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  1. KaBar

    patriot ass

    The Great Thing About Attacks on the Constitution Is that is solidifies and galvanizes support for the Constitution, and since everybody's ox is being gored, the support is across political boundaries. Tom Ridge= The guy everybody loves to hate. Repeat after me loudly: "If they can do it to them, they can do it to me." DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION AND THE BILL OF RIGHTS.
  2. Smart got it in one We argued about it for hours. It provided endless entertainment at Anarchist/IWW/DSOC/Libertarian Party get-togethers.
  3. A guy in the Wobblies that I knew, died in New York like that about 1972 or so. He came home drunk to his apartment and realized he was locked out, so he tried to crawl out on the third-story ledge and get in a window. He hit the fence around the basement stairs. DOA. Bummer.
  4. For Christ's sake, Heydrich, why are you shouting? This is a small forum. You're hurting my ears.
  5. Let's Drink To That I got a gallon of Carlo Rossi paisano sittin' right here. I'm embarrassed to admit how much I enjoy posting in 12 oz. It's becoming a bad habit, like smoking. But it's nice to know people enjoy my writing and rambling. Do you know I was the only anarchist in my school in 1969? I had one friend who was a Libertarian, and we argued about something you guys never heard of, called "The Waterhole Theory." It goes like this: A guy is walking across the trackless desert and about to die of thirst, and he happens upon a waterhole. Overjoyed, he falls on his face, drinks his fill, and then, once saved from dehydration, he realizes he has a steady supply of food, because all the animals of the desert must come there to drink. A few days later, another derelict staggers up. If the first guy is an anarchist, he says "Welcome, brother! Drink all you want, and we can share this waterhole and live here together in communist harmony, share and share alike." But if the first guy is a Libertarian, he says "Welcome, customer! What have you got to trade for a drink of my water? You can have all you can afford." In both instances, the first guy is trying to control the outcome, but most people can't see that. In the first scenario, the true anarchist sees himself as the second guy. In the second scenario, the true Libertarian sees himself also as the second guy. (sigh.) It was complicated. Have a drink.
  6. Had one when I was riding my Harley a lot I guess it was just part of the uniform. My wife had a job at the Harley shop as a bookkeeper, because we knew the owners. There was a big ass recession, and the H-D shop was in deep trouble. To pay her the wages they owed her, they gave her Harley parts at at employee discount. I cleaned up big time that Christmas---new chrome drag pipes, tune-up kits, T-shirts, etc., including a cool ass chain wallet. I carried it for years, but when I went to nursing school in 1993, I hung it up, and mothballed my scooter. I never lost my wallet either. BTW, the Harley guys I rode with all called it a "trucker's wallet." A friend of mine lost a pistol once in a bar, in the bathroom (he was wasted) but never his wallet. We went back later and asked the bartender "Hey, did you find a 9mm automatic in the head last night?" and he said (this is a true story, lol) "What brand?" My buddy, who was mortally embarrassed, and hung over as shit, mumbles "Smithanwesson." "What was that? Speak up, I can't hear you?" "Smith and Wesson." "I ought to fucking keep it. You assholes are not welcome in my bar any more. Don't come back." He slaps the pistol on the bar. No magazine. "Where's the magazine?" He puts the empty magazine down next to it. "Sorry." "I don't want to see any of you here again." We left. I felt bad. He was right. I never went back.
  7. KaBar


