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  1. fr8yardjunky

    Spotted 88

    coupe-auto size21/vital/?/skullhead-auto soduh-auto aser/?-auto co-auto frost(tags)-auto ohio/kast(tags)-auto and alot of garbage
  2. looks like he was influenced by awe ?
  3. i got a flic of that nace & met tpix when it was fresh nice to see it still runnin
  4. Re: some TEXAS benching!!! siner dissed by swok?
  5. hand gun ,CWP , my yards off limits to anyone i dont want there. see i check on more than daily and ill buff you myself with roller paint . youll think your up ,but not for long. so stay out you might got shot and buffed never knowing where it came from
  6. im glad i dont have to deal with snow ,now just insane rail cop
  7. oh yeah they also come with a cap a little bigger than a ny thin . same spray pattern
  8. fr8yardjunky

    Spotted 88

    zink/roomer-gacx crash/rona/miner -tpix mul tpix amos-gfrr crash/mint-fec faves-fec smash-fec gs-fec mfk 3pieces???-tpix dubx2-tpix sag/arys-csx globe-tpix
  9. ^^^^^you gotta be kiding im pretty sure if the can had a hole in the top before that would classify as female .now having a stem would be male .
  10. ^^^^^^ french country blue was a really good color i dont know what happen to it . for all the others that say valspar is to thin, try the satin plenty of pigment.even montanas are thin when when using yellows in gloss
  11. the disapointment of rusto aa and pt changing from female to male has limited my purchases at lowes and homedepot for paint . now thats all changed cause lowes just redid the paint isle and tossed all aa and pc for valspar .which ive naerly always used but they were limited on colors ,but now they stepped up there colors and kept the female can. thank you valspar
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