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    Do What You Got to Do I've seen a number of young guys, teenagers, wind up in some serious trouble (like months of jail time) because of just stupidity. A friend of mine had two teenaged sons, who along with another teenager, carjacked a lady for a Ford Explorer at Wal-Mart. They used pellet pistols. I don't know what they were thinking, really. The third kid actually told the woman to "get in the car." She refused, thank God, otherwise they would have been guilty of aggravated kidnapping, as well as armed robbery, carjacking, assault with a deadly weapon and so forth. They then drove the Explorer to New Mexico, where they intended to go into the wilderness and "live off the land" (oh, brother--this is a true story, I swear.) In Carlsbad, New Mexico, they shoplifted a couple of CB radios (again, from a Wal-Mart) and got arrested. They were in jail in New Mexico for about six weeks or so, then New Mexico dropped the charges and shipped them home to Texas, where they faced all the serious felony charges. The two younger boys (17 & 18) who were actually involved in the carjacking got eight years apiece in Texas Youth Commission. (They were damned lucky--and this was a "generous" plea bargain on the part of the Fort Bend county D.A.) The older boy(20) was convicted of accessory after the fact, and wound up doing about a year, then got out on five years parole. If he so much as spits on the street and gets caught, he goes back to Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) for the full five years, in a regular Texas prison. Believe it or not, these crazy sonsabitches thought that they would get a slap on the wrist and get turned LOOSE! And why? Because the 18-year-old, who was the son of a minister (I think) had been in trouble time and time again, and his parents got him out, time and time again. Runaway, vandalism, petty theft, graff, marijuana, you name it. Each time, the cops let him go, and told the parents "Get him some help before he really gets his ass into trouble." Well, he's got eight years to grow out of being stupid. And after eight years of TYC, he may be more of a dumb ass than he was when he went in. He'll probably still be thinking he can get over and not suffer any consequences. One thing for sure, for the next eight years he won't be terrifying any women at gunpoint and taking their cars. The oldest guy has been out for a while. Last I heard, his girlfriend had a baby and he was trying to get a job that paid enough so he could support them. I heard the younger of the two brothers may get an early release because of good behavior in jail. But the third guy, the guy that told the woman to get in the car, I think he's going to do the entire eight year bit. Some people just can't catch a clue. The moral of this story is most likely lost on the people who need it the most. If the Juvenile Detention authorities had held the third guy on the first charge, most likely the other two would never have gotten into trouble, at least, not with this particular criminal mastermind, anyway. The fact that they let him go over and over and over just made him have more and more contempt for the law, and for society in general. These guys have no right to break the law, nobody does. Where did they get the idea they could commit armed robbery (or kidnapping, for Christ's sake) and not wind up in prison for ten or twenty years? Have I ever broken the law? Sure I have, when I was young, and stupid. But I always knew there was a line beyond which one does not cross. If an individual in society does not understand that, and know where the line is, he is at SERIOUS RISK of winding up incarcerated for years and years and years. There are a lot of people in the U.S., and especially in Texas, who do not understand this, apparently, because we have about 2.1 MILLION people in jail in the U.S. Texas has more prisoners than any other state with about 144,000 at present.
  2. Correct Lexicon It pains me gravely to have to correct you guys, as I know you are sensitive about these things, but the correct, all-time, take-no-prisoners name for this type of headgear is a GIMME CAP. Where did this "mesh back" bullshit come from? We bin cawlin' these hyar caps Gimme Caps ever since I was a littul boy. Y'gotta use tha right tarminology. I say we brang 'em back into style, just like they s'posed ta be. Y'ont to? I day-um shore do. Mattar a fack, day-un h'yar in tha Southren states, Gimme Caps are pracktickly a day-um UNIFORM. Sum places giveum away with a purchase of gas, or like Copenhagen, shit like that there. Fucken-A, bro. An' King of the fucken Hill, is a CAT DIESEL Gimme Cap. Hail, yes. Gimmee one, I'll ware it. And I'll take a canna Copenhagen, a twelve packa Miller Lite, and a box of those three-fifty-sevens to go. Rang it up, Lester.
  3. I hate to sound like an idiot But I looked at my name thingie on the left of the screen and it says I'm a "senior member." When did that happen? Is it number of posts, or days, or keystrokes, or what? I never know these things.
  4. King Bling, you are one perceptive, astute thinking guy. Very cool. This post ^ makes me want to deliberately improve my handwriting. I wish I could type. Need to work on that, too.
