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  1. Houston Chronicle 5/19/03--"Arson charges are pending against a juvenile accused of torching a set of Union Pacific railroad tracks last week in northeast Harris County. An adult accomplice was being held in the Harris County Jail without bail on felony arson charges after the May 12 incident in the 5900 block of Mary Francis. German White, 18, and the juvenile also are accused of pulling up railroad spikes at the scene and laying a large steel pole across the tracks. Harris County fire marshals said the pair also removed a warning sign alerting Union Pacific railroad crews about nearby
  2. Married to a Blonde Can't say I prefer one coloring over another, except for that. I've always had a weakness for redheads. My first wife was a redhead, with a temperament to match. Of the girls in my life that have been life-long "true loves", one was a curly brunette, one was a long-legged, straight-haired blonde and one was a redhead. I still tend my late ex-wife's grave, secretly. I leave flowers, clean the headstone, trim the grass. I always go on her birthday.
  3. I drink Coke, but I don't really like it. I haven't enjoyed drinking soda pop since they did away with deposit bottles. We used to buy Coca-Cola (in those little green bottles with the name and location of the bottling company on the bottom) and 7-Up and Orange Crush and RC Cola by the case, when I was a kid. My grandparents lived on the Guadalupe River, here in Texas. I think there are very few things as much fun as fishing off my grandfather's dock with a cane pole and a red-and-white plastic bobber and a can of worms, and some short, green bottles of Coke in a bucket of ice. I
  4. Thanks, guys I'm trying to trace a couple of old friends from high school. So far, no luck. It's like they dropped off the face of the earth.
  5. The kid is ELEVEN YEARS OLD She doesn't have any understanding or life experience, she's never spent a hungry day in her life, she's never seen even a fist fight between two suburban head-bangin' skaters, so what can one expect? She's scared shitless of being downtown, and is acting prissy because that's the only defense she has. Send her a copy of "Save the Last Dance." It was a sappy film, but it covers the basics, in a sort of sanitized way. It would be just gritty enough to open her eyes a peek.
  6. I 've seen this portrayed in movies That is, the undercover cop camouflaged as a bum, but I've never seen it in real life. I do not doubt that police detectives occasionally do this sort of thing on narcotics stake-outs or sex-crime stake outs, or even vice squad stake outs, but unless the raiilroad yard is handling some very expensive cargo, it's hard for me to imagine. Tex, Stretch and I got accused of being cops one time at Bellaire Junction by an old homeless woman. She pointed her finger at Tex (who has been riding trains for 31 years) and screeched "You ain't no train rider!"
  7. I got a spam advertisement for some sort of detective thing---pretty neat idea, actually. Anybody know of a free one? I'm not into spending $35 so I can track down people I used to know, but a free one would be cool.
  8. Yo, Webster Let me see your skinny ass when you're sixty, fella. You'll be sportin' a beer belly the size of a weather balloon, I bet ya cash money. What? You think the Beach Boys weren't lean and mean in 1962? Sure they were. But NOTHING LASTS FOREVER, and man, I'd give anything to be 25 and carving green room rights at Trestle's again. YOU JUST GET ONE SHOT AT YOUTH. DON'T FUCK IT UP.
  9. LOL. Yoshy, go check out some old early 1960's re-runs of "The Fugitive." Don't you remember the One-Armed Man? He was one scarey guy. And the poor Doc (Dr. Richard Kimble) pursued him all over America, never quite catching up with him, in turn pursued by the relentless detective, Detective Phillip Gerrard. I seem to recall that the One-Armed Man was named something very plain, like Bob Johnson. Did you guys know that "The Fugitive" was loosely based on a true story? ("Mild mannered doctor accused of murdering his wife." Dr. Sam Shepard was accused of murdering his wife, tried and c
  10. I read an article that quoted this guy. He reputedly said "It was a couple of days before I realized I could just break my bones and cut through the muscle." Fuckin' HARD CORE. Major props--this guy personifies "Bad Ass." I'd hate like hell to have to fight somebody like this, for real.
  11. How to Unfuck Fucked-up Credit It's easy to get in over your head. The goal is to be DEBT-FREE. First things first. 1.) Do a good assessment of exactly what you owe, the pay-off, the monthly, and the ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE. 2.) The highest interest rate gets paid off first. This is because the longer you take paying off some stupid ass credit card with a 24% interest rate, the bigger fucking you are getting. (Twenty-four percent? What the fuck were you thinking, man? Just talking to myself.) 3.) List all debts, highest APR at the top, lowest at the bottom. Put low
  12. Jessie The Fun Crusher Owns Ka-Bar without effort. Standing invitation: any time, any place, any railroad she chooses. Old guys are too easy.
