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  1. Kreature


    Hahaha what the fuck. I'd smash.
  2. It's not the drug, it's a few irresponsible dumbasses that make headlines and ruin it for the rest of us.
  3. He's entertaining...but only in the same way as a plane crash. I have to admit he's pretty funny, but when I watch his show I always hope the bad guys get away. I also don't like the way he contributes to the villification of methamphetamine, it's really trendy to do that these days.
  4. ...and I bet we'll still be waiting for the Burning Man 2005 thread.
  5. Kreature


    I like Night Train. But Cisco is good shit too.
  6. Kreature


    haven't laughed that hard since the 'oaktown justice' thread. thanks for the e-chuckle.
  7. Kreature

    Holy Crap!

    mothership=mister bo-jay? news to me...i just can't keep up with all these name changes. nice to see ya back though. /i miss the '01 ch.0
  8. I'll go ahead and admit that yes, I listen to Gorgoroth, Burzum, and Darkthrone. True BM heads know what's up.
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