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@WorldBench can only agree w/ the above.  You see me steady posting graf.  I get out like I used to but I don't social media so this is mainly it for me seeing other shit.  The flick game is a slow gr

Appreciate all the replies. I'm not active at all, Dallas is grilled like no other and I'm often there for work at least once a month so I just take a camera and go benching. I probably only document

@WorldBench- please keep posting in this thread.  Dallas graffiti hits home for me because that's where I learned.  Many of the names and styles there are familiar to me.  People lurk hard af on this

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WTF is going on here, car window streaks and Bone 131 is holding a gun? Who the fuck let that retard drunk hold a gun?


Ceno and the EH crew holden it down in the streetz! I wanna see some moar bomber guys around.

I know, I just start laughing when I saw that shit... I get the heat thing with miami and all but dude... I'm just hopin that ur play with squirt guns and shitz. Arent you like 12 anyways? Where the fuck are your parents?

Stick with your ego tags and streaks, but seriously... no seriously your hollow throws and your weak attempts at piecing make DF-DUB look like shit. Pisses off build owner, heats the streets, and just makes everyone else look bad to "authority".

Keep working in a black book... and if you build it, they will come. Get it? Shit doesnt happen over night.

Same with you soma, keep it in a black book or the tunnels, culverts, and all that bullshit... you gotta climb outta that shit ooze and grow a backbone. Then walk.


AAnnd, dont paint train carts if you're not good enough! I've seen you shit on carts and your friend deko or whatever, an so have other... and my guess is that they are not happy. I learned the hard way. You will get your ass beat if you get caught... and it's not gonna be a bull. If you catch my drift?


Alright, back to no talk or beef, just flix... sry for the interruption.


Dont PM me bone, like you did that one time. Fuckin twarp.

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