  5. Just Wear Whatever You Want And fuck everybody else's opinion. Wear what you want. Who cares if it finally caught on with the lame ass people in Hollywood, or MTV or whatever, none of that matters one bit. The only caution I would make is to be careful you don't accidentally send the wrong message. For instance, I've carried around red bandanas for YEARS (since the late '50s) because I live in fucking Texas and it is hot and humid as a motherfucker down here. The weather makes you sweat like a pig. But gangbangers started using bandanas and shit to fly their colors about twenty years ago, so now I must admit I give it a little thought. I wouldn't wear a bandana if I was driving through the 5th Ward, for instance, for fear some brain-damaged moron high on wet would shoot me with his nine, thinking I was a really old O.G. or something. LOL. Back in the day, people my age made fun of me for carrying around a bandana. I didn't care then, and I still don't. Fuck them. I wear overalls too. So what? I've been wearing overalls since the mid-Sixties, why would anybody else give a shit? Dress in clothes from the Thrift Store or clothes from Niemann-Marcus, whatever. Anybody that says anything about it, or even cares about what you wear or don't wear is totally out of line. Ignore them. They're morons. THINK FOR YOURSELF.
  6. A Little Off-Topic But this thread is falling down the stack anyway, so I guess it's okay. When I was in high-school in 1969, I got held back one semester, because I didn't have enough math credits to graduate. (I was a math phobic, all because I was spacing out the day the teacher taught fractions, back in the fifth grade. In order to do algebra, you must understand fractions. I didn't, so I couldn't. Do algebra, that is.) Anyway, I had American History I and Consumer Math and four classes of art, with my high-school "angel teacher," Miss Filson, who made life bearable by being the only genuine intellectual in the entire school. She was almost ready for retirement. She travelled in Europe every summer, and had a very sweet, tolerant attitude towards me, because she thought I had a genuine artistic talent. The American HistoryI course was a freshman course that I failed when I was a freshman--I was the only senior in a class full of children, one of whom was Ezra Idlet, of the band "Trout Fishing in America." Little did I know that tall, skinny, young kid was going to be such a fucking GREAT entertainer. He and Keith Grimwood totally rock---acoustic music that is very funny, extremely intellectual and a hell of a lot of fun. If you ever get a chance, check them out. Keith tried to teach me to juggle once at a barbeque, but I couldn't do it for shit. Anyway. I was trying hard to pass the goddamn Consumer Math class, so I could graduate. My running buddy, Greg, was in the class too. We were surf buddies, but Greg had recently bought a Norton motorcycle, and was trying to prospect for the then-new Bandidos MC, in the Mother Chapter in Kemah, not too far from Freeport, where we surfed. Miss Filson was basically giving me a base of operations in her art classes, where I spent most of my time, but I got shanghai'ed into a study hall to "make up" a class. In order for the school to pay a teacher to run a study hall class, they had to have 25 students. So the vice-principal rounded up all the malcontents and stuck them in the study hall class in the back, where we just slept. The three or four students who genuinely wanted to study were sort of huddled up by the teacher's desk. We had a sort of agreement with him---"Don't cause any problem or make any noise and I'll ignore you." It was boring as shit. After a couple of days, a very pretty girl with long, dark hair showed up and announced that the Library Club needed volunteer members for this period, and if any of the study hall draftees wanted to join, we could get out of study hall. "Hell, yes." I volunteered. The Library Club was the absolute geekiest group in the school, even lower on the cool scale than people like the French Club, or the Debate Club. Basically, they provided unpaid staff at the school library to stamp dates in borrowed books and collect those little cards from the back pocket where the studentb signs his name. The crazy thing is, nobody had a student I.D. card, so you could just sign whatever name you wanted, but I don't think many people did that. I knew most of the bad actors in school, and they gave me shit for being in the Library Club. I really didn't care, but I got into an argument about it while manning the main desk, and I told the guy to get out of the Library or I'd kick his ass, and to show more respect for people who wanted to actually learn something. This was pretty funny, coming from me, since everybody