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Interior Design

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Blogs dedicated to interior architecture and design aren't anything new, but i dont know how many people look at that stuff and wonder where the pieces come from. Some of it is incredibly historic, and others are just plain cool. We have a few home owners and store owners on 12oz and plenty of renters that would likely buy this crap, so why not start a section?


Might even inspire some of you to become furniture makers or interior designers. In this economy having a niche is good.


I for one am familiar wih very few furniture makers, so this'll be a learning process. Please, if you like certain photographs of interior design, post them in here and we'll try to identify the makers.


The originals first










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Is good to see that someone like interior design too. If you like Le Corbusier you should check out some Walter Gropius designs, or Wright's.

Philippe Starck is a genius too.

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You can post images too, can't you? Lots of architects worked as furniture makers, and most architectural firms started as interior design firms as well.


Jean Prouvé





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Well here's the irony in that:


Those chairs came out of the industrial movement around the first and second world war. That was a time when everybody was fighting, and if you lived in Europe (especially around dockyards and factories) there was a good chance that your home was destroyed. People were fed up with the bourgeois ruling class who's style was very ornate with lion's feet on every chair leg, tons of photorealistic paintings around the house, and just more shit than they would ever need. (At the time unpopular) painters began to deconstruct the bourgeois lifestyle with paintings that no longer were very realistic, technical, or hard to replicate. You have russian deconstructivism, De Stijl, all slowly taking away the ornate and replacing it with the bare essentials.


And what else was happening at that time? War gave way to a huge uprise in factories, manufacturing processes, and affordable products. Many architects and interior designers took it upon themselves to help their countrymen rebuild after the war by creating cheap houses and furniture that could be manufactured on an assembly line, thereby making them quickly built, and affordable to the working class who would be coming home to nothing. (This is where condos, duplexes and the projects came from, because you needed a way to build nice livable homes close to where these people worked--factories and dockyards--at the rate of 2 houses a day)


So all the chairs that have been posted are meant to be affordable to anyone, but when they became popular with the bourgeois crowd, they went from being ikea to art society, and prices went from $20 a chair to $2000.


You can still find affordable replicas out there. You just have to look.

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seems like this thread should be called "chairs".

I'm def an uber chair nerd and modernism fan at large. the classics like all those above are totally great, but I've become kindof bored of them. here's a few gems by some younger studios that I've come across.




















tip of the iceburg.

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Guest lanmao

here's a few gems by some younger studios that I've come across.


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