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  1. ferget it boyee. i gots it. thanks. have a nice day. i might head up to h-town tonight...
  2. someone please send me Ludacris - U gotta problem over aim... aim = Mr Grandola *its not showin up in kazaa and i dont want to wait for it on irc.
  3. Grandola


    spurs biatches.
  4. Grandola


    memphis gettin sweeped.
  5. Grandola


    so whos taking it this year? spurs, no doubt. feel free to disagree:
  6. ok. now help me. its a too short song. goes somethin like: "even if you fucked everyday of the week, you couldn't be a better player than me" & also one that says: "can't stop rappin, won't stop rappin"
  7. yea, well... even if kerry wins, he's still getting his strings pulled... order of skull & bones.... Read On. Here
  8. project pat - we gon rumble Big Tymers - Still Fly Paul Wall & Chamillionaire - My Money Gets Jealous
  9. the cathode on the pnp or npn transistoer with a .7v drop across the emitter. nah... nah. who knows. not i. goodbye.
  10. heres the info. you requested... Feb. 21-22 Information: (Pete) 210-889-5274 TICKET OUTLETS Flipside Records 1445 SW Military Drive 210-923-7811 Big Harry’s Custom Motorcycle Shop 8333 Culebra Rd Ste 202B 410 210-675-1400 Tickets will go on sale Wednesday 1-21-04 for $12 presale or $15 at the door!!! more info @ http://www.slinginginktattooexpo.com
  11. Dope stuff and cool pics. I like it.
  12. sprears cause she has that lil white girl i wanna fuck innocent shit style.
  13. still shit, johny cash and all...
  14. i wanna hear it... i gots cable and aim... "Mr. Grandola"
  15. "pain is weakness leaving the body" - the marines... ( i read this on some girls shirt today @ school.) i'm a god person. i believe in god, just because. no real reason or evidence or nothin... its just something i believe. its kinda like love, you can't really prove love exists, but you know its there.
  16. i was flippin through channels and then i came up on trick daddy in has bathroom. he said "we use wet naps man, whatcha know bout dat? we don't have no crust up in here" i agree. good enough for a babies ass, good enough for me.
  17. if she does tell him, deny it and say she's full of shit. shes mad cause she made a move on you and told her to stop & you said you were gonna tell your 'flatmate' (is that really a roommate? sounds funny). thats what you do 'bloak'.
  18. i'll be honest - i'm just here trying to boost my post number... its 4:30a.m. and now what aer we gonna do... no, i'm gonna get some sleep . bitch.s
  19. easy stuff/// just download photoshop 7, acdsee, fireworks, dreamweaver & frontpage.. (and if you want to get fancy: flash 5)you'll have it in no tiz'ime.
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