in the school, including all the teachers and the principal and vice-principal, knew that I was a dope-smoking, anarchist, anti-war protesting freak that HATED school, LOL. I would not stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, and acted like a dick during the morning prayer being read over the P.A. system. My teachers all hated me, except for Miss Filson. Most of my grades were "F's" or "D's", except for Art, where I got straight "A's." The dark-haired girl (let's call her Jessica) was always very distant with me. I figured she thought I was an asshole who sneaked into her precious Library (she actually took the Library Club seriously) and seemed to hold me in a good deal of contempt. On my very last day of school, I was hitch-hiking home in front of the school, and a Volkswagen pulled up and a couple of guys got out and held the seat forward for me to ride in the back---it was Jessica and some of her Junior friends! "Want a ride?" she said. "Get in!" Okay. I got in and they gave me a ride of about a half-mile or so, to where I had to turn south. Jessica was very nice to me, I couldn't believe it. She asked me what I was going to do that summer, and was I going to California again (how'd she know that?) Finally, when it was time for me to get out, she said "Wait a second," and gave me a big kiss as I was backing out the door. I was totally fucking shocked. I was standing outside the car, they slammed the doors, and she waved, and I thought "WHAT THE HELL?" and then I yelled "Hey! WHAT'S YOUR PHONE NUMBER?" but she was gone, in a puff of VW exhaust. The last thing I remember her saying was "Have a great summer!" as she smiled and waved out the window. That was thirty-four years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday. Wierd. One kiss, and she's part of my life forever. Whenever I hear oldies "summer tunes" on the radio, like "See You in September" (Shelley Fabares--she dated Elvis) or "All Summer Long" by the Beach Boys, I always think of Jessica, 17 years old and beautiful---forever.
  7. Heard From Tex Tex, Oops and Emma all arrived at Collinwood Kid's place in East Cleveland, Ohio earlier this week and are busy helping Collinwood clean the place up. (Collinwood is a notorious dumpster-diver of great renown and skill. He dumpster dives computers and stuff like that.) Collinwood has a large quantity of "perfectly good" kitchen ranges, washing machines, refrigerators, etc. stored in his driveway and back yard, all stuff he obtained dumpster diving. His enormous collection of valuable stuff keeps people busy categorizing it, moving it about, etc. So Tex, Oops and Emma are all up there squaring away Collinwood's treasures. (Why, I don't know. As soon as they clear a space, he goes out and "rescues" some more shit.)
  8. I think librarians are like the most serious of civil libertarians. You got to give them props, they take no prisoners in the First Amendment category. Anyway, coolest books you ever found IN THE LIBRARY. No fair listing shit you got at the Sak 'N' Pak or at the 24 Hour News Stand. (Latest find.) "Harvard and the Unabomber" by Alston Chase. Did you know our boy Ted Kaczynski (correct sp) was Harvard educated? Yes indeedy. He's a product of the Ruling Class. Ol' Ted made all manner of shit besides bombs. Made his own pistol from scraps he dumpster-dived. Secret codes that the FBI said were uncrackable unless you had Ted's cipher. Crazy as hell, but EXTREMELY intelligent. Home-brewed explosives, too. Some of his bombs were made completely out of wood, springs and all. He manufactured his own detonators and igniting compounds, too. Crazy fucker. Read his manifesto. The scarey part is that it actually makes sense. He is one crafty guy. "The Minutemen." 1960's mlitia organization. Robert DePugh and his merry band. They all went to prison. They couldn't believe that the FBI and the cops would care if they organized against the World Wide Communist Conspiracy. The cops probably wouldn't have cared, except the Minutemen were doing shit like driving around with a live 60mm mortar or a bazooka in the trunk of their car. First rule: Do not break the law. Yeah. One of their wealthiest big supporters owned a foundary in California. Underneath a big concrete slab at the foundary was SIX TONS of arms and munitions. As he grew older, elderly and more frail, he started worrying that somehow or another the arsenal would fall into the hands of criminals or kids. So he called the ATF and 'fessed up. They didn't arrest him. Most of the weapons came from U.S. military stockpiles in the West in the late '50s and early '60s. The Minutemen had some strong ties to U.S. military people. Some people say they still have "as yet undiscovered" stockpiles out in the boondocks. Hmmm.
