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  1. Tinnitus The perception of sound in the absence of acoustic stimulus. Tinnitus is a subjective experience of the patient. It is distinguished from bruit , a noise that can be heard by the examiner as well as the patient (usually caused by a blood vessel "pounding.") Tinnitus can be of a buzzing, ringing, roaring, whistling or hissing quality or may involve more complex "sounds" than that over a period of time. It may be intermittent or continuous. An associated hearing loss is also usually experienced. The actual mechanism involved in the production of tinnitus remains obscure. It may occur as a symptom of nearing every ear disorder, including obstruction of the external auditory canal due to cerumen (wax) and foreign bodies, infectious processes (external otitis, myringitis, otitis media, labyrinthitis, petrositis, syphilis, and meningitis,) eustacian tube obstruction, otosclerosis, Meniere's disease, arachnoiditis, cerebellopontine angle tumors, ototoxicity (due to aspirin, quinine, aminoglyceride antibiotics, some diuretics, carbon monoxide, heavy metals, alcohol, etc.) cardiovascular diseases (high blood pressure, "hardening of the arteries") anemia, hypothyroidism, hereditary sensorineural hearing loss, NOISE-INDUCED HEARING LOSS (rock music, loud machinery), acoustic trauma (explosions, gunfire) and head trauma. The patient's ability to tolerate the tinnitus varies. Treatment should be directed at the underlying disease, since if the disease can be cured, the tinnitus will go away. THERE IS NO SPECIFIC MEDICAL OR SURGICAL TREATMENT FOR TINNITUS, many patients find relief by playing background music to mask it, and even go to sleepo with the radio playing. ("It's that darned tinnitus, Mom. I need to play my radio all night.") Some people benefit from a tinnitus masker, a device worn like a hearing aid that presents a noise more pleasant than the tinnitus. Try giving up caffiene and cigarettes, that helps some people, too. Best of all PROTECT YOUR EARS FROM LOUD NOISES.
  2. Obviously, people who use a psuedonym on the Internet do not want their actual name to become known to the world. There are plenty of young hackers on 12 oz. who could figure out people's real names, I suppose, and cause them grief. I'd prefer to keep the anonyminity of my handle. Other than that, I feel pretty sure you can tell the difference between information likely to be a problem and information unlikely to be a problem. Exercise good judgement, and be a stand-up guy, that's all.
  3. KaBar


    Been on both sides The Vietnam War was a lot less defensible than the war to overturn Saddam. I had my doubts when we first started getting resistance down in southern Iraq, but watching people looting government warehouses of rice and dancing in the street really brought it home to me that we have done a good thing. THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING. George W. promised the Iraqi people democracy. LET'S SEE IT. I give them five years to achieve self-supportting, independent statehood, and ten years to achieve a Constitutional republic, with one-citizen-one-vote, universal suffrage (women too), free public SECULAR schools and an ARMED CITIZENRY THAT SUPPORTS THEIR GOVERNMENT. Good luck, Iraqis! And major props to U.S. troops. Nobody can say this generation isn't up to the task like the WWII generation was. They have proved they have what it takes.
  4. Alka-Zelter You can quote my stuff for school if you wish, so long as you agree that you will not use anything I wrote to make trainhoppers, hobos, tramps or graff writers look bad. People always seem to take anything written about hobos or trainhopping and twist it to make the entire thing look sinister and anti-social. This is far from true. Even the guys riding the colors for FTRA are not monsters. They just choose to live a lifestyle that uses a different set of rules than the rest of society. The One-Percenter bikers are the same way. They are very much obedient to the rules that they accept. It's just that outside of that subculture, these rules seem sinister and dangerous. For instance, both 1%ers and guys in the FTRA place zero value on legal contracts and normal business agreements. I have seen $10,000 motorcycle sales conducted on nothing more than a handshake. YOUR WORD IS YOUR BOND. If you promise to purchase a motorcycle from a Bandido for $10,000, on the appointed day, if you don't show up with the money IN CASH, you had probably better be headed for a foreign country, because the penalty for failing to honor your word is considerably more severe than a lawsuit. Among regular, normal trainhoppers this is also true, to a lesser degree. If you promise to do something, and fail to carry out what you agreed to do, or if you violate a trust of any kind, the result can be very unpleasant. The minimum you can expect is to be permenantly banned from camp, and your reputation ruined forever. I know of a tramp who allegedly stole from people who trusted him, and the coast-to-coast social vendetta against him has been ongoing for some time. Someone who intended to misuse what I write on 12 oz. is unlikely to ask permission to do so. I trust you will do the right thing.
  5. Eric made a lot of enemies over the years, and yeah, you're right, he is pretty wierd. Several people I know "broke in" with the FTRA, but no longer ride with them. They ought to know. I avoid them for the same reason I avoid the Hell's Angels and the Bandidos. If you hang around with them long enough, eventually something bad will happen.