    All Humans are rather obviously not "equal" Some are more intelligent than others. Some are richer, poorer, taller, more attractive, have better teeth, etc., etc., etc. People may be equal before God, or under the Law, but other than things like that, they are clearly not equal. I think a good case can be made that all men (people) are created equal. But once born into this world, myriad forces and conditions, etc., begin to take effect. I bear the Somalis no ill will, but myself and my family are far, far, far more important to me than all of them put together. No reason to get all snippy about it, I have as much right to prefer my own as they do. I'm sure to the average Somali, himself and his family outweigh the entire West and everybody in it. Good for him. Equality under the law, and "all that" refer to potential. While there are no official, legal classes of the "peerage" here, like there was/is in UK, we still have a sort of economic, social aristocracy. Me and Joe Blow are both born on the same day, in the same town, to mothers who the same age, etc. I choose to fuck off in school, and go ride freight trains. Joe, on the other hand, makes straight "A's" and earns a full scholarship to Stanford University. Ain't nothing equal about that, whatsoever. Joe will wind up being a well-off, well-educated businessman, or entrepreneur. I wind up being a moderately well-read registered nurse who will never be rich. Maybe Joe was born in the rich part of town, and I was born in the working-class, blue-collar suburbs. Economically, he's got it dicked, and I must struggle from paycheck to paycheck. Nothing equal about that. But I could have chosen to study hard, and did not. Our potential was roughly equal. But outcomes are not, and should not be, assured. Anybody who has what it takes can become educated, and very possiblyrewarded with wealth. Those who choose not to do so, are not so rewarded. But I bet riding a Antonov transport into a dirt dope smuggler's airstrip loaded down with Ak-47's, RPG-7's and khat, and praying you don't run over a land mine must be one awesome adrenaline rush. Hoo-yah! Life in the motherfuggin' fast lane, without a doubt.
  8. Smart, start a Hemingway thread I think this subject is good enough to spawn a whole shitload of good written sparring. BTW, I love Hemingway's novels, and my only big gripe with him when I was reading his stuff a lot was the fact that he dissed the anarchists in his Spanish Civil war stuff, because he was a Communist sympathizer. IF ANYONE HERE HAS NOT READ "FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS", GET BUSY. It was great. I always wanted to be like the dynamiter.
  9. Hey! Watch that "hippie reject" shit, there, you young whippersnapper. Why, the Boomer generation...uh....what was I talking about again?
  10. Life Experience is a Good Teacher I had to fuck up a few times, before I figured out that some things are just not worth hassling about. Some people think that they can get their way by being aggressive and threatening. This girl, and probably her parents (she learned this stupidity somewhere) has probably been successful in getting her way with authority figures like teachers, store owners, coaches, etc. by behaving this way. If she doesn't wise up, she'll pull this stupid behavior with some thug and get killed. The annoying thing about people like this is they think they can bully everybody else by screaming and shouting and threatening. Who knows? Maybe the cop was being a dick. Anybody with any sense would see the cop writing tickets and go "Oops! Jaywalking ticket! Guess I better go cross at the light and be good, at least until he's gone." But no, she's got to bust out with a fucked-up attitude with the POLICE. How stupid is this girl, anyway? If she had acted contrite and said "please," she might have gotten out of it. Some people are just plain old stupid. And BTW, what's this bullshit about "subtle racism?" I'll thank you to understan' that whar Ah come frum, "Po-leece" is the correck pronunciation of that pertickilar werd. So thar. Whut are you, sum kinda Yankee vocabulary nazi, or whut?
  11. What kind of music do you play? That would help a lot. It's hard to make suggestions unless we know more about you. What sort of principles drive your commitment to the band? To music itself? To Art-with-a-capital-A? What are you trying to communicate with your music? Who writes the tunes? What is his(her) social/political/sexual/psychic orientation? What instruments are part of your music? I've been looking for years for somebody to bring back the electric jug, a la the incomprable "Thirteenth Floor Elevators." Roky Erikson spent as much time in Rusk State Mental Hospital as he did performing, but there has never been a band like them, before or since. This actually sounds like fun.
  12. KaBar


    Son of BOH References, please. What is the name and number of this Federal statute? First I heard of it.
  13. KaBar


    Sorry, Ink Lunatic We cross communicated because I didn't direct my reply properly. It sounded like I was dismissing your comment and I didn't intend that at all. Please tell us whatever you can remember about Somalia. Were you born there?
  14. KaBar


    T.T. Boy True. What's your point again?
  15. Ever been Pepper Sprayed? I never have, but I got tear-gassed twice back in the '60s and had to go through the Gas Chamber during Marine Corps Boot Camp. Tell you what, the man tells me to "Stop, and put your hands on the hood of the car!" I do exactly as he says. A jaywalking ticket is no big deal, but that fucking tear gas hurt like a motherfucker. No thanks. Where do the kids in Florida get their how-to-survive-on-the-street education anyway? That girl's mamma must left out the lesson about not cussing out the po-leece. My opinion: Do not provoke big ass guys carrying guns and pepper spray. It don't pay the rent.
  16. KaBar


