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  1. Glad to see this thread still active. Awesome to see some of the same people posting. Since the last time I posted in here, more than a year ago, my life has gotten really busy. I got 2 awesome jobs, and then I got fired from 2 awesome jobs. Haha. I got engaged. Some friends of mine died. Some family members died. The wife to be graduated nursing school and is now a registered nurse. I just registered for 1 of 3 classes Ive needed to take for the last decade to finally graduate college. I expanded my firearms collection. I showed some of my art in a couple local galleries. And I celebrated 14 years sober back in june. Despite being the poorest Ive been in a long while, things are good. Living honestly is by far the hardest thing Ive ever tried to do...but Ive been told its a step in the right direction. Living like a scumbag is overrated.
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  2. great post man, caught a grip of the same panels this year.
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