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  1. I know a kid that got busted for tagbanging who got an indeterminate sentence in the Juvenile Detention Center. He's been in JDC for nine months (so far) at age 16. His real problem is that he was on probation for posession of marijuana. He didn't take probation seriously, and thought his juvenile hearing (read "trial") was a big joke. The judge said tagging while on probation is a VOP, and sent him to the West Dallas JDC lock-up. Getting busted is some serious ass shit. Don't think it's some joke. If you're lucky, you may get a wrist slap, but if the Judge is feeling crunk, you cou
  2. KaBar


    ThirdWorldShitholes.com http://www.urmia.org/docs/BBlightTravelUS.htm Read the truth.
  3. My parents got divorced when I was 16 (1967.) My mother was a homemaker and an alcoholic who joined AA. After the divorce, she went to work and tried like hell to work two jobs and go back to college. She finally dropped out, but managed to stay sober. I stayed home as much as I could stand it, and helped take care of my three younger sisters. I ran away home the first time at 13, then at 16, finally made it completely on my own at age 19. Mom worked 14 years as a secretary for an oil tool company. My Dad was a commercial artist who always wanted to be a fine artist. He married my
  4. Getting roasted on a spit because you won't give up your beliefs or your principles, that's martyrdom. Maybe getting drawn-and-quartered. Or at least burned at the stake. But getting killed throwing rocks at tanks or whatever just seems kind of dumb. The Palestinians throw rocks, the Israelis shoot back tear gas and rubber bullets, then tomorrow we do it all again. Dumb. I believe I'd immigrate to Jordan or Syria, and open an Internet coffee shop. Or maybe I'd move to New Jersey, get a job at a chemical plant, and bitch about Israel for thirty years, waiting for retirement.
  5. Even if he's detained, he still has a right to a lawyer, who can then file for habeus corpus. The problem is, he's not winning. And after he spends $20,000 defending himself, the Government can drop the whole thing (he was never tried or convicted, right?) wait a week or two and RE-ARREST HIM on the SAME CHARGE. This could go on for quite a while, I guess. What is it that this guy did that has the Government attorneys so pissed off? Whatever it is, he needs to stop doing it. I imagine I would, after a while anyway.
  6. KaBar


    Esai Guy, I don't know what to tell you. You want me to take responsibility for a war fought over 100 years ago? Sorry, man, I am not responsible for the fact that the Indians got fucked, not then, and not today. Big Mountain can be just as sacred as they come, but if the Native Americans want to own and control it, they'd better buy it from whomever holds the title. I guess the Federal Government could seize control of it and make it a National Park, but I don't think that's what the Native Americans have in mind. I'm a little puzzled as to whhat is is that you would have me do.
  7. KaBar


    Esai You have a right to your opinion. I disagree with your position. I have relatives (well, distant relatives) who were murdered by Indians for the crime of farming corn, raising chickens and living in a dugout house on the side of a hill in north Texas. So what? You don't see me going around blaming Native American people about it today. Great Uncle Whosis fucked up--he wasn't sufficiently bloodthirsty, and wound up getting murdered for thinking he could move into territory populated by hostile Indians without first making sure a system of force and violence was close enough to pr
  8. KaBar

    SYRIA: a primer

    U.S. won't invade Syria I don't think the U.S. will invade Syria. We're just jocking them to let them know we aren't going to tolerate a lot of fucking around. If anything, they'll talk shit in public to save face, then cut a deal with us under the table to pull the fangs on the terrorist groups operating against Israel. The U.S. needs a reliable Arab ally with whom we can negotiate. The Saudis have fucked us for the last time, I think. The Arab-American groups in the U.S. are striving hard to counter-balance the Jewish-American pro-Israel lobby. They are probably over in Syria
  9. Or are we talking "Informers" here? As in active-service volunteers from the Irish Republican Army kneecap you because you told the Paras where the jelly and the SKS's were buried?
  10. KaBar


    We are lucky to be at the top of the pile Millions and millions of people live on less than a dollar a day. They are feeding and housing entire families for less money than 15-year-olds in America spend on CD's in a week or two. How can one not be grateful? You lucked out---raise your eyes to Whatever Gods May Be and say "Thank you." I know it's terribly unpopular to say so, but I'm not buying the argument about how the West was won. It was a war, we won it, fair and square. The Indians lost, and now they are part of the wealthiest, most powerful nation on earth. Look at all t
  11. I'll bet your boy looks a lot more committed and compassionate after you've read all this bullshit, eh? There's a very good reason boys and immature young men act like this ^^^ it's so women and girls won't mistake them for potential husband/father/Daddy material. Sort of a reverse protective coloration thing. Acting like a jackass is a good indication that said young male adult is not ready to assume the responsibilities of being a grown-up man. The problem is that if a woman is filled with low self esteem and self-doubt, she may be unconciously seeking a male partner who has very low
  12. KaBar


    "Apathy is a bad thing, and so is a lack of options." I could not agree more, but you cannot force people to stop getting drunk and high and pay attention to the world around them. Most people are content to sleepwalk through life--this is why the Constitutionalists refer to the mass majority of citizens as "sheeple." (When they hear people make stupid, anti-Constitution statements the Constitutionalists start making that "baaaaa baaaa" sheep sound.) It's a lot of work to take care of oneself. Most people would be more than happy to let the Government tell them what to do. The laws
  13. KaBar


