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  1. Do What You Got to Do I've seen a number of young guys, teenagers, wind up in some serious trouble (like months of jail time) because of just stupidity. A friend of mine had two teenaged sons, who along with another teenager, carjacked a lady for a Ford Explorer at Wal-Mart. They used pellet pistols. I don't know what they were thinking, really. The third kid actually told the woman to "get in the car." She refused, thank God, otherwise they would have been guilty of aggravated kidnapping, as well as armed robbery, carjacking, assault with a deadly weapon and so forth. They the
  2. Correct Lexicon It pains me gravely to have to correct you guys, as I know you are sensitive about these things, but the correct, all-time, take-no-prisoners name for this type of headgear is a GIMME CAP. Where did this "mesh back" bullshit come from? We bin cawlin' these hyar caps Gimme Caps ever since I was a littul boy. Y'gotta use tha right tarminology. I say we brang 'em back into style, just like they s'posed ta be. Y'ont to? I day-um shore do. Mattar a fack, day-un h'yar in tha Southren states, Gimme Caps are pracktickly a day-um UNIFORM. Sum places giveum away with a p
  3. I hate to sound like an idiot But I looked at my name thingie on the left of the screen and it says I'm a "senior member." When did that happen? Is it number of posts, or days, or keystrokes, or what? I never know these things.
  4. King Bling, you are one perceptive, astute thinking guy. Very cool. This post ^ makes me want to deliberately improve my handwriting. I wish I could type. Need to work on that, too.
  5. Just Wear Whatever You Want And fuck everybody else's opinion. Wear what you want. Who cares if it finally caught on with the lame ass people in Hollywood, or MTV or whatever, none of that matters one bit. The only caution I would make is to be careful you don't accidentally send the wrong message. For instance, I've carried around red bandanas for YEARS (since the late '50s) because I live in fucking Texas and it is hot and humid as a motherfucker down here. The weather makes you sweat like a pig. But gangbangers started using bandanas and shit to fly their colors about twe
  6. A Little Off-Topic But this thread is falling down the stack anyway, so I guess it's okay. When I was in high-school in 1969, I got held back one semester, because I didn't have enough math credits to graduate. (I was a math phobic, all because I was spacing out the day the teacher taught fractions, back in the fifth grade. In order to do algebra, you must understand fractions. I didn't, so I couldn't. Do algebra, that is.) Anyway, I had American History I and Consumer Math and four classes of art, with my high-school "angel teacher," Miss Filson, who made life bearable by being
  7. Heard From Tex Tex, Oops and Emma all arrived at Collinwood Kid's place in East Cleveland, Ohio earlier this week and are busy helping Collinwood clean the place up. (Collinwood is a notorious dumpster-diver of great renown and skill. He dumpster dives computers and stuff like that.) Collinwood has a large quantity of "perfectly good" kitchen ranges, washing machines, refrigerators, etc. stored in his driveway and back yard, all stuff he obtained dumpster diving. His enormous collection of valuable stuff keeps people busy categorizing it, moving it about, etc. So Tex, Oops and Emma
  8. I think librarians are like the most serious of civil libertarians. You got to give them props, they take no prisoners in the First Amendment category. Anyway, coolest books you ever found IN THE LIBRARY. No fair listing shit you got at the Sak 'N' Pak or at the 24 Hour News Stand. (Latest find.) "Harvard and the Unabomber" by Alston Chase. Did you know our boy Ted Kaczynski (correct sp) was Harvard educated? Yes indeedy. He's a product of the Ruling Class. Ol' Ted made all manner of shit besides bombs. Made his own pistol from scraps he dumpster-dived. Secret codes that the
  9. Love them "Mean Cop" stories I was in the Marine Reserves here in Houston with several Houston cops. Imagine this scene. I spend eight years as a very active, very public anarchist in a town like Houston (which at that time had very few anarchists), then had a change of opinion and joined the Marine Corps. The Marine Corps sends me to the U.S. Army Chemical and Ordnance School for twelve weeks, at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds, in Maryland. I graduate with honors, and get assigned to the Marine Reserve unit in Houston, 1st Battalion/ 23rd Marines (Marine battalions are known by these n
  10. LOL LOL LOL. Well, when the shit hits the fan, and it probably will, eventually, the guys with truckloads of assault rifles are going to do a shitload better than the guys wearing Birkenstocks and holding a freezer full of tufu snacks. You're too predictable, Esai. ("Inbred"...LOL LOL LOL.) Remember "Deliverance"? It's an old movie now, but it was seriously shocking back in 1972. For weeks people were going around saying shit like "Squeal like a pig!" whenever they bested somebody at something. Ned Beatty got tricked into playing the part. The director gave him a script missing the
  11. I Agree, New Orleans Wins, Hands Down. Without a doubt, they have the most thuggish, Mafia-connected po-leece in the entire country. Far worse than New York or Chicago.