  6. FTRA There is a lot of rumor and boogey-man bullshit perpetuated about the FTRA. They've been around quite a long time. Founded in Libby. Montana, in a bar, in 1988, they started out as a self-protection organization for hobos faced with aggression from gang bangers, local thuggy kids, redneck assholes and so on. Originally, the story goes, FTRA was made up mostly of "Vietnam veterans." This isn't very likely, but there might have been some Vietnam vets, anyway. Rather quickly, the organization began to attract ex-convicts, scam artists and so on. Like their philosophical brothers-in-arms, the 1%er motorcycle clubs, it's less about train riding and more about getting by without working. Basically, you'll almost never see an FTRA guy working day labor. Running drugs, yeah. Squeezing welfare payments out of three or four different counties (or ten, or twenty) yeah. Stealing shit, yeah. They "ride the circuit" and collect welfare benefits in places all over the country. They do not have the clout and organization that a group like the Hell's Angels or Bandidos does. They do not stake out a particular town or area of a city and claim to be predominant, but they do ride certain rail lines and try to dominate them. They lack personal mobility (no cars, no motorcycles, etc.) They try to blend in with the tramp and "homeless" population, but at the same time, they wear clothing that makes them readily identifiable--"gang colors," if you will. A good example of FTRA behavior is someone who looks homeless, has a dog, carries a light pack and a sleeping bag, but is carrying a large sum of money, perhaps hundreds or even thousands of dollars, in cash. He will always be armed, either with a goon stick, a knife (or both) and often with a pistol. FTRA members travel in small groups, rarely less than two, sometimes as many as six or eight. Like 1%er bikers, they often share "ol' ladies" or have a "mamma" who sleeps with anybody from the organization. This is sort of a groupie situation--the FTRA provides drugs, alcohol and force protection, the girl provides sex. http://www.ftra.org/TrampCam/BoxcarBertha.html FTRA members share pretty much everything in common. There is no such thing as "private" property. In a sort of bizarre spin-off of the old Frisco circle, everyone who associates with them is required to pony up whatever resources are available all the time. A well-known story about them is that a "yuppie" hobo who wanted to ride the rails with the real McCoy hooked up with the FTRA. He smoked dope with them, got to be pals, and rode some trains. The FTRA doesn't dumpster-dive, they have plenty of money. He is sitting around the campfire, eating their steaks and drinking their whiskey, and they decide to do another beer run. Everybody just opens their pocket and throws down their money. The yuppie pulls out his wallet and like leans way back, so nobody can see what's in it. This is a gross insult to the FTRA guys. He's eating their steaks! Drinking their whiskey! So they just beat his ass right there and take all his money, his equipment, whatever they want. Fuck him. He ain't a bro--he's a sorry-ass cheapskate yuppie. If you hang with the FTRA, you are riding the tiger. NEVER disrespect a girl or woman travelling with FTRA members. It could very easily get you killed. There are very few women willing to ride with people like the FTRA. If you insult one, or harm her in any way, they will hurt you for real. This is a big ego booster to the girls. Keep your distance from their women, seriously. They attack en masse. If you get into a fight with the FTRA it is "One on all, All on one." They will take on any number of attackers cheerfully, and think nothing of the entire group stomping the crap out of one single adversary. Like the 1%er bikers, they have a "prospect" process. To join, you must prove you are worthy and dedicated. Often this requires that one commit a crime, so that the organization "has the goods" on you, and if you fail to do what is required, or if you inform, you will be facing them ratting you out for the crime. If one informs to the police, you are a marked man. I have met several members and "ex-members" ("Once in, never out.") of the FTRA. They were nice guys, and generous. The problem arises if you are vulnerable to them. I carry a knife, a deadman and a pistol. It is a somewhat false sense of security, because if I had to defend myself, most likely the next stop would be jail. One-on-one, they are okay. If they are drinking or drugging and in a group, LEAVE and go somewhere else. If you are not a member or a prospect, you are a potential target. DO NOT ACCEPT FAVORS FROM THE FTRA. It makes you "obligated", in their eyes. The "real" FTRA no longer exists. In the 90's, the heat got so bad that they took off their colors (they wear a bandana rolled "cowboy style" with a silver concho as colors) and went underground. Many of them were arrested and sent to prison after the Sidetrack Murders. However, there are a lot of "Sinner's Camp" hobos who have that bad ass 1%er attitude who are still riding trains. You'll know these guys when you see them. They are hard asses--hard drinking, hard-fighting, drug-using haters. Many of them act and talk like convicts. They look a lot like 1%bikers and most of them are racists, because of serving time in prison. This is not to say "all" of them, because not every FTRA member fits the above generalization, but many of them do. The "unofficial" FTRA web site is http://www.ftra.org/welcome/hpl. Use "ftra" and "ftra" as passwords.