    Poor Syntax I never thought, when I wrote that sentence, that anyone would interpret what I wrote as "No cultural history. Or memory of democracy." What I mean was NO CULTURAL HISTORY OF DEMOCRACY, and NO MEMORY OF DEMOCRACY. It's difficult to teach people who have lived all their lives in a culture in which social life is a zero sum game between several tribes, and the government of the country is poisoned with hatred and corruption and torture. You American 12 ouncers have lived all your lives in the wealthiest democratic Constitutional republic on earth. If cable goes out
  14. KaBar


    I view the world exactly as I have found it to be. I started off with one set of ideas and beliefs and wound up with a totally different set. That's me. You guys must come to your own conclusions. I think my silly analogy of Iraq and the Brothers Speed mud check is an amusing one. The Iraqis might very well be able to found a democratic country without our help, and quite honestly, if I thought there was a hope of that actually occurring, I'd be all for us packing up all our shit and going home. But in real life, all the little terrorist fascists would pop out of the woodwork and
  15. KaBar


    All the thugs are scared shitless And with good reason. After bitch slapping the government of Iraq, next in line is Syria, then maybe North Korea. You guys ever heard of a mud check? Once when I lived in Washington State, I was in a bar with a bunch of bros, and a bunch of guys from the Undertakers MC. The Undertakers are what is called a "town club." They lived out in the sticks (Pasco, Washington) and they were too far away from anywhere for the bigger clubs (like the Bandidos) to bother with them. Anyway, the guys I rode with had some sense and didn't fuck with people. The
  16. Venice Beach Everybody loves Venice. It's sort of the epitome of the California lifestyle. They always have shots of peoplew rollerskating on Venice Boardwalk in movies about "hip" California. HOWEVER---some of you guys that have been reading my stuff for a while may remember a story I told about a young teenager who was hanging out with us in the early '70s who got invited up to a guy's apartment and the guy pulled a knife, locked the door and butt fucked the kid all day before letting him go. No doubt, this story could happen in Topeka or Chicago just as easily as Venice, but be
  17. What is it about this site that makes me want to come back here time after time? It's like a bad relationship with a beautiful woman--she pisses you off, but you can't turn it down.
  18. Hitching Today is pretty hazardous It's been a long, long time since I hitched anywhere, but it's pretty wierd. I really don't recommend it these days. Back during the '60s there were thousands of hitchhikers. Today, it's not really like that. The Third summer I went out to Encinitas was the summer of 1969. I did run into Lynn's sister at the beach at Swami's, but Lynn was attending college up in Washington. I had brought my girlfriend with me from Texas, anyway. The three of us hitched up to San Francisco ("The City," like there was only one real city) and crashed with some o
  19. Damn Vandal Try www.gandydancer.com. Go to "Other Producers from Pentrex" It's actual title is National Geographic's "Love Those Trains." It also has some brief shots of Steamtrain and other tramps a few years ago at Britt. Trust me, this video is for sale at this site SOMEWHERE. It costs like $29.95 though. I received it as a gift. Gandy Dancer sells about 500 train videos, or something like that.
  20. Checkmate. Where'd ya get those cool jackboots?
  21. KaBar

    Lauren Bush

    Three letters: Effa-Bee-Eye. More problems than you can imagine in your young life. Pass.
  22. Actually, I talked to her on the phone when I got back (she was worried about me, did I get back okay, etc.) and she was pretty cool. She asked me "Are you sure you wouldn't like to come back up here and stay with me?" but the trip back would have been too obvious (we weren't supposed to be romancin', you see) so I didn't go. She said she was coming back to Encinitas soon, but she didn't show up before I had to go home to Texas.
  23. West Coast Hitching c. 1968 The first year I went out to California to surf during the summer was 1967. I went with some older friends of mine from school who were 18, and preparing to go into military service. We drove a 1961 Chevy panel van out there. Bart, my buddy, convinced them to let me go too. I was sixteen. I thought I was all grown up, of course, but it still freaked me out a little. We settled in Encinitas, and lived with a family up on Neptune Blvd. on the Bluffs, right near Stone Steps (an excellent, but little known break.) We got along very well with the family, th
  24. OLD, Old School Skateboarding As in 1963. The Beach Boys were rocking the airwaves, stereos were "hi-fi," hot rods ruled the streets, surfboards were ten feet long and weighed like forty-five or fifty pounds, and the coolest kind of shoes were Ked's deck shoes or gum sole "desert" boots. We wore Birdwell Beach Britches (universally known as "baggies") to surf in, and longer, sun-bleached hair, Wayfarer sunglasses ("Hollywoods") and T-shirts from name-brand surfboard shops (preferably in California or Hawaii) were de rigeur. My very first skateboard (true story) was a 2x4 with
  25. The problem, as I see it, is your desire to "be in a relationship." It sounds like you already have a relationship with this guy, but you want the relationship to be different, as in "More emotionally exclusive and intimate." Since very few teenaged boys are mature enough to handle the responsibilities of a mature, adult-like relationship (hey, it's a lot of work--who needs that shit when you're like sixteen?) then what you get when you fall for a boy is a boy's level of involvement. Teenagers are very self-centered (no criticism, I was too, back when I was a teenager) and it's all
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