  9. Love them "Mean Cop" stories I was in the Marine Reserves here in Houston with several Houston cops. Imagine this scene. I spend eight years as a very active, very public anarchist in a town like Houston (which at that time had very few anarchists), then had a change of opinion and joined the Marine Corps. The Marine Corps sends me to the U.S. Army Chemical and Ordnance School for twelve weeks, at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds, in Maryland. I graduate with honors, and get assigned to the Marine Reserve unit in Houston, 1st Battalion/ 23rd Marines (Marine battalions are known by these numbers, like "One-Twentythree", written 1/23.) The "23rd Marines" is slang for "23rd Marine Regiment.") My very first Reserve drill, I show up in uniform, spit-shined boots and a "official" Marine haircut, and they send me to the Armory to work. When I get there there are THREE Houston cops assigned to work with me, all three of which have just decided to re-enlist in the Reserves that month. Hel-LO. Pretty obvious, even for the Naval Investigative Service (NIS.) They kind of treated me like a pariah for a couple of hours, and then things started to lighten up. I got assigned my pistol (all Marine armorers are armed during working hours) and so here I am, locked in a Marine Corps armory with three irritable Houston cops, a Marine lifer, and 600 M-16A1 rifles, all of us armed with loaded .45 pistols. They didn't trust me for shit. After a while though we started making friends, and shared some boot camp stories (all boot camp stories are basically the same--every Marine recruit experiences exactly the same thing, over and over and over) and they started telling humourous anecdotes from work. Cops have a shitty life, guys, worse than firefighters, even. They see so much bad shit that they start making jokes about it. One of the funniest stories was about a big-shot Houston attorney who went to a strip club, got drunk, and then made a scene because he thought that the stripper who was giving him a lap dance had taken some of his money. The cops arrived, and he starts threatening them with the fact that he is a lawyer. They said, "Fine, let's step outside and discuss it." As soon as he sets foot on the pavement, they arrest him for public intoxication (it's not illegal to be drunk in a bar.) He starts giving them a hassle about putting on the handcuffs. Bam, "Drunk and disorderly." He starts screaming "You can both SUCK MY DICK FOR A DOLLAR, YOU FAGGOT BITCHES!" They charged him with "soliciting sodomy in a public place." TWO COUNTS. Now that's funny.
  10. LOL LOL LOL. Well, when the shit hits the fan, and it probably will, eventually, the guys with truckloads of assault rifles are going to do a shitload better than the guys wearing Birkenstocks and holding a freezer full of tufu snacks. You're too predictable, Esai. ("Inbred"...LOL LOL LOL.) Remember "Deliverance"? It's an old movie now, but it was seriously shocking back in 1972. For weeks people were going around saying shit like "Squeal like a pig!" whenever they bested somebody at something. Ned Beatty got tricked into playing the part. The director gave him a script missing the rape scene at first, said they were still re-writing and that they would give him the rest later. Beatty thought that the scene would probably end his career, but it didn't. Burt Reynolds got a serious gift in landing his role. I never thought he could act worth shit. Anybody who would cheat on Loni Anderson in front of the entire country just had to be a dumb ass. So when I read your reply, immediately that little banjo riff went through my head. "Dueling Banjos"--LOL, a song for the ages. I do have a cousin that I thought was pretty hot, though.
  11. I Agree, New Orleans Wins, Hands Down. Without a doubt, they have the most thuggish, Mafia-connected po-leece in the entire country. Far worse than New York or Chicago.
  12. KaBar

    Wonder Years

    How About "Taxi"? Another cool ass show with great actors. First thing I ever saw Danny DeVito in. I've seen some of the rest of them in other stuff. Christopher Lloyd, of course, hit the All-Time Mother Lode Jackpot with the "Back to the Future" movies. I LOVED Marilu Henner, but for some reason hercareer just seems to have fizzled. Andy Kaufman (Latka Gravas) died of cancer (dammit--what a fucking talent HE was.) I saw Carol Kane in a few movies, and Tony Danza had that TV show (ugh.) But what happened to Jeff Conaway, or Randall Carver, or J. Alan Thomas? They just got kicked to the curb. Judd Hirsch seems to almost always play that same part--Alex Reiger. Anybody see "Running on Empty" with River Phoenix and CHRISTINE LAHTI? That beautiful woman really made that movie pull together. If you want to see the no-shit REAL DEAL, find "Underground" by Emile de Antonio (1976--the year I enlisted in the Marine Corps.) It has all of America's favorite New Left heroes--Billy Ayers, Kathy Boudin, Bernardine Rae Dohrn, Jeff Jones and Kathy Wilkerson, telling us how they are going to smash the State from within the Belly of the Beast. Sort of like Japanese soldiers on forgotten Pacific atolls, still fighting WWII in 1965.
