more...i'll probably go that route when the opportunity presents its self. If wasr's were still 200-300$ i'd probably have 3, just to have them. You can still save some $$$ on 5.45 vs 7.62, but the gap is narrower. If ammo availability in future perilous times is an issue, 7.62 might be a better choice. I'd probably stock enough 5.45 to never have to worry about that issue though.
  11. last workout: 3 board press - 3 RM, then tricep hell strip set bamboo bar w/ kettle bells hanging from bands 4x12 kroc rows 4xhowever many i could get with 115 banded rolling tri extensions 4x8 curls 4x8 shrugs 3x15 jump rope tabata intervals till dizzy almost puked went home
  12. word indeed. i havent done anything heavy in a year because my shoulder is effed ...
  13. why settle for less? Got one of these recently. Hands down the best production DI gun on the market at present.
  14. 23 is a great gun. big enough to fight with but small enough to conceal. get a 9mm barrel and g17 mags if you shoot a lot. 2 calibers in one. you'll thank me when you save 12$ per hundred rounds on 9mm compared to .40
  15. BCM man. you wont be disappointed. parts kits....lmt is what im hearing is good.
  16. They dont expect any arsenal deliveries until spring of 2013
  17. Arsenals seem to be out everywhere, especially the sgl series. SLR's seem to be around in 7.62 Check out waffen werks ak74 variants. the first one i come across at a good price, im getting. i've given up trying to find an sgl31. if you shoot alot, after about 3000-4000 rounds of 5.45, compared to 5.56, you basically will pay for the rifle with ammo savings. I'll take a free AK, even though im a died in the wool AR dude.
  18. finally broke 500 deadlift last week
  19. if you follow some of the more well known tax cases of the last 50 years or so, you'll find that IRS agents, police and all government agents in general are immune from prosecution on the 'advice' they give. my point is you MIGHT get a right answer, and you might not. i personally know of many cases where people specifically asked police if something was legal, and they were arrested for doing what they were told was legal. i also know of people who were told one thing by the IRS, they complied, and were still taken to court. a family member once had numerous conversations with an IRS office to maintain compliance with IRS code, they followed their advice and were hit with penalties the very next year for the same thing the IRS office previously told them to do. they literally can do what they want, because every single aspect of the IRS code and laws in general are up to interpretation. they wont even answer you with a straight face when asked the question: 'what is income?' they term their procedures 'voluntary compliance.' it might as well be something out of an orwell novel. point being: they can tell you whatever they want to. the advice might be right, and it might be wrong. there is no conceivable way an IRS agent can know all the tens of thousands of pages of the code. state agents have legal authority to lie to you and be immune from any consequences. any competent lawyer will tell you to never talk to police or agents. anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. some people might question advice that comes from them. others might not. to each their own. but just remember, when they haul your ass to court the old 'the IRS told me to do this....' argument doesnt work.
  20. i'd advise the original poster to never talk to an IRS agent. what they tell you is probably not the truth. they all have different answers. and they are even legally immune if you listen to what they say but it turns out to be false. same with cops. dont ask cops or govt agents for advice on the law. talk to an accountant or lawyer
  21. arsenal all the way. rifle dynamics new production rifles if you have a lot of money to blow. or get an arsenal and send it to rifle dynamics. its down to your philosophy on gear. what is your life worth? what is it worth to have a dead on reliable well made gun that will last forever? would you rather buy once and cry once or end up with hunks of junk over the next 10 years? if you just go arsenal, no worries about some bent up, rickety junk.
  22. he is probably shooting a rat or something in the house considering the weapon is cocked, not locked, and ready to rock, in addition to finger on trigger
  23. the reason why a criminal would be concerned about my property rights is because he'll have to meet resistance in order to attain my property. i've always been a firm believer in pointing out that a peice of paper stops no crime, even in situations like where we use the constitution to tell politicians we have a right to free speech, etc. i think its a sort of bad comparison to compare say somalia, a third world country with a destitute population, with a rich country like america. i've had this debate dozens of times, so in keeping more on the topic, i'll leave it at that. but it is a very telling position you let loose in the first line of your last post. the part about not asking you how to get the few good people in politics and remove the rest of the idiots, and dangerous and stupid people. well, tell you what, when you figure that out, give me a call, until then, i'll just go ahead and stay to myself.
  24. interesting concept, burning it to the ground and starting over. you dangerous heretic! i still think my point is crystal clear, but i realize it brings into question an entire world view. i'll repeat one last time: if people are dangerous, stupid and evil, why should we appoint them to rule us?
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