  7. Doubt we'll get a chance to do much of anything if it's the real deal. But realistically---I doubt very many terrorist acts against the U.S. will be successfully carried out. The terrorists of the world ought to catch a clue--for real, the U.S. is not above hunting them until the end of time. And if any foreign nation becomes a genuine threat, probably not above using whatever force is necessary to eliminate that threat.
  8. OK--No cute advice, I'll play. I hate having to be responsible and "do the best thing for everyone." I hate knowing that in order to have a roof over my family's head, I have to be tied down to a THIRTY YEAR MORTGAGE. (Try quitting a job facing that kind of shit.) I hate the fact that everybody on earth owns a car. GO HOME and get off my fucking roads, assholes! I hate that since I was born, the population of the earth has more than DOUBLED. (Don't you people have anything better to do than fuck constantly?) I hate that the world of my youth is gone forever and will never, ever be back. I hate that pretty girls get treated like dog shit by young guys in Fiesta Mart, but when I glance at them, she acts like I'm some dirty old man. I hate that she's standing in the checkout line with a black eye, and thinks that I'm some kind of threat to her precious youth. Catch a clue, honey-- real men don't beat up their girlfriends. I hate the fact that gangsters roam the streets of this town like they own it, and have no idea that the adult men on my block would just love a chance to start killing them. I hate the fact that construction never stops in Houston because this town is like fucking cancer---it grows and grows and grows and will never stop. I hate the fact that everybody on earth, including myself, seems to be yakking on a goddamned cell phone 24/7. I hate the fact that I even use terms like "24/7" and don't think it's stupid as shit. I hate those stupid Japanese cars with a big noisy muffler sticking out the ass end like it's a hot rod. They sound like they have a mo-ped engine. I hate the fact that I think I need a car, that I need it to get to work, that I hate the job I have to go to every goddamned day, that people need me to be responsible so that they can do as they please, and that I don't just say "FUCK THIS" and go catch a train north. I hate the fact that I hate this much shit. Time for a fucking drink.
  9. The Hell's Angels MC is concentrated mostly in the California-Nevada area and the New York area, with some penetration down into the Deep South. The Bandidos MC was founded in Houston (the "Mother Chapter" is here in Houston) and they very aggressively moved north and east into Oklahoma, Louisiana, Kansas, Alabama, South Dakota and so on, trying to cut the U.S. "in half" to prevent the HA's from effectively controlling the central part of the U.S., in terms of 1%er motorcycle clubs. They also moved into the Washington State area and some parts of Oregon. Both these organizations have affilliated clubs (The Bandidos have the Amigos MC, Honchos MC, Mongols MC, etc.) They have a strategic alliance with the Outlaws MC, long-time enemies of the Hell's Angels. Not too long ago, there was a big fight between Hell's Angels and Mongols in a casino in Reno, NV. The rumor I heard was that these particular Mongols were trying to make their bones with the Bandidos, and they were sent to attack the HA's. The HA's won the fight, but lost several members trying to retreat back to California--supposedly there was a running gun battle on the highway. I don't know--it's just a rumor. The HA's are in big trouble. They have been bullying smaller clubs and treating people like shit for years. They only have around 800 members, total. The Bandidos, on the other hand, while very ruthless about business, tend to let smaller clubs "affiliate", keep their colors (patches) and their pride, and become "allies" (subservient allies, of course) with the Bandidos. By doing this, the Bandidos have built a very large and powerful organization. The HA's have always been extremely tough, and very select, which translates as "small." The Bandidos have been building alliances and plotting on being #1 for a long time. Eventually, there's going to be a Big Showdown, and the HA's are going to be in some deep shit.
  10. I doubt it was deliberate It's a tragedy, no doubt. The entire thing is tragic, and this is just another incident to add to the list of "Reasons Why War Is Bad." The Iraqi military forces and Feyadeen are clearly not above storing weapons in hospitals, using Red Cross-marked ambulances to move war supplies, hiding behind groups of terrified women and children, forcing reluctant teenagers to fight at gunpoint, waving flags of surrender as a ruse, and then shooting the American soldiers that come forward to humanely allow them to surrender. All these tactics are designed to force the Americans and the British to behave ruthlessly in war. If the Iraqis shoot American troops after pretending to offer to surrender, then the American troops will be angry and refuse to accept surrender next time---which allows the Iraqis to then say to their terrified forced troops "Either fight to win, or get killed, because the Americans hate us and will not let you surrender." The only logical solution to this is to doggedly continue to offer Iraqis the chance to surrender despite the risk, and to exercise great care in accepting an offer of surrender. We definately cannot just kill them all---if we do, it will create an "Alamo" mentality ("We are going to die anyway, so we might as well die with our boots on.") We also should target Iraqi officers in every way we can. This was once prohibited, but in modern warfare, it is standard practice, and inn a situation like Iraq, the officers and Baath party members are forcing dragooned Iraqis to fight against their will. Too bad about the journalists. If I had to choose, I would not choose to report on the opposition side in any war involving the United States. The journalists certainly have a right to do so, and they demonstrate a great deal of courage by so doing, but frankly, it's a dangerous-ass place to be. Especially so if some Iraqi machinegunner decides to set up shop in one of the rooms next to you, overlooking an American tank column advancing in the street below. As soon as the machinegunner emplaced his gun, time to run like hell. Because very shortly after he begins to fire, high explosive rounds will be coming back the other way.
