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  1. I like that Maks piece... Nice thread Von Schnable....
  2. From what i have seen on this thread Cleveland has some dope pieces, keep posting your shit lets see some more pics..
  3. Someone should start up a page dedicated to adek, practically every picture has some of his shit in it... This was a dope thread though, keep it coming with the pictures....
  4. I like that Mor on the billboard..
  5. I agree with swiss cheese, your work suck virs and you think your the shit, you cant even talk straight. haha
  6. Man, that Scape sticker is fresh, dope thread......
  7. Spokack

    Virus AA

    Yah his shit is pretty dope, anyone know how long he has been writing?
  8. That ALG crew is pretty dope..
  9. i agree, when i bomb i fuckin watch for everyone just to be careful you never know who isn't going to be down with it, or you can try the fuck everyone and just do it where ever.
  10. props to pestoe omt...
  11. Spokack


    That take teach is technically tight
  12. Thats a dope thread..... Props to all getting up so high.... I like that Ayer in the windows thats sick.
  13. Man just keep practicing and your style will begin to come together smoother. Not bad if that's your actuall first time painting your name.`1
  14. Spokack

    Alphabattle A

    my vote goes to 1honkeymofo... skill...props to the rest too
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