  13. So Zee Zee, have you ever seen Belize?
  14. KaBar

    The Beatles

    Two Words WEB BROWSER
  15. Aw, man, don't tell me that! She's a computer image for real? Jeeze. That sucks. I'd like to think that cutie is actually out there somewhere, probably breeding a Master Race of People With Too Many Ear Rings. Hey, it could happen.
  16. No reason to stay someplace you hate, man. There's a plane leaving every day for every place on earth. Pick a spot you like better and "Up, up and Away!" Try Belize. Lots of my friends own property down there. Nice weather, cold beer. They get Chicago on pirated satellite TV and all the black Belizeans speak English. The surf ain't bad either, if you like crystal clear, 75 degree water and pure white sand beach breaks. Hell yeah. Wish I could go tomorrow. But no, I need to stay here and keep the Hater Quotient up to par. It's a shit detail but somebody has to do it. Have a Corona con limon and think about it.
  17. Mr. Cracked is Correct An individual who rides trains carelessly and exposes himself to view by passersby and citizens is referred to as a "Highliner." A Streamliner refers to a guy with no equipment (i.e. "streamlined" or "streamlining".) If he has no equipment, no sleeping bag, no blanket bindle, no water, no food--where do you suppose he is going to get it? From some other tramp, probably. This reference is real old, dating from the introduction of the first Streamliner trains, which had an aerodynamic shape, which made them faster and cheaper to operate. The Streamliners had very few pieces of gear attached to the outside, where they could be seen. By contrast, the typical steam locomotives of that day had a bunch of steam cylinders, pipes, valves and all manner of equipment exposed on the outside of the engine. Tramps in general preferred the steam locomotives because they were slower and easier to catch, and had to stop periodically for water, allowing tramps a chance to get on and off. The reference today is kind of obscure (all trains arre pretty much like streamliners today, comparatively) and even most tramps who know and use the word don't really know where it came from. It is a pejorative reference--to call someone a "streamliner" is a serious insult. It means that he is a criminal who preys on tramps, a predator, sort of a traitor. Stealing from citizens is often winked at, but stealing from tramps is a serious affair. Way back in the day, there were actually Hobo Courts held on matters of this sort. (A Kangaroo Court is a "court of hoppers.")
  18. I Always Get A Kick Out Of The Fact That the Right and the Left discover the same fucked-up Government conspiracy bullshit, but come to completely opposite conclusions about "What it all means." The militia people, who loathed and despised Bill and Hillary Clinton beyond reason, saw the Mena, Arkansas dope connection as proof positive that Bill Clinton was a dope-smuggling, official-death-squads, Communist subverter of American youth. Could be. Or, maybe he's just a big, dumb frat boy who would risk everything so he could fuck a dumb groupie in the White House theatre. Anything is possible.
  19. Clue Me, who's the blonde? And how did you get a photo of the inside of my treehouse? You sneaky little fuckers. You know all my secrets now.
  20. KaBar


    All I can say is I've lived in the U.S. for 53 years, and have yet to be kidnapped by the police or had my pocket picked, but WTF, the night is young. I did get a free haircut on the hood of a police car once, courtesy of the Houston Police Department, but it was my own fault, really. I look back upon that night and ask myself "If those two armed police officers had been two big old armed rednecks, or two big armed black guys with Afros out to here, would I have been so disrepectful and wise-assed with them?" Answer: No way I speak from experience: Talk shit to big guys with guns at your own risk. It don't pay the rent.
