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  1. ill second that mber siner oil
  2. ^^^ hey im fr8yardjunky:tongue: i tried to figure it out. but i could nt tell some of the hopper marks, never really paid any attention to them
  3. FR8YARDJUNKY: LOST UR EMAIL HIT ME UP!!! [/b] u got mail
  4. siner hands down:cool: mid march keep your ears open
  5. i have slgg 60 ft boxcars excess height on my cp lne and the regular 50 ft on the cn with wlo ... i havent seen one on the other or vise versa .
  6. found a new layup :D ?/cosoe- cp ridge ancher/?-cp ridge fyce??/dever-gvsr flat mazer-cp ridge and a line of about 15 nyc,cr,csx,ns and up 80 foot flats with 1 herby streak for 98 off in the distance rollin globe-canada grainier :cool:
  7. Re: Re: knock yo socks BUT THEY DID LEAVE THERE NAME
  8. thank you for making that perfectly clear for all the self proclaimed:cool:
  9. sick as fuq and still hit 'n fr8 in -0 temps:sick:
  11. soon as i see cazer sign on ill let him know
  12. ?/?tv crew/box*s -cp gs- ic benone-slgg bad stamp seone /poser-wlo almost e2e mazer-slgg cose/? -mp mad/dever-cn there was alot more , i guess they werent that important
  13. what ever happened to the chick with bigg tits??? from the movie dream a little dream with cory feildmen :yum:
  14. fr8yardjunky


    paint pens and sharpies are the only things i would use i tried the gelpens before i had any paint pens and they work good just dont touch the gel because it didnt seem to dry even after a week or so . maybe if you clear it then it would be fine . but i went over it anyway
  15. i wish i had more info to give ... but according to a history channel documentary hundreds of thousand american POWs in either ww1 or ww2 were used as slave labor until death to build a railroad , for the asians . never feeding them or lettin them have any brakes. if you stopped workin you were beatin to death . they accomplished a very lot in a short time period under rediculas conditions . they almost had it complete, when the japanese ??? realized they were losing the war they pushed harder for completion only to have a couple pow escape and report back to the US . then we blow it all up . like i said at the beginning i wish i had better info to give on the subject, but its been a while sence i first saw it ... oh yeah it was soon after pearl harbor that the construction of the rr started . if some one want to do the research im sure its not that hard to find out .
  16. just did a fr8 the other night 21 degrees with a wind chill of 8 . in what these people round here call a whiteout. the paint sticks but it it is a little thinner than the normal temps. its made for ...better than paintin in the rain you can just wipe the snow off with your hand. be quick with detail(outline/highlights/shell) and you ll be fine. layer our cloths !!!
  17. feel better already ! 931 do your part rock the vote!
  18. i can feel it , if your gona bump it post more flics
  19.'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'> thats all for tonight
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