  11. My Opinion Is Flawed, Just Like the Rest Of The World There is a school of philosophy that everything that comes from America is bad, and that we are all greedy, rich, racist misanthropes. I'm not talking about the Rockefellers and the Mellons and the DuPonts, I'm talking about YOU GUYS. The poorest kid in the most wretched ghetto in America still has COLOR TV. All this whining about discrimination and all that pales next to the poverty, ignorance and wretchedness of the Third World. Sure, Sharia works in Somalia. Hell, it would work in Harlem and Houston's Fifth Ward and everywhere else. Read up on it. It's brutal as a motherfucker. If they chop off your hand for stealing, what do you think they would do to a graffitti writer who dared to write "George W. Bush sucks a big dick" on a railroad car owned by the ONLY railroad in America, George's Railroad? Or how about what would happen if you got caught smoking a joint in the bathroom at George's International Airport? Shit, if you were lucky, they would only squeeze your nuts with Vise-Grips (manufactured by George Manufacturing Company) and gang-rape your Mom and your little sister while putting a cattle prod up your Dad's ass. Better do your homework, or we'll cut off your other ear, you fuckin' little slacker. And then there's the food thing. If you had any money, you could buy food. But you don't, because your Dad got fired and beaten up with rifle butts because your Dad's cousin was caught with an illegal Vanilla Ice CD. So he has to beg for food at the Ruthless Cowboy Headquarters. Last time they told him the only way they'd give him a bag of rice was if he brought your oldest sister up to Headquarters for a little midnight party. Your whole family cried for a week, and they finally let your sister out of the Headquarters building, except now all she does is stare out the window and whimper. When they heard you had been caught reading an American magazine, they came out to the house and took away the gas meter and shut off the water. Now your Mom has to walk six blocks to the public spigot to get water, and cook on a charcoal brazier in the back yard. She asked the neighbors to let her use their stove, but they were too afraid. They have a 13-year old girl, and they are afraid the Ruthless Cowboy Party representative might come and take her for a Sunday drive in his Mercedes. Understand? THIS IS FASCISM. I don't care how many people stupidly shoot each other in petty robberies and beefs over drug deals, I am never, ever, ever giving up my firearms. If anybody tries to establish FASCISM here, I am going to be the first to volunteer for the guerrilla underground. The average Iraqi people are ecstatic that Saddam is being overthrown. His loyalists are like something out of a horror movie. The Iraqi people are beating Saddam's secret police to death all over Iraq. We will probably tolerate this anarchy for a week or so, until most of these old scores have been settled. Then the U.S. Central Command should bring in the New Iraqi Army, and the U.S. military police and the NIA soldiers should begin re-establishing a peaceful, orderly society. Once the Iraqis get their hands on rifles, they will probably never give them up. I damned sure wouldn't. You guys can't see it very well, but try to understand: "The United States is a free country because the American people are armed." Plenty of people don't understand how IMPORTANT the Second Amendment is. BUT THE IRAQIS DO.