  13. THE ALTERNATIVE For years and years, even as an adult, I did business strictly in cash. If I could not pay cash up front, fuck it, I did not need it. I had a bank account mainly to have a place to deposit my check, but you don't really even need that. You can cash paychecks at a check cashing place for a fee, usually 1%, a dollar per hundred. If your check is $350, you pay $3.50, or something close to that. I have frequently used pawn shops, but not to actually borrow money. When I was leaving town for a while, I would pawn my stereo and my guns, all my good stuff, and put the m
  14. Okay. I publish this shit here in the same spirit as I would if I were publishing recipes for potassium nitrate and ammonia triodine and diagrams of "How to make an anti-tank rocket." Sure, it's a free country, and I got a First Amendment right to publish bomb diagrams if I want to do so. It's YOUR responsibility to not criminally/stupidly misuse things like that that you see on the internet, right? Right. 1.) Do some soul searching. Do you REALLY want credit? It's like making a pact with Satan. Sure, it looks good now. Wait until the fucking bill comes due. 2.) GO GET A JOB
  15. TAILOR MADES We always called roll-your-own cigarettes "tailor mades." As in made-just-as-big-or-as-small-as-you-like-it.
  16. He sounds very interesting If he doesn't get assassinated within the month, and the people are really behind him, maybe he will get a chance to demonstrate whether or not his ideas have any currency. If I were him, the first thing I would do is arm every man, woman and child in the country, and flood the Brazilian armed forces and police with hundreds of thousands of young volunteers from the trade unions. And for Christ's sake, wear body armor in public. Brazil is a wild place. Biggest country in South America. I guess we will see what is what as time goes on. It's hard for me
  17. Y'All Been Busy First off, Happy Mother's Day to any of you guys that are mothers, have a mother or wish to have a mother. I went and visited my Mom in the hospital today. Go call your Mom this very goddamn instant and tell her how much you love her and how grateful you are for everything she ever did for you. Believe me when I tell you---the day will come when you wish you could just see her for a minute, for an hour, so you can tell her all the things you should have been saying all along. Ka-Bars: I took the name Ka-Bar as a handle kind of carelessly. Anybody who is a Marine
  18. Definately sounds like you broke it Splint it, as above. Pad the area where the lump is, so the splint doesn't rub on it. If the ulna or radius bone is broken completely through, it could separate and become a compound fracture by coming out through the skin. No fucking about---go to the ER. It may be numb because of pressure on a nerve in your arm (duh.) and if the sharp, fractured edge of the bone cuts the nerve YOU ARE FUCKED. GO TO THE HOSPITAL NOW. Oh. This happened yesterday. Never mind. Does your cast itch?
  19. AH. The "L.A." Album I'd forgotten about that album completely. L.A. was supposed to stand for "light album" (this was during a period of time when the word "light" was being used to market all kinds of shit---"light" cigarettes, "light" beer, etc.) It was a play on words on "L.A. = Los Angeles" obviously. I don't think I ever bought it. Can't remember. That was over thirty years ago. Jesus.
  20. KaBar

    loyalty day

    May 1st Used to be "Law Day." I guess there are so many laws being broken in the White House that they thought they needs to change the focus a little. This is pretty funny, because I watched "1984" on cable twice yesterday. ("Deutchland, Deutchland, UBER ALLES...") Don't say I didn't warn you. GO BUY A MILITARY RIFLE AND A CASE OF AMMUNITION. LOL. "You crazy kids! What will you think up next?" "You are a Thought Criminal....and a double plus ungood Thought Criminal, at that."
  21. Still Miss It I smoked for 13 years and quit while I was in the Marines. It was too hard to keep up on runs with the company if I continued to smoke. Smoking sucks bad. It ruins your lungs, it gives you heart attacks, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, cancer of everything including lungs, trachea, bronchia, mouth, tongue, lips, kidneys, prostate, etc. and leads to COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), emphysema and a zillion other bad things. It kills 440,000 Americans every year, which is about ONE-HALF of all American deaths not connected with car wrecks, drive-bys, etc.
  22. Trousersnake Actually, my father trained to fly B-17 bombers in WWII, and one of my uncles flew B-25's. My Dad has been fascinated with airplanes and flying his entire life. He is building a Experimental aircraft in the shop at his house, sort of like building a motorcycle or a hot rod, only with retractable landing gear. He gas-welded the entire frame, and has either manufactured or modified everything on it. I don't know if he'll ever get to fly it now---he's like 78. One of my sisters said she intends to get a pilot's license so she can fly it. I had every chance in the worl
  23. My 12th Grade Homeroom Teacher would be so surprised The woman really despised me. She would be astounded to read these posts. Once she and I got into a argument in homeroom (there used to be a set-up where every student was a member of a "Homeroom Class" and that teacher was like the boss teacher over you and your class schedule.) Anyway, Mrs. Hurst (that was her name) hated me with a passion because I was a smart-ass and a malcontent and an anarchist. And I helped publish the school's "underground" newspaper, Reality , to boot. In the middle of us trading remarks, she screa
  24. I never killed anybody, so I'm afraid I couldn't say.
  25. How I morphed from an Anarchist to a Marine. Actually, it was a gradual intellectual/emotional experience, but it didn't appear that way to outside observers. I was married to my trainhopping/hitch-hiking partner, Dee, whom I had met while living in a commune in Houston. (That's a pretty good story in itself, but not very germane to thie topic.) Trouble in Paradise: she and I had engaged in a big ass argument about whether or not we should camouflage ourselves as trade union flacks, and join the AFL-CIO as organizers, or whether we should continue to hold our principles and be
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