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  1. "That there don't sound like no mountain music to me, Volvo Boy."
  2. KaBar


    If the land under the UN Building in New York is international property (hey, I'll buy that--like an embassy) let them go play "UN" in PARIS. They can have international property there just as good as international property here. The City of New York or the U.S. Government can purchase the land under the UN BUilding and tear it down and put a park there, or a hotel, or a hospital--something that will benefit the people of New York. The United Nations delegates can go get in traffic accidents in PARIS and refuse to be ticketed or answer lawsuits. They can blow their respective citizen's mon
  3. If you can't see it, then you can't see it. I have heard every lame-ass excuse for white racism that there is. It is indefensible. I have also heard every excuse for gang banging and organized crime that there is. It ALSO is indefensible. In both cases, the overweening mass majority of people just want to live their lives without being threatened, harmed, robbed or killed. They just want their children to be able to grow up in the neighborhood where they live, regardless of race, creed or color, without having to worry about whether or not some idiot is going to kill him whil
  4. Texas Madman was severely injured in a derailment years ago And has knee replacements, steel rods, a bunch of screws and bolts and wires and stuff all through his body. He couldn't ride freights for a number of years, so he rode a bicycle, instead, all across the U.S. I knew a couple of runaway kids from North Carolina, back in the early 70's who rode a 125cc dirt bike from North Carolina to California, pretending to be "local kids" the entire way. They rode on the shoulder of secondary highways the entire distance. How about buying a small motorcycle and building yourself a s
  5. Amory Railroad Days festival a success I just heard from Texas Madman, who reports a total of 35 tramps and hobos arrived at the Amory Railroad Days festival in Armory, MS. He says it's the first time in eight years that it did not rain during the festival, that nobody got in trouble, and that a grand time was had by all. He especially complimented the food, and says that the local cafe owners (one cafe, two owners) have "adopted" he hobos. Several tramps apparently worked at the cafe during the festival, providing extra hands to help deal with the increased business, and taking th
  6. WOW That is some web site. I'm working on it. Very interesting---many of the same individuals involved in the establishment of the Federal Reserve Sysatem and the income tax are also supposedly involved in this Zionist intrigue. Very interesting.
  7. Said It Before An I'll say it again---I got just as much right to my opinions as you have to yours. I do not believe in hitting anybody's private property. Gang tags are a straight up threat. They say "This is my territory and you are subject to being attacked." That message is absolutely NO DIFFERENT WHATSOEVER than some idiot racist spray-painting "KKK" on somebody's house. It's exactly, 100% the same thing. My neighborhood has plenty of violence too. 99% of it is idiot gang bangers shooting each other over STUPID ASS NONSENSE BULLSHIT. There is absolutely no justification -
  8. KaBar

    Neato Guns

    That one pistol looks like a customized Ruger MK II pistol with a shorter-than-normal "bull barrel," and a pistol scope mounted. It sort of looks as though it's been polished enough to take some of the corners off of it.
  9. No, dude It's their grandchildren that run the major corporations. But you know what? Prescott Bush did get tried during the war for "Trading with the Enemy", and he was a fucking U.S. Senator. It was because he owned a serious amount of stock in a German steel corporation which was making serious gun barrels for big guns (battleship guns, huge field guns, etc.) They used a special process in making the steel for the gun barrels that made the steel a lot better and stronger. Prescott Bush did not want to reveal the special process to his competitors (U.S. steel companies,) because i
  10. Kes_One I'm not trying to be argumentative, but to the rest of the world, ANY kind of graffitti is just as offensive as swastikas and racist bullshit. Gang tags in particular are extremely offensive, and I've listened to some of my neighbors talk about shooting taggers for hitting their fences that face the big cross street. I'm not trying to justify it, but bottom line, writers write, regardless of whether or not the straight citizens don't like it. What, did you think they came out of their houses and said "Man! Is that Krylon? Shit--mad vivid colors, dat."
  11. Is this post real, or are you just playing around? You're complaining because somebody hit the street in front of your neighbors house? Uhhh. Okay. I'm with ya. I don't agree with hitting personal property, houses, cars, etc., anyway.
  12. Use the farting one, but turn it upside down. It's sort of the same thing.
  13. Day-um! That girl is damned good looking. I'd hit it, except she's probably underage.
  14. Doubles There were like certain conditions that called for getting hit twice. These were called "doubles." Like if somebody let one that had a sort of really wet sound to it, they had to say either "Wet One!" or "Skid Mark" if it was sort of juicy, but not really like ear-splitting. And if they failed to say "Wet One!" then you could call "DOUBLES!" and then you got to hit them TWICE on the arm. And you could "frog" them, too, unless they called "No frogging." Shit, I've forgotten how much fun it was to be a 12-year-old racist, over-priveleged white kid revelling in the oppressi
  15. I don't like Angel Dust Or wet or fry either. Those things make teenagers mentally retarded and schizophrenic. Then they come to my hospital and act like fucking insane people for about a month and make my life hard. Please don't take them. Or, if you do, go to some other state when you go crazy, OK? OK.
  16. That last statement sort of reminds me of when we were in elementary school, and if somebody farted loud enough to hear, you could punch them on the arm, and they had to let you, or they would be "queer." (This was sort of the 1962 version of something or someone being "gay.") If they let a silent fart, before anybody could get a good whiff, they's say real loud "Ess-Oh-Eee!" (S.O.E.) That stood for Safety On Everything. There were a lot of rules about farting and reasons people could hit you on the arm, but as long as you said "Ess-Oh-Eee!" then they were fucked and they'd just have to
  17. I'm Too Gullible I'm looking at the pic and thinking "Damn, I didn't know Noam Chomsky was an Asian girl!" Sheesh. (All together now--"LOSER!")
  18. Okay, have it your way then. All I can say is that I got laid every day after school, and I kept it to myself. I was surrounded in school by a bunch of idiot guys who blabbed about every girl that so much as gave them a peck on the cheek, and they were constantly in trouble, and all the girls hated them. The bigger the braggart, the less lovin' he was getting. It was that way then, and it's still that way. I had three girlfriends in high school, and all three acted as virginal as a Methodist minister's daughter in public, and couldn't wait to get in the rack after school and on dates.
  19. If I am not mistaken, what Thomas Jefferson actually wrote is: "The tree of liberty must be watered from time to time by the blood of tyrants and patriots." I agree that our Constitutional liberties are at grave risk. I think it's pretty amazing that teenagers and young people on a GRAFFITTI WRITERS' MESSAGE BOARD are interested and concerned about it. The Constitutionalist movement has been screaming bloody murder about this ever since the Homeland Security Administration began talking about backing bills permitting greater legal leeway for domestic surveillance. READ THE CO
  20. KaBar