  12. GhostVandal Both good questions. The first one "How do I take a dump if I'm on a boxcar?" is pretty obvious. Always take some cardboard, or railroad plastic or Thousand-Miler Paper with you whenever you hop. Take a dump on a chunk of the cardboard, then carry it carefully to the door and pitch it out without getting any on you. A package of "Baby Wipes" is a good idea in addition to plenty of shitpaper. They come in a small plastic dispenser, and they are good for cleaning your hands and face, as well as personal hygiene after taking a dump and using regular shitpaper. Having a raw, itchy ass is hell when you cannot take a bath or shower. I know you guys will laugh like hell at this last information. I didn't learn that riding trains, though, I learned it in the Marines. Spend a month in 29 Palms, California without a bath, running up and down desert mountains in the same stinking, filthy set of cammies and shitting in the open and you'll get creative about ways to attain a high degree of personal hygiene. (How does it go? "Please Believe.") As for personal shelter, a little two-man pop-up tent would be great. I never carried one back in the day, but I do carry one now. I have also rigged rain shelter from scavenged Visqueen plastic from dumpsters, Army rain ponchos, tarps that blew off of loads on rail cars and so forth. ONE OF THE ABSOLUTELY BEST SURVIVAL TRICKS I EVER SAW---I learned a month or so ago from Texas Mad Man and Stretch. They found a large inflatable packing bladder used to cushion a load of red bricks alongside the tracks here in Houston. It made a great air mattress, then they cut it open and it made a great sleeping bag, then they completely removed it's paper cover and made it into a large plastic tarp by cutting down three of it's four seams. VERY tough plastic, and durable as all hell. It could easily save your life in cold weather, especially as a "sleeping bag" with a couple of blankets. Carry 505 shock cord wherever you go. It is great survival stuff, cheap, and lightweight. You can use it to rig a tarp or tent anywhere. I met one guy who wove a hammock out of thin shock cord. You can attach it to a piece of plastic or a tarp by placing a rock on a corner on one side, and "pushing it through," then tying shock cord or rope to the OTHER side, "trapping the rock" within the plastic. I did this once in the face of a big thunderstorm blowing in off the Pacific. My girlfriend was freaking out. I used our four bootlaces and a large piece of Visqueen to produce a storm-worthy shelter in about ten minutes. I tied the bootlaces to the limbs of a small tree, making a little tent. We jumped inside, got in our sleeping bags and pushed the loose edges of the plastic sheet underneath the weight of our bodies just as all hell broke loose with the storm. Lightning crashed, it rained like a motherfucker, flooded all around us (we were on high ground) but we barely got damp. My girl looked at me with shining eyes and said "You are the most resourceful man I have ever met in my life." Too bad I only had about twenty bucks to my name, LOL. That was a good day.
  13. War is Bad, Without Question And it is exceptionally heartbreaking to see so many photographs of wounded children. I'm sure Al-Jareeza and the other Arabic news agencies are trying to be fair and unbiased, no doubt that there are horriffic photographs of civilian casualties far in excess of the amount of time that Al-Jareeza has available to show them. Any idea why Al-Jareeza wasn't showing the victims of Saddam's secret police and Baath Party torturers? Or maybe the many wives and children of dissidents in Iraq that were tortured and repeatedly raped in front of the parents or spouse in order to terrify them into obedience? How about the thousands of Kurds killed with nerve gas weapons by Saddam's cousin, "Chemical" Ali? Anybody who is on Saddam's side is on the side of the Nazis, this time. I am sorry that there are civilian casualties. Even with whatever care is being exercised, there will still be thousands of unavoidable casualties. Odd, I haven't heard of any American "human shields" volunteering lately. I guess they just don't care about innocent little Iraqi children being hurt by American bombs. If they just had more commitment and were more sincerely dedicated to peace, I bet Saddam's secret police could be persuaded to stop using electrodes on the genitals of the children of Iraqi dissidents. I bet looking down the barrel of an M-4 rifle in the hands of a pissed-off 20-year old U.S. Marine would be more persuasive. The Baath Party is a totalitarian, fascistic party of murderers and torturers. I say we hunt them just like we hunt Nazis. And when we capture one, we try him for war crimes and crimes against humanity and execute him. Definately starting with Saddam Hussein and all his monstrous henchmen. The Middle East is filled with these people, of varying nationalities and political stripes. They oppress everyone else there. It's unfortunate that there are very few democratic alternatives there and that the U.S. has too often taken the easy way out in the past. The CIA and the State Department thought it was easier to deal with the Shah than it was to deal with Soviet-sympathetic Iranian nationalists or Islamic radicals. We thought that better to back a petty tyrant like Saddam, already engaged in a long war with Iran, rather than have Iran become a major regional power without opposition. Better to back Islamic fundamentalist warlords in Afghanistan rather than see Afghanistan remain a Communist client state of the Soviet Union. Each one of these decisions, beginning back in the 1920's with our support and protection of the shiekh in Saudi Arabia, was dependant upon our desire for "cheap" oil and/or a manageable political climate in the Middle East. American oil companies have made millions, probably billions, for wealthy people here in the U.S. and also foreign kings, shiekhs and ruling oligarchies. All this is very true. Personally, I think it was all a criminal conspiracy from the start, way back in the 1890's, and even before, when the process of industrialization began consolidating wealth in fewer and fewer hands. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. There are varying opinions about it, but as time goes on, the true history gets harder and harder to discern. Eventually, the true beginnings will be completely obscure. Welcome to "1984", in truth. Millions live on $1 a day or less. AIDS ravages the world, along with malaria and tuberculosis and the very water we drink is becoming pollutted and scarce. Things must change, and in fact, will change as time goes on. It is handy to blame the West for all these troubles, but left to their own devices, I doubt the people of the Middle East would do much better. Or not. Perhaps we really should just pack up our shit and go home. Leave them to fend for themselves. Re-cycle all our cars and trucks, bring back railroads, and the entire nation can become subsistance farmers and chicken ranchers, travel about on bicycles and learn to live as the rest of the World lives. Step #1---Join a fanatical religion that controls every aspect of life. Step #2---Give up alcohol, all TV, all forms of secular music, sex until after you are married, cars, skateboards, computer games, etc., etc. Step #3---Start attending school where the only thing taught is the Quran. Step #5---The law will now be Sharia law. Steal, we cut off your hand with a sword. Sleep with your girlfriend, you will be beheaded in public. Step #6---Your girlfriend will now wear a black robe covering her entire body. She will have a little window to look out of. Religious police will beat her with fan belts if they can see her ankles. Step #7---You will do whatever the local mullah tells you to do, or the religious police will come to your house at night, take you away and torture you. If that doesn't work, they will torture your Mom and your little brothers and sisters until you agree to stop listening to rap music forever. Either you will pray five times a day, or get ready to be whipped with fan belts some more. Step #8---No more electric power. No basketball (a western affectation), no football, no tennis. No surfing or skateboarding. You can play soccer. If you are on the National team, and you lose, you will be tortured by the secret police. Get the picture? Don't forget, the Americans are the bad guys and are the cause of all the problems in the Middle East.
