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  1. Tinnitus The perception of sound in the absence of acoustic stimulus. Tinnitus is a subjective experience of the patient. It is distinguished from bruit , a noise that can be heard by the examiner as well as the patient (usually caused by a blood vessel "pounding.") Tinnitus can be of a buzzing, ringing, roaring, whistling or hissing quality or may involve more complex "sounds" than that over a period of time. It may be intermittent or continuous. An associated hearing loss is also usually experienced. The actual mechanism involved in the production of tinnitus remains obsc
  2. Obviously, people who use a psuedonym on the Internet do not want their actual name to become known to the world. There are plenty of young hackers on 12 oz. who could figure out people's real names, I suppose, and cause them grief. I'd prefer to keep the anonyminity of my handle. Other than that, I feel pretty sure you can tell the difference between information likely to be a problem and information unlikely to be a problem. Exercise good judgement, and be a stand-up guy, that's all.
  3. KaBar


    Been on both sides The Vietnam War was a lot less defensible than the war to overturn Saddam. I had my doubts when we first started getting resistance down in southern Iraq, but watching people looting government warehouses of rice and dancing in the street really brought it home to me that we have done a good thing. THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING. George W. promised the Iraqi people democracy. LET'S SEE IT. I give them five years to achieve self-supportting, independent statehood, and ten years to achieve a Constitutional republic, with one-citizen-one-vote, universal suffrage (wom
  4. Alka-Zelter You can quote my stuff for school if you wish, so long as you agree that you will not use anything I wrote to make trainhoppers, hobos, tramps or graff writers look bad. People always seem to take anything written about hobos or trainhopping and twist it to make the entire thing look sinister and anti-social. This is far from true. Even the guys riding the colors for FTRA are not monsters. They just choose to live a lifestyle that uses a different set of rules than the rest of society. The One-Percenter bikers are the same way. They are very much obedient to the rules th
  5. Eric made a lot of enemies over the years, and yeah, you're right, he is pretty wierd. Several people I know "broke in" with the FTRA, but no longer ride with them. They ought to know. I avoid them for the same reason I avoid the Hell's Angels and the Bandidos. If you hang around with them long enough, eventually something bad will happen.
  6. FTRA There is a lot of rumor and boogey-man bullshit perpetuated about the FTRA. They've been around quite a long time. Founded in Libby. Montana, in a bar, in 1988, they started out as a self-protection organization for hobos faced with aggression from gang bangers, local thuggy kids, redneck assholes and so on. Originally, the story goes, FTRA was made up mostly of "Vietnam veterans." This isn't very likely, but there might have been some Vietnam vets, anyway. Rather quickly, the organization began to attract ex-convicts, scam artists and so on. Like their philosophical brothers-i
  7. Doubt we'll get a chance to do much of anything if it's the real deal. But realistically---I doubt very many terrorist acts against the U.S. will be successfully carried out. The terrorists of the world ought to catch a clue--for real, the U.S. is not above hunting them until the end of time. And if any foreign nation becomes a genuine threat, probably not above using whatever force is necessary to eliminate that threat.
  8. OK--No cute advice, I'll play. I hate having to be responsible and "do the best thing for everyone." I hate knowing that in order to have a roof over my family's head, I have to be tied down to a THIRTY YEAR MORTGAGE. (Try quitting a job facing that kind of shit.) I hate the fact that everybody on earth owns a car. GO HOME and get off my fucking roads, assholes! I hate that since I was born, the population of the earth has more than DOUBLED. (Don't you people have anything better to do than fuck constantly?) I hate that the world of my youth is gone forever and will
  9. The Hell's Angels MC is concentrated mostly in the California-Nevada area and the New York area, with some penetration down into the Deep South. The Bandidos MC was founded in Houston (the "Mother Chapter" is here in Houston) and they very aggressively moved north and east into Oklahoma, Louisiana, Kansas, Alabama, South Dakota and so on, trying to cut the U.S. "in half" to prevent the HA's from effectively controlling the central part of the U.S., in terms of 1%er motorcycle clubs. They also moved into the Washington State area and some parts of Oregon. Both these organizations hav
  10. I doubt it was deliberate It's a tragedy, no doubt. The entire thing is tragic, and this is just another incident to add to the list of "Reasons Why War Is Bad." The Iraqi military forces and Feyadeen are clearly not above storing weapons in hospitals, using Red Cross-marked ambulances to move war supplies, hiding behind groups of terrified women and children, forcing reluctant teenagers to fight at gunpoint, waving flags of surrender as a ruse, and then shooting the American soldiers that come forward to humanely allow them to surrender. All these tactics are designed to force the
  11. My Opinion Is Flawed, Just Like the Rest Of The World There is a school of philosophy that everything that comes from America is bad, and that we are all greedy, rich, racist misanthropes. I'm not talking about the Rockefellers and the Mellons and the DuPonts, I'm talking about YOU GUYS. The poorest kid in the most wretched ghetto in America still has COLOR TV. All this whining about discrimination and all that pales next to the poverty, ignorance and wretchedness of the Third World. Sure, Sharia works in Somalia. Hell, it would work in Harlem and Houston's Fifth Ward and everywh
  12. GhostVandal Both good questions. The first one "How do I take a dump if I'm on a boxcar?" is pretty obvious. Always take some cardboard, or railroad plastic or Thousand-Miler Paper with you whenever you hop. Take a dump on a chunk of the cardboard, then carry it carefully to the door and pitch it out without getting any on you. A package of "Baby Wipes" is a good idea in addition to plenty of shitpaper. They come in a small plastic dispenser, and they are good for cleaning your hands and face, as well as personal hygiene after taking a dump and using regular shitpaper. Having a raw,
  13. War is Bad, Without Question And it is exceptionally heartbreaking to see so many photographs of wounded children. I'm sure Al-Jareeza and the other Arabic news agencies are trying to be fair and unbiased, no doubt that there are horriffic photographs of civilian casualties far in excess of the amount of time that Al-Jareeza has available to show them. Any idea why Al-Jareeza wasn't showing the victims of Saddam's secret police and Baath Party torturers? Or maybe the many wives and children of dissidents in Iraq that were tortured and repeatedly raped in front of the parents or spo
  14. Life Ain't Perfect One of the reasons Saddam Hussein was able to mount such a repressive government is because Iraq is basically (still) a tribal society. Like Afghanistan, a minority tribe was able to get control of the government and Army, and has lined their own pockets at the expense of the majority tribe. Most of his political and military leaders were relatives, cousins, brothers-in-law and so forth. The guy had his OWN SONS-IN-LAW EXECUTED. I mean, what kind of monster would make widows of his own daughters? They tried to escape Iraq and take Saddam's daughters with them. Sadd
  15. LungFactory Well, thanks, bro, it's always nice to hear a compliment. Truthfully, though, the information on here is not really all that unique or anything. Most of it is readily available from other sources. Look up the stack for the address for Duffy Littlejohn's book "Hopping Freight Trains in America." It's a great book--the information is absolutely required before anybody attempts a long-distance hop. There is a class of trainhopper called a "forty-miler." I never appreciated this when I was younger, but now, as a confirmed adult, it makes a lot more sense. These guys tra
  16. KaBar