    Neato Guns

    M-24 Sniper Weapon System The U.S. Army adopted the M-24 to replace the use of the M-14 developed into a sniper rifle (the M21 and XM-21.) The M-14 was good too, but the U.S. Marines were routinely outshooting Army marksmen using their M40A1 rifles. The U.S. Navy SEALS have a different version of the M-21 called the M-25. They love it, and think that it is much superior to the M40A1. The M40A1 is the sniper rifle I am familiar with, and the ones that my battalion had in it's armory when I was an active-duty Marine. They were issued to a special platoon within the Headquarters &
  21. KaBar

    Neato Guns

    Gotta Represent---I Love Firearms too. Pretty much any kind of firearms qualify as great, but we have a lot of civilian firearms on the market that aren't very effective. For instance, the best thing about a 9mm handgun is that just about every country uses this caliber as their military sidearm. So in event of war, revolution or invasion, the AMMUNITION for this pistol will be readily available. But other than that, the 9mm is way over-rated. I have owned a few over the years. The more serviceable of the double-action semi-auto pistols (like the CZ75) and the less expensive civlian-
  22. KaBar


    No sympathy for the UN I'd love to see the American people tell the United Nations to pack up their sorry-ass shit and get off our property. What, they can't pull this bullshit rip-off socialist scam from Brussels, or Paris or (more appropriately) Moscow? GET U.S. OUT OF THE UN! They Suuucck. It's like Gulliver and the Lilliputians. Fuck 'em. Go flaunt the local laws of France, you bunch of parasites! How's that quote go? "Going to war without the UN is like going deer hunting without your accordian." Absolutely. We have 53 more-or-less "allies" (supposedly) in the War Against S
  23. Hitched all over the U.S., Canada and Mexico About twenty-five years ago. Today things are a lot less cool. Obviously, the more like an innocuous college kid you appear to be, the easier it will be to catch a ride. All the rules in "The Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy" are probably appropriate and timely. I never obeyed many of them--one of the most memorable rides my hitch-hiking, trainhopping girlfriend and I ever caught was up in Saskatchewan. We had a little brown, short-haired terrier cross bitch we picked up in L.A. that we named "Pat Nixon" ("Pat" for short) and while we wer
  24. Kettiecat does you knuckleheads a big favor and some of you just can't seem to behave like you deserve it. Man. THIS is why teenaged boys have so much trouble getting laid, and quite frankly, I'm not surprised. Go ahead, be rude. See if you ever get another peek. Bonehead.
  25. FRATRICIDE "Friendly fire" is now officially termed "fratricide" (the killing of one's own brothers) and it is a feature in modern warfare because of the extremely effective nature of modern battlefield weapons, the extreme degree of accuracy of modern weapons, and the high degree of confusion and uncertainty about who-is-who and where they are. Because of the accuracy and effectiveness of modern weapons, there is a growing tendency to shoot first and ask questions later. If you don't shoot within moments of acquiring the target, there is an excellent possibility that the enemy is a
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