  14. Life Ain't Perfect One of the reasons Saddam Hussein was able to mount such a repressive government is because Iraq is basically (still) a tribal society. Like Afghanistan, a minority tribe was able to get control of the government and Army, and has lined their own pockets at the expense of the majority tribe. Most of his political and military leaders were relatives, cousins, brothers-in-law and so forth. The guy had his OWN SONS-IN-LAW EXECUTED. I mean, what kind of monster would make widows of his own daughters? They tried to escape Iraq and take Saddam's daughters with them. Saddam swore that if they came back, he would work things out. When they came back he had them tortured to death. The guy is a straight-up fuckin' MONSTER. He's ever bit as big a criminal as Hitler, just on a less Teutonic scale. I can't say exactly why the U.S. chose to abandon the last Iraqi uprising. It seems to me like we should have done this whole bit in 1991. I heard that the reason Schwartzkoff didn't invade Iraq back then was that the U.S. and the Allies had cut a secret deal with Saudi Arabia, that Saudi tanks would be the first into Kuwait City (in 1991) and that no Westerners would ever actually conquer Baghdad. That is why we stopped 60 miles short of the Badhdad city limits last time. They have some sort of silly-ass thing about western forces of democracy conquering Arab states. Too fuckin' bad. This time, it looks like the U.S. is going the distance, and will not stop until every last vestige of Saddam's government is erradicated. I understand the U.S. Marines and U.S. Army is re-arming and re-training Iraqi forces into the Free Iraqi Army right now, and that they will be used in the eventual final attack upon Baghdad, and in broadcast efforts to convince Saddam's die-hards to surrender. One thing is certain, the capture of a city of FIVE MILLION PEOPLE is not going to be easy. I would not be surprised if we lose 10,000 men or more taking Baghdad. Maybe a lot more, before it's all over. To put this in perspective, we lost 330,000 men in WWII (1941-1945.) Ten thousand Americans died just taking the Japanese-held island of Okinawa alone. That was 3,000 in three days of fighting, and another seven thousand in the next four or five days, before the island was declared secured. In addition to that there were 20 or 30,000 Japanese killed, as well as thousands of Okinawans. EVERY SINGLE YEAR over 440,000 Americans die because of cigarette smoking. Lung cancer, heart disease, strokes, etc. Anybody on here smoke cigarettes? Far, far, far more WWII veterans have died from smoking than died in combat. So far, we have lost less than 200 known American dead in Iraq. Not bad, considering how heavily armed the Iraqis are.
  15. LungFactory Well, thanks, bro, it's always nice to hear a compliment. Truthfully, though, the information on here is not really all that unique or anything. Most of it is readily available from other sources. Look up the stack for the address for Duffy Littlejohn's book "Hopping Freight Trains in America." It's a great book--the information is absolutely required before anybody attempts a long-distance hop. There is a class of trainhopper called a "forty-miler." I never appreciated this when I was younger, but now, as a confirmed adult, it makes a lot more sense. These guys travel back and forth between two places that they know well. They like riding trains, but they don't want to go long distances for one reason or another. So they just ride forty miles or so to the next junction or yard, get off, and then ride back. I used to feel sort of superior and disdainful towards them, I thought they were just barely a cut above "homeguards," but I understand their motivation a little better now that I am older.