    Brass Knuckels

    Brass Knuckles are a Prohibited Weapon in Texas Don't be stupid. They are probably a prohibited weapon in every state, although I didn't check. The manufacturer should include a free tube of K-Y with every pair, because if you get caught with them sugar britches, you are going to need a little perfume behind your ears. I know three teenagers charged with possession of prohibited weapons. They are all doing time in either Texas Youth Commission (TYC) or the Juvenile Detention Center on West Dallas Street in Houston. Hit somebody with a pair of knucks and get convicted, and you'll
  17. Like it or not, the nation of Iraq will soon be subjugated. We will disarm their Nazi-like Baath Party and round up every Iraqi secret police officer we can find, all the senior military and political leadership and all the die-hard idiots that love Saddam Hussein and ship them all to Guantanamo Bay to live in dog cages. Once these assholes are gone, we will establish a military government over Iraq in partnership with LOYAL ALLIES OF THE UNITED STATES (France can go suck dick--ditto with all the other UN whiners who refused to assist us in liberating the Iraqi people) and simultaneously wit
  18. Scooters I've got a 1970 Harley-Davidson FL shovelhead sitting in my garage under a tarp. It's been there since 1993, when I mothballed my motorcycle to keep from getting killed or injured during nursing school. Some days I think "I ought to get the scooter up and running again." Nah. Houston drivers suck dick so bad, no way am I going to get killed or paralyzed because of one of these numb nuts in a Ford Escort trying to avoid being five minutes late to work. Fuck that. Someday I'll move out to some little town in the country, then I'll get it running again. Only p
  19. "Hating" shit is too much work In my opinion, anybody who works 40 hours a week and then stays up half the night Saturday and Sunday painting graff probably doesn't have any excess fucking energy to waste "hating"on anything. If some aspect of life doesn't thrill you, ignore it. That's a shitload less work than getting your panties all in a twist over something nobody else even gives a shit about anyway. And this "all my friends are white" thing smacks of racism. I could say the same thing. So what? Someday, with any fucking luck, we will leave this sick obsession with race
  20. Oh. Sorry. I'm old. Old people don't know these things. Gimme a break.
  21. I don't really believe that any President, whether it be George W. or somebody else, actually makes the decisions and runs the country. The guy who gets elected is holding the position, all right, but he is getting major pressure and advice from the people who helped put him in office. Yes, he's elected (or in George W.'s case, more or less "appointed") but behind the scenes there are legions of unseen political bosses, powerful financiers, banks, industrial groups, etc., etc. One of the classic examples of this was President Ronald Reagan, who ran on the unlikely idea that he was an "outsi
  22. Ten Cents You're just jealous because our "more noticable" public officials can whip your public officials in touch football, any time, any where. Name the place. Losers buy the beer.
  23. You guys got Australia all wrong It has the best goddamned surf in the entire world, including over-rated Hawaii. It has some ABSOLUTELY AWESOME women, and about a zillion square miles of empty Outback. It has mile after mile after mile after mile of UNOCCUPIED COASTLINE that makes California look like a caustic soda waste dump. Only one problem that I can see---Australia has a bunch of Communists running the country who for some reason want the entire nation to be disarmed and helpless. Can this possibly be the same nation that produced the ultra-heroic ANZACS who kicked the ever
  24. Heard from Backwoods Jack Hey, I got an email from Backwoods Jack, from Litchfield, Illinois. He says he's going to try to make the Amory gathering. He also said that some idiot bow hunter shot his dog, Patches, in a deliberate attempt to kill him. (Apparently Patches survived the murder attempt.) It would be great to see him again. Man, the guy has GREAT HATS. I never met a man with such crazy fucking hats as Jack. The last night at Britt he showed up at the campfire with a huge Mexican sombero. The thing looked like a tent! Anybody from Litchfield? Jack owns an auto junk y
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