  21. Very Interesting Information I'm no expert on the U.S. Government's sleight-of-hand, but the information about the Alabama National Guard B-25's is accurate. The Alabama National Guard seems to have close ties with the CIA, as it was ANG pilots and crews that provided air-drop re-supply to the Contras all during the guerrilla war against Nicaragua, and it was a CIA-owned C-130 (if memory serves) that was shot down, and a U.S. Air Force veteran and Alabama Air National Guardsman who parachuted to safety and was captured and later released by the Sandinistas, whose name was Hasenfus, I think. (He was the "kicker", the air-resupply load specialist whose job it is to actually launch the loads out the back of the plane.) If you are interested, look up "Drugwar.com" Take everything you read with a grain of salt. Some of it is true, some of it is straight-up lies, some of it is half-truth, etc. I often find myself cast in the role on 12 oz. as supporter of the Government's position. This is not really accurate. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I'm sort of in between. For instance, I really had no problem with the anti-Sandinista war mounted by the Contras and the CIA. I didn't like the Sandinistas. They were (are) Communists, and anti-democratic, plus, they hate the United States. The Contras were hardly better. Many of them were murderous thugs for the Somoza regime and pissed off because their sweet deal under the Somozas was screwed up by the "rovolution." The CIA didn't give a damn, they just wanted to light up the Sandinistas, and if a bunch of ex-Somoza creeps got killed in the process, all the better. Two birds with one stone, from their viewpoint. A very strong parallel between Saddam Hussein's government and the government of Nicaragua under Somoza can be drawn. They were both dictators, assisted to power under the auspices of the CIA to assist U.S. business or further the global goals of the U.S. THIS IS NOT ONE BIT DIFFERENT THAN WHAT EVERY OTHER GOVERNMENT OF THE WORLD IS DOING. It's just that the U.S. has more money, more power and more expertise at getting the result that Washington wants than do these other governments. Is the U.S. doing a whole bunch of creepy, under-the-table, secret CIA bullshit? Certainly. Is everybody else? Certainly. Our sins are no blacker than theirs. France is a great example. They have a deplorable record of torture and murder in every one of their former colonies, but they play the ingenue in regards to Iraq. Who holds most of Iraq's debt? France, Germany and Russia. Hel-LO. No wonder they didn't support the war against Iraq--they aren't going to be paid one cent now that Saddam is out of power. That's what they get for being such bitches when we asked them to help. All this international intrigue is out of my league. It's mind-boggling. The twists and turns and conspiracies are Byzantine, only someone who is exceptionally obsessed with this kind of shit can follow it. And even then, it's doubtful one is getting the straight-up truth. Just pick a conspiracy and start reading, you'll see what I mean. The Bay of Pigs Invasion, Kennedy's assassination, the American Coup d'Etat, the Iran-Contra affair, the Oklahoma City Bombing, the so-called militia conspiracies---there's enough shit to read to keep you occupied the rest of your life, and you STILL won't know what's really going on. Don't forget--while we are all focused on Iraq, they are hatching some new, unheard-of shit somewhere else. It's endless.
  22. KaBar


    I'm not defending the sentence he got. Ranting and raving about how unfair it all is isn't going to change a thing. Texas isn't the only state that has serious penalties for relatively minor crimes. The bottom line is that the State intends for people to alter their behavior, and if they choose not to do so, and get caught and convicted, sometimes the consequences can be pretty harsh. This guy that is in JDC was stupid. He knew smoking reefer is against the law, but he did it anyway. He wasn't even smart about it. He went around carrying the stuff, he bragged about it to anybody and everybody, he did stupid things like wearing a shirt with a big marijuana leaf drawn on it. It's like he was saying "Go ahead! Arrest me! See if I care--I don't, and you can't do anything about it." Well, that's not true--the State says smoking dope is illegal, and they CAN do something about it, if somebody is stupid enough to put themselves at risk for arrest. He was all cocky and wise-ass with his Mom and Dad when they went to visit him in JDC the first couple of days. "They can't do shit--I'll get probation." And he did. But he didn't take probation seriously, and continued to have an attitude that "Nobody can tell me a fucking thing." He was all cocky when he got arrested for graff, and even when the judge told him he was going in for a VOP, nine months ago. But he ain't cocky now. I'm not saying you have to obey the law, hell no. You do whatever you want to do. But if you are going to be breaking the law, you need to exercise some intelligence about it, and you NEED TO KNOW WHAT THE POTENTIAL CONSEQUENCES ARE. If you choose to risk getting locked up for a year or two, I guess it's "Whatever." Think for yourself--you got a brain.
  23. KaBar


    Takes All Kinds I talked plenty of shit about the poor, oppressed Third World people back before I had been to the Third World. And if I was uneducated (actually, that's not really true, I have two 2-year degrees, but no 4-year degree) then my ability to write this well (insert modest pride) would be all the more remarkable. Israel is only just a little bit more preferable to the likes of their adversaries. They have plenty for which to answer. Who doesn't? The world is a cruel ass place. Deal with it.
  24. I love this shit FORTY YEARS after I started listening to the fuckin' Beach Boys, kids are still talking about them. Man. You guys did this just to yank on my chain, din'cha? BTW, I vote for "All Summer Long." Man, did I ever love that song. I was trying to remember what album "Here Comes the Night" was on. Finally, I just looked it up on the net--"Wild Honey" 1967. "All Summer Long" was in 1964. I was 13.
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