  16. KaBar

    Brass Knuckels

    Brass Knuckles are a Prohibited Weapon in Texas Don't be stupid. They are probably a prohibited weapon in every state, although I didn't check. The manufacturer should include a free tube of K-Y with every pair, because if you get caught with them sugar britches, you are going to need a little perfume behind your ears. I know three teenagers charged with possession of prohibited weapons. They are all doing time in either Texas Youth Commission (TYC) or the Juvenile Detention Center on West Dallas Street in Houston. Hit somebody with a pair of knucks and get convicted, and you'll do time for Aggravated Assault With a Deadly Weapon. Is this a smart thing to do? I don't think so.
  17. Like it or not, the nation of Iraq will soon be subjugated. We will disarm their Nazi-like Baath Party and round up every Iraqi secret police officer we can find, all the senior military and political leadership and all the die-hard idiots that love Saddam Hussein and ship them all to Guantanamo Bay to live in dog cages. Once these assholes are gone, we will establish a military government over Iraq in partnership with LOYAL ALLIES OF THE UNITED STATES (France can go suck dick--ditto with all the other UN whiners who refused to assist us in liberating the Iraqi people) and simultaneously with establishing a military occupation government over liberated Iraq, we will flood the country with food, medicine, blankets, re-establish electric power, drill wells, etc. in order to provide the Iraqi people with at least some semblance of a normal life. I expect that among the first things to happen will be the recruitment of a normal, civilian police force which will probably patrol in conjunction with American military police in establishing order and arresting fleeing Iraqi torturers, military officers, Baath Party officials and so forth. No doubt, the disarming and de-briefing of Iraqi EPW's and their repatriation back into the Iraqi civilian population will begin as soon as hostilities end. Feeding 500,000 EPW's is an expense we can do without. Immediate clearing of roads and re-establishment of civilian communications, TV service, radio programs and so on, will most likely be through Radio Free America or another organization similar to that, with Iraqi music and news and commentators from Free Iraqi forces. Most Iraqis will probably prefer U.S. military radio stations, especially young people. Re-building of Iraqi hospitals, clinics, and civilian governmental buildings (especially jails and courts) will no doubt be a top priority. At first, U.S. martial law will be in effect. As soon as a civilian government can be emplaced (with U.S. military government officials looking over their shoulders) they will assist the Iraqis in obtaining appropriate identification cards, registering voters with U.S.-style universal suffrage, and election of municipal and local "county" level officials, who will work in conjunction with U.S. military occupation forces to co-ordinate road clearing, hospitals and public health, delivery and DIGNIFIED distribution of food, assurance of clean, potable water supply, etc. Those Iraqis who cooperate and participate in the establishment of a constitutional government and orderly, democratic one-citizen-one-vote government will be rewarded with a peaceful life. Those who resist and attempt to re-establish Saddam's Nazi Monster government will be shot. Once the country is stable and order has been restored, the U.S. and UK will probably slowly return Iraq to civilian government, after about ten years or so. Nazi Germany was conquered in 1945. It returned to civilian control of the Christian Democrat party in 1955, I believe. We could have killed them all. We could have flattened Germany and let them all starve to death. But we didn't. We rehabilitated the worse, most criminal nation on earth in less than ten years. We can do the same with Iraq, and in less time, probably. Saddam, his sons, all the upper leadership should all be executed. The entired Iraqi Army officer corps should be imprisoned for life in U.S.-controlled prison camps. All Iraqi war criminals should be hanged in public. The U.S. should back the Iraqi currency, so that it becomes at least worth working for. All assets of the Government of Iraq, Saddam's family fortune and those of all the top Iraqi leadership, Baath Party officials, etc. should become property of the Free Government of Iraq, as well as the proceeds from Iraq's oil exports. Within ten years, Iraq will be similar to Norway, or maybe Poland. A peaceful, prosperous nation that is an ally of the United States and the American people. We can be the best friend they ever had, or the worse, most implacable enemy. Their choice.
  18. KaBar

    american chopper

    Scooters I've got a 1970 Harley-Davidson FL shovelhead sitting in my garage under a tarp. It's been there since 1993, when I mothballed my motorcycle to keep from getting killed or injured during nursing school. Some days I think "I ought to get the scooter up and running again." Nah. Houston drivers suck dick so bad, no way am I going to get killed or paralyzed because of one of these numb nuts in a Ford Escort trying to avoid being five minutes late to work. Fuck that. Someday I'll move out to some little town in the country, then I'll get it running again. Only problem is, by then I'll be too old to enjoy girls hailing me down on the street for a ride. That Harley is the only scooter I ever owned that caused girls to flag me down. The last one, up in Washington State, was wearing a skirt, so I rode her over to some party with her all up on my back, skirt up high and the girl was looking pretty good. I love Harleys, but I don't much care for cager traffic.