    Chicken Bone Love that handle, by the way---uh, I don't really care what political position or religion or anything that the Somalis espouse. My one and only beef with them was that they shot up a bunch of American helicopters and Special Forces troops. We sent them help, and they fucked our guys over. Therefore, fine, let the French or the British or the Brazilians send them help from now on. We should be generous to people that treat us decently and refuse to help people who do us wrong. There was no reason for them to continue to attack wounded Special Forces troopers. They could have just withdrawn and allowed them to be picked up. Or they could have accepted a surrender, and given them medical help (what little they have to give, which problably wasn't much.) By the way, ever see the Somali flag? It is exactly the same as the flag of the Confederacy known as the "Bonnie Blue" flag. All blue, with a single white star. This same design flew over Texas during the War for Texas Independence, in some parts of the republic. (The rest of the republic flew a flag just like the Mexican tri-color of red, white and green, but with the numbers "1824" in the center, to signify the Texican support of the Mexican Constitution of 1824, which Santa Ana abrogated.) The real problem we had in Somalia, as I said before, was Clinton sending our guys in there without overwhelming force to back them up, so that the Somalis would have the good sense to not attack us. I think (I hope) that's a mistake our people will never make again--it came from lack of military experience on the President's part. Clinton should have left the generals alone to run the show, but instead, he interfered, and cut back on the size and strength of the Somali "humanitarian mission." The Somalis have to prove, if they want corporate patronage, that the corporations are safe and secure if they bring their bankroll to Somalia. It will only take one rip-off to ruin it. Look at Switzerland---once word got around that they ripped off the bank accounts and gold bullion of the Jews that the Nazis killed, nobody really trusts them any more. How can one be certain that the "gnomes of Zurich" won't rip off my millions too? Not that I have any millions, but, you know. In order for the Somalis to become a modern society, they must improve their schools, hospitals, and banking system. I tried for an hour to find a single recognized banking house in the principal city, Mogadishu. None exists, that I could find. I tried to find a single importer of automobiles or trucks. None. Not one. What is imported is Qaad (khat) from Kenya, and cigarettes, and guns and ammunition from Ethiopia. Somalis love guns, and the proliferation of guns, ammunition of every type, formerly Soviet rocket launchers like the RPG-2, -7 and -13, formerly Soviet Kalasnikov AK-47 and AK-74 rifles, hand grenades and other forms of military hardware are evident everywhere. There are six major "pirate" runways just in Mogadishu alone. Mercenary pilots, either African-born Asians flying Cessnas, or renegade Russians flying huge Tupolov and Antonov military transports, fly into dusty scrapes of smuggler airstrips in the outskirts of Mogadishu, landing with the plane bristling with gunmen. The airstrips resemble barbed-wire encrusted fortresses made of rock walls and bullet-riddled steel shipping containers, with "markets" roofed over with ventilated corrugated iron roofing. The Qaad, guns and cigarettes come in, and planeloads of refugees with cash, eager to escape, go out. The locals know the names of the most celebrated Russian and Indian pilots, much the way Americans know the names of sports stars or entertainment figures. The pirate transports come in once or twice a day, and crowds of Somalis with bundles of banknotes push and shove for a chance to buy their cargo. The normal residents not involved in the guns and Qaad trade struggle just the same with the charcoal brokers. Most of the city cooks with charcoal braziers, a reason that