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  1. khaotic970

    letters from jail

    here some aight shit, gangster shit tho. lol i found it on myspace
  2. khaotic970


    sick shit
  3. khaotic970

    What do you do when your drunk?

    yes i like to call ex girlfriends and tell them how i get better pussy now
  4. khaotic970

    lets gets some booze

  5. khaotic970


    haha man Game hates on 50 like a mutherfucker.!!!
  6. khaotic970

    Don't paint your bike

    I always get the munchies after I paint and the paint shits suck but a hot shower and a cold beer = to nice night of sleep
  7. khaotic970


    dude copes a fucking legend he came to colorado one time and wrecked the main street in the capital and was the only one succesfull of wrecking it with out being caught..
  8. khaotic970


  9. khaotic970

    girl probelms.

    no i know but any broad will give you dome for it. well almost any broad im sure his girl snorts a lil stick on her clit nizzle
  10. fuk everytime i dont have money i want fast food. everytime i do have money im not hungry. I got paid friday and friday afternoon i went broke, i totaly forgot to put gas in and I could go for breakfast at mickey deez damn it
  11. khaotic970


    everytime i read his shit it reminds me of this diner I went to when i was little. filthy with dirty ass waiters that were from some english place right smack dab in the middle of the city. well i went there this past weekend and ate the chicken fried steak and felt disturbed for some reason????
  12. khaotic970

    girl probelms.

    yeah dont tell her your interested cause that will make girls feel like they own the world and you aint shit. i dunno lately buying coke gets any broad on your dick hook her up
  13. khaotic970

    Perks of being a senior member?

    yeah i cant wait i should start posting i been a member (in a george lopez voice) for like 2 years and have like 200+ posts.. Hey i hear you get a copy of trading spaces marathon when your a vet?
  14. khaotic970

    Darkside of OZ

    Yeah I thought you were talking bout OZ not fuckin oz
  15. khaotic970

    The scion will make you paint better.

    damn thats fucking crazy. two weeks ago I painted this car hopper for this lowrider club in my town and they had that car there with like dvd players in it and it had switched with a remote from a ps2 controlling everything. They said they picked it up from cali for 10k.