  19. "Hating" shit is too much work In my opinion, anybody who works 40 hours a week and then stays up half the night Saturday and Sunday painting graff probably doesn't have any excess fucking energy to waste "hating"on anything. If some aspect of life doesn't thrill you, ignore it. That's a shitload less work than getting your panties all in a twist over something nobody else even gives a shit about anyway. And this "all my friends are white" thing smacks of racism. I could say the same thing. So what? Someday, with any fucking luck, we will leave this sick obsession with race behind us. But until then, I am resigned to hearing a zillion rants about it. We aren't going to change the world. Even wanting to change the world is a collossal waste of time, energy and effort. The only thing you (or anybody else) can change is YOURSELF, so for God's sake, get busy. This thread has all the earmarks of a major snivel.
  20. Oh. Sorry. I'm old. Old people don't know these things. Gimme a break.
  21. I don't really believe that any President, whether it be George W. or somebody else, actually makes the decisions and runs the country. The guy who gets elected is holding the position, all right, but he is getting major pressure and advice from the people who helped put him in office. Yes, he's elected (or in George W.'s case, more or less "appointed") but behind the scenes there are legions of unseen political bosses, powerful financiers, banks, industrial groups, etc., etc. One of the classic examples of this was President Ronald Reagan, who ran on the unlikely idea that he was an "outsider" and would not go along with the status quo in government. Within a week of taking office, his cabinet was filled with men with very strong connections and membership within the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderbergers circle of associates. The very people that he stated would not have a hand in running the Reagan administration. True conservatives were appalled, because they knew who was who. The rest of the country was convinced that the guys working for Reagan were "conservatives." Powerful, rich, well connected? Yes. Conservative? No. One of the things one must come to grips with in the United States is that although there is a nominal change in who is President, the same people and the same connections and the same over-all political/economic and social strategic plan remains in place. The Federal Reserve System continues to suck our economy dry like a milking machine. The richest 5% of the population continue to own or control 90% of the world's wealth, and the rest of us continue to get by on the 10% that is left to us. The idea that the Democratic Party is the party of the poor and dispossessed is a fallacy. Think "limosine liberal." Despite the problems and shortcomings of our system and our government, it's still a shitload better than anything else I've ever seen. Reality is, it isn't going to change soon. If you don't like it, shit, try Europe or Scandanavia. And if you really have the courage of your convictions, try the Third World. They love American liberals there. Personally, Texas is plenty Third World enough for me. You can't even buy a six-pack of beer in this town unless you can speak a foreign language.
  22. Rectum, you silver-tongued devil Awesome repartee.
  23. Ten Cents You're just jealous because our "more noticable" public officials can whip your public officials in touch football, any time, any where. Name the place. Losers buy the beer.
  24. You guys got Australia all wrong It has the best goddamned surf in the entire world, including over-rated Hawaii. It has some ABSOLUTELY AWESOME women, and about a zillion square miles of empty Outback. It has mile after mile after mile after mile of UNOCCUPIED COASTLINE that makes California look like a caustic soda waste dump. Only one problem that I can see---Australia has a bunch of Communists running the country who for some reason want the entire nation to be disarmed and helpless. Can this possibly be the same nation that produced the ultra-heroic ANZACS who kicked the ever-loving shit out of the Japanese during WWII? Can this be the same nation of survivors, the BEST AND STRONGEST of British society who would rather be transported to the Colonies in hand-cuffs and leg irons rather than accept the King's bullshit oppression? Can this be the nation of sailors and explorers and fighters that Americans have admired and respected my entire life, but who for some reason despise us? I hardly think so. This must be some alternate-reality Australia that admires socialist horseshit and wants to bend over and spread 'em for the Indonesians. Can't believe it's true. In fact, I STRONGLY SUSPECT that Australia's firearms are safely buried in back gardens all over the country. THE REAL AUSTRALIA PRODUCED THE MAD MAX MOVIES. The dick sucking asshole Australia banned firearms ownership by individual citizens. And the real Crocodile Dundee went out with his boots on, shot to death in a running gun battle with a bunch of NWO Mamma-knows-best law enforcement officers. He should be a national hero. It will never happen, not in the present climate of domination by Communist scum. I am encouraged by the fact that starting six months before the gun ban became effective, the sales of PVC sewer pipe skyrocketed. What this means is that much of Australia's arsenal is probably safe in the good red earth.
  25. Heard from Backwoods Jack Hey, I got an email from Backwoods Jack, from Litchfield, Illinois. He says he's going to try to make the Amory gathering. He also said that some idiot bow hunter shot his dog, Patches, in a deliberate attempt to kill him. (Apparently Patches survived the murder attempt.) It would be great to see him again. Man, the guy has GREAT HATS. I never met a man with such crazy fucking hats as Jack. The last night at Britt he showed up at the campfire with a huge Mexican sombero. The thing looked like a tent! Anybody from Litchfield? Jack owns an auto junk yard there.
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