most of Somalia's trees have long since disappeared into charcoal ovens. School is a possibility only for the children of the (relatively) wealthy. Having a son in a Qaad smuggler's militia means the family will eat and have some measure of security. Arranging the marriage of a daughter is difficult. The disparity between the super-powerful and the destitute is wide, and growing wider. Hospitals exist, but supplies and equipment is in very short supply. Major public health problems abound. Public utilities, like electricity or pure water barely exist. Much of Mogadishu has no running water, apparently, and electricity is provided by small entrepreneurs with a generator and wires strung every which way. Much of the country is zonked out every day on Qaad. Qaad was only introduced (from Kenya) in the 1970's. Prior to that, narcotics was not much of a problem in Somalia. It would have to be a brave businessman to bring a corporate headquarters into that, I think.
  17. Sounds like the whole world already knows his stinky little secret How could they not know? Sounds like your roomie is headed for some serious alcoholism, too. Bummer. Move.
  18. Do you suppose she'll ever threaten to hit a cop again? Doubt it.
  19. I don't know man. Maybe it's the way you wear them, or something. And what does a "hobo hat" look like, exactly? When I was a kid, hobos wore a felt hat like in old 1940's movies. Ever see a picture of Boxcar Willie? He was no hobo, but he had the look down pat.
  20. I don't know, Smart. I just can't see one of Hemingways' characters pussin' out and swallowing a shotgun barrel. All that macho running-with-the-bulls shit, and then he sucks on a 12 gauge in Idaho? Come on. But he did have some FINE ASS grandaughters, for sure.
  21. It's a cliche, but I loved it in 1967 "For Whom the Bell Tolls." good ol' Ernest Hemingway. He was a phoney, but I like his shit anyway. Another good one, from that same period was "Across the River and Through the Trees." Another Hemingway war novel. There were a great number of war novels written after WWII by young intellectuals who joined the service out of either patriotism or political/social principles. Remember, we were fighting the Nazis, so once the Hitler/Stalin Pact of 1939 was over, young, American, Communists and socialists flocked into the armed forces to fight fascism. I knew an old Wobbly here in Houston who told me several of their older members, who had fought in WWI, volunteered to go to Spain and teach specific military skills, like operating a machinegun to the Republicans. (The Spanish Republic, of course.) Leon Uris was a young, American Jew who joined the Marines, and we got "Battle Cry" (made into a great movie), "Mila 18" (loved it--the Jewish Underground against the Nazis in the Warsaw Ghetto), "Armageddon", "The Milta Pass" and "Exodus" which was a fucking good movie too, about the formation of the State of Israel. I liked John Dos Passos and John Steinbeck, too. One of my favorite novels, "Cannery Row," was actually written about someone I met briefly who was a marine biologist. I liked "Tortilla Flat," too, which was a sort of sequel to "Cannery Row," I guess. Dos Passos' "Manhattan Transfer" was a major novel of it's day, and the way he wrote it, the devices he used were hot shit back then. Today, it's kind of dated, but it was great, innovative writing in, like, 1925. He was part of that same group as Hemingway--WWI veterans who were part of the so-called Lost Generation in Paris , after the war. They became left-wing, in general. Some great anarchist organizing happened in that same fertile field, too, especially in Spain. Come to think of it, Leon Uris probably had a lot to do with me joining the Marine Corps, as I read "Battle Cry" when I was about 12, in 1962. It was published in 1953 (I was 3 years old), only seven years after Uris left the Marine Corps, I think. In it's day, it was completely shocking, because of it's brutally realistic portrayal of Marine Corps life.
  22. KaBar


