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  1. jesus there is a lot of graffiti on freights
  2. big ups to a true legend in the atlanta graff scene. this kid and the rest of his cronies changed the game in ATL. hats off and rest in peace.
  3. WEED HEADS Coupe and that old shit from texas
  4. the turtle, the grasshopper mber jbue naceo chip curve denz
  5. BFK, FS, NETWORK, HM and the shot of that Zore on the bridge is toooo to gangsta
  6. dopest thread on 12 oz right now.
  7. krowteN


    the gatx unit train and the piece that went around the santa fe logo.
  8. great to see a bunch of the same fliks in two differnet posts. you guys ever think of benching seperately? i mean just a thought.
  9. the neckface tag on the green BN.
  10. thanks death...not as rusted as i thought, and yeah its not a refer either. sorry.
  11. here is a hint: post more than just one.
  12. krowteN

    VOLUME 2

    my nukkah daks and fuck getting closer - paint readable. these shits are dope - keep em' comin.
  13. what do yall think about a freight book and its potential to comprimise the culture. little known to most is david gunn was elected ta pres only 1 year after subway art came out. legend has it that the city was so embarrased that subway graffiti had reached this proportion they made a special point to eradicate it. and you know what they say...those that dont learn from history...etc. etc. im not against this book in any way, id rather roger do it than someone who has no experience as a writer. im just interested in hearing opinions.
  14. i havent seen one since 97 when i painted it. there is one in tilford yard in atlanta ga - but its all rusted and fucked up. even the reporting marks are gone. ill catch a flik of it on my next flik run though.
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