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  1. this thread is baller. i was in nashville the other day and this thread is like reliving the trip. by far one of the better threads on this site.
  2. anyone got the IA bilboard back, white and red that can be seen from 24
  3. ups to the nashvillians as i pass through.
  4. im tired of ich... can we get somone one new.
  5. been gone for months and its gone or did i miss somthin>
  6. i woke up late what can i say.. nice pictures. _N_
  7. new link available.. http://12ozprophet.myminicity.com/tra
  8. here is the population increase link... im going back to metal heads http://12ozprophet.myminicity.com
  9. all you haters may hate. but i thought this shit is funny. http://12ozprophet.myminicity.com/
  10. to bad for all that brush obscuring your veiw.
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