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  1. Who the fuck is this kid writing Mock in Montreal? Names been taken for years..
  2. shame on saer for going over that ill Mpower peice..even if it was X-ed out.. ILL post though.
  3. Re: Don't Call it Frisco http://show-links.tv/South_Park/12/5/?alluc_layout=1 9:00 in or so theres chue tags in the classroom on the new southpark
  4. Re: Don't Call it Frisco this is a page back or so but the simpson's peices that dude keeps posting were painted in 2004..?(somebody can correct me) by Form and Efrok out of Vancouver to clear any confusion some people seemed to have.
  5. yo guys nice try, you're not fooling us, whats the title REALLY about !
  6. bonus and six for the kill ! dose fart strut
  7. holy fuck, i need to be where your at.
  8. that is the best canvas done if you take off the toy shit that kwest didnt paint.
  9. check the REAL VTS dawgzzz
  10. you went over solo artist good post
  11. granted tars' new stuff is more cliche' and cleaner...i prefer his old style when it wasnt basically a carbon copy of virus
  12. those sask hoppers are crazy, i caught one 2 days after they were made...so vibrant bump vancouver!
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