  12. How About "Taxi"? Another cool ass show with great actors. First thing I ever saw Danny DeVito in. I've seen some of the rest of them in other stuff. Christopher Lloyd, of course, hit the All-Time Mother Lode Jackpot with the "Back to the Future" movies. I LOVED Marilu Henner, but for some reason hercareer just seems to have fizzled. Andy Kaufman (Latka Gravas) died of cancer (dammit--what a fucking talent HE was.) I saw Carol Kane in a few movies, and Tony Danza had that TV show (ugh.) But what happened to Jeff Conaway, or Randall Carver, or J. Alan Thomas? They just got kicked
  13. So Zee Zee, have you ever seen Belize?
  14. Two Words WEB BROWSER
  15. Aw, man, don't tell me that! She's a computer image for real? Jeeze. That sucks. I'd like to think that cutie is actually out there somewhere, probably breeding a Master Race of People With Too Many Ear Rings. Hey, it could happen.
  16. No reason to stay someplace you hate, man. There's a plane leaving every day for every place on earth. Pick a spot you like better and "Up, up and Away!" Try Belize. Lots of my friends own property down there. Nice weather, cold beer. They get Chicago on pirated satellite TV and all the black Belizeans speak English. The surf ain't bad either, if you like crystal clear, 75 degree water and pure white sand beach breaks. Hell yeah. Wish I could go tomorrow. But no, I need to stay here and keep the Hater Quotient up to par. It's a shit detail but somebody has to do it. Have a Coro
  17. Mr. Cracked is Correct An individual who rides trains carelessly and exposes himself to view by passersby and citizens is referred to as a "Highliner." A Streamliner refers to a guy with no equipment (i.e. "streamlined" or "streamlining".) If he has no equipment, no sleeping bag, no blanket bindle, no water, no food--where do you suppose he is going to get it? From some other tramp, probably. This reference is real old, dating from the introduction of the first Streamliner trains, which had an aerodynamic shape, which made them faster and cheaper to operate. The Streamliners had very
  18. I Always Get A Kick Out Of The Fact That the Right and the Left discover the same fucked-up Government conspiracy bullshit, but come to completely opposite conclusions about "What it all means." The militia people, who loathed and despised Bill and Hillary Clinton beyond reason, saw the Mena, Arkansas dope connection as proof positive that Bill Clinton was a dope-smuggling, official-death-squads, Communist subverter of American youth. Could be. Or, maybe he's just a big, dumb frat boy who would risk everything so he could fuck a dumb groupie in the White House theatre. Anythin
  19. Clue Me, who's the blonde? And how did you get a photo of the inside of my treehouse? You sneaky little fuckers. You know all my secrets now.
  20. KaBar


    All I can say is I've lived in the U.S. for 53 years, and have yet to be kidnapped by the police or had my pocket picked, but WTF, the night is young. I did get a free haircut on the hood of a police car once, courtesy of the Houston Police Department, but it was my own fault, really. I look back upon that night and ask myself "If those two armed police officers had been two big old armed rednecks, or two big armed black guys with Afros out to here, would I have been so disrepectful and wise-assed with them?" Answer: No way I speak from experience: Talk shit to big guys with guns at y
  21. Very Interesting Information I'm no expert on the U.S. Government's sleight-of-hand, but the information about the Alabama National Guard B-25's is accurate. The Alabama National Guard seems to have close ties with the CIA, as it was ANG pilots and crews that provided air-drop re-supply to the Contras all during the guerrilla war against Nicaragua, and it was a CIA-owned C-130 (if memory serves) that was shot down, and a U.S. Air Force veteran and Alabama Air National Guardsman who parachuted to safety and was captured and later released by the Sandinistas, whose name was Hasenfus, I thi
  22. I'm not defending the sentence he got. Ranting and raving about how unfair it all is isn't going to change a thing. Texas isn't the only state that has serious penalties for relatively minor crimes. The bottom line is that the State intends for people to alter their behavior, and if they choose not to do so, and get caught and convicted, sometimes the consequences can be pretty harsh. This guy that is in JDC was stupid. He knew smoking reefer is against the law, but he did it anyway. He wasn't even smart about it. He went around carrying the stuff, he bragged about it to anybody and
  23. KaBar


    Takes All Kinds I talked plenty of shit about the poor, oppressed Third World people back before I had been to the Third World. And if I was uneducated (actually, that's not really true, I have two 2-year degrees, but no 4-year degree) then my ability to write this well (insert modest pride) would be all the more remarkable. Israel is only just a little bit more preferable to the likes of their adversaries. They have plenty for which to answer. Who doesn't? The world is a cruel ass place. Deal with it.
  24. I love this shit FORTY YEARS after I started listening to the fuckin' Beach Boys, kids are still talking about them. Man. You guys did this just to yank on my chain, din'cha? BTW, I vote for "All Summer Long." Man, did I ever love that song. I was trying to remember what album "Here Comes the Night" was on. Finally, I just looked it up on the net--"Wild Honey" 1967. "All Summer Long" was in 1964. I was 13.
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