    Y'all got some excellent grammar Uh, I guess my point was that although I stupidly talked shit about the Somalis in the past, it turns out that they've got more on the ball than I thought, and seem to have an admirable tradition of refusing to let strong central government get a foothold in their country. AS LONG AS THEY ARE ARMED and it's too much trouble to go jack around with them, they might pull it off. Their situation with a tribal society where nobody owns land except the tribe, and NO TAXES, along with "few" or "no" government services to speak of, will probably be able to exist unless their set-up to attract corporations backfires, and First World statists decide to go fuck them over because they are allowing big corporations to skate out of paying taxes. (What the hell--Burmuda does it. Cayman Islands does it. Turks and Caicos Islands does it. Why not Somalia?) By The WAY--did any of you guys ever hear of a kritarchy bfore? I had never, ever seen that word before today. I think it's kind of fitting that a tribal society run by judges can even be seriously considered in the year 2003. Cool. Wonder if it will work? This is substantially different from sharia , like existed in Afghanistan and supposedly exists in Iran. And part of Nigeria, I think.
  23. KaBar


    Some people can't be pleased. (Yawn.) The people of Somalia manage to try and create at least something good out of an admittedly shit sandwich situation, and you guys appraently can't see it. Somali kids don't get a choice about where they live, who they are or the life they grow up in, any more than you do, or I do. In fact, a tribal society is a lot more restrictive and rigid a life in many ways than the post-industrial society we live in. You are who you are. Spare me the self-righteousness. Bill Clinton sent our soldiers there with inadequate tank and air support. It was a major fuck-up, and he later admitted it was. The Somali warlord, Aideed, I think it was, immediately realized the U.S. military tactical weakness and exploited it. Clinton should have then hammered his ass from the air, but, being an idiot, Clinton withdrew the U.S. troops. I can see a Somali society in the future that uses it's empty, unspoiled beaches to bring in millions of First World tourist dollars. All they need to do is guarantee the safety and security of the tourists. They can use the fact that they have "no government" to allow Western corportations to base their headquarters there to avoid statist taxes from socialist dicksuckers in Europe and the United States. They could be rich, and free, if they did it right. A libertarian veneer over a traditional tribal/nation society. Either you can see it or you can't. As long as they make sure nobody harms a single tourist, they will be rolling in money. One criminal in a place like Sayulita or Kerala costs the local economy hundreds of thousands of dollars (maybe millions) in lost tourist revenue. Nobody wants to get murdered in Paradise. They want to go, to enjoy themselves, and to come home with nice photographs and a tan, and empty pockets. Works out perfectly for the locals. Their worst problem (isolation from the First World economy) becomes their greatest asset. But, from what I hear, Port Moresby has the worse crime rate in the world. Go figure. Sort of like Jamaica, only in the Western Pacific. Wretched poverty in the middle of paradise. But of course, in Jamaica you have a genuine ruling class and no genuine tribal structure to speak of, thanks to the legacy of BRITISH SLAVERY. Or perhaps, another example would be Brazil, but again, no tribal structure, due to the legacy of PORTUGESE SLAVERY. I won't belabor this point any more. Most of the slave trade was conducted on Africa's western coast, out of Zanzibar, Mali, Gold Coast, etc. Somalia had little or none, so far as I can tell, probably because they have been Muslim for so long. The Muslims cheerfully sold off the animists, though, from around 700 to the 1860's. Brazil, BTW, was the biggest customer, with about 35% of the business. The U.S. only received about 5% or so. Today, where is the only places in the world where slave markets still exist? Mali, Togo, Benin, Ghana, Nigeria and Burkina Faso. And the buyers? Cote d'Ivorie and Gabon, mainly, and some in Chad. Cruel and exploitive, for certain, and just like in times past, it's all about tribe and religion. And money and power. BUT NOT RACE. Race isn't important to slavers any more today than it was in 1633. The powerful dominate the powerless. It sucks, but what can one do? It's the way of the world, and certainly not just the good ol' U.S. of A.
  24. Jesus, I thought I talked like a lifer. You'll be back.
  25. KaBar


    There is something entirely new going on in Somalia. I don't know how much of a chance it has of success, but it's at least worth noticing. Somalia was the site of the little military tragi-comedic drama that resulted in the movie "Black Hawk Down." I have, myself, posted statements on this site referring to Somalia as a "Third World shithole" and advocating that the U.S. and Europe simply allow them to starve, since they bite the hand that feeds them. HOWEVER--it has come to my attention that there is a serious effort afoot to try and maintain Somalia as what is called a kritarchy (a government by judges, very much like what is described in the Bible as existed among the Jews after Moses received the Law.) This type of government makes the tribe responsible for the actions of an individual. So if Muhammad is a member of the Hawiye tribe, and he robs a bank, his entire tribe is held accountable and must make the theft good. Of course, families are members of tribes, and the group of tribes (six in Somalia) make up a "Nation." In this case, the Somali nation, just as the various Native American tribes of the Souix make up the "Souix Nation." If a young Souix robbed the First National Bank of Iowa, the entire Souix nation would be held accountable, and would have to repay the stolen money. Correspondingly, the tribes are responsible for controlling and taking care of their members. There are no nursing homes in a society of this nature. Individuals belong to families. Families belong to tribes. Cousin marriage is encouraged, because it strengthens family bonds. Tribes belong to Nations. The various tribal councils of the six tribes of Somalia are seriously trying to establish a means of providing "estates" on tribal land (similar to the way that only Mexican citizens may own land within 50 miles of the Mexican coast. Foreigners may only "lease" land, albeit, for 99 years.) In this way, the tribes can continue their traditional life, and Europeans (and presumably Americans) could come to Somalia, lease a piece of beautiful coastline, for 99 years (or whatever) build a house there, or a hotel or some other business, employ Somalis and live dirt cheap. When the lease is up, however, it reverts to it's original owners, the tribe who owns the land. There are NO TAXES in Somalia. (I did not know this.) There are police and local governments, but they are very weak, and report to the local tribal leaders. The chief reason that warlords get support is that each tribe is afraid that one of the other tribes, or the U.N., or some outside power will come into Somalia and try to establish a strong central government. Think of Somalia as the "Confederate States of Somalia" except that they won the civil war, and the central government was dismantled. Look at your computer screen closely. Do you see this large pie? It is CROW PIE, and Ka-Bar is taking a great big bite. (crunch, crunch.) Mmmm. Wonderful. I just love having to admit I was wrong.
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