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Guest Hi Dad

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Guest Hi Dad

WELL WELL WELL.. lets see.. i dont get on this fuckin bullshit post site for 3 weeks and i come back and what do i see.. some "badboy" talkin shit about me.. im a toy? i email all your friends kissing thier ass? come on buddy.. u gotta do better than that.. go paint some fuckin gay dinosaurs on a freight you fag.. u think i sit on the net all day.. look who posted 7 times on the "BEST WRITERS IN VA" post.. looks like you need to get your fuckin facts straight.. i am not any of those kids talkin in there and im not friends with any of those kids talkin in there. I no longer have anything to do with anyone in the scene. Hmm.. lets see.. what else did you say? "YOU SEE KIDS LIKE ME COME AND GO EVERY YEAR" Lets see.. didnt i MEET YOU 4 YEARS AGO on the corner of U and 12th street when u were with warp and zest? yeah.. 4 years ago. but you say i am one of those kids who come and goes and falls off... you are a fuckin hippocrit.. do you think starting nonesence on a fuckin graffiti post site is gonna make your fuckin magazine sales go up? you are a hippocrit.. everything you say is a fuckin hippocricy.. lets see.. what else did you say? "the mixing bowl isnt the whole world" or someting like that.. yet your "friends" all hit it.. where were u.. NO WHERE.. i fuckin kinged it with a frew of my "friends" are you jelous cuz we hit shit that others dont and never have? you say pay your dues.. correct? you didnt pay shit.. u bombed nova for a year tops.. then u cried when u got caught then moved away to Bmore.. Then you get all this rep cuz you have this wack ass magazine that no body likes.. then as i can remember before.. you critisize other writers magazines "while you were sleeping", "history of washington DC graffiti".. FACE IT SCAN.. you talk shit online.. you "surf" through all these little sites... you do what u want.. and no one says shit.. WHY? cuz u have a bunch of litttle fags kissing your ass like mask. YOU HAVE NO STYLE.. you hide the fact that u have no letter form behind some wack ass pointy letter bullshit and dinosaurs.. and you say im a toy? "real badboys creep in silence" i think you said.. well i think your the most loud person on this fuckin message board.. face it SCAN.. the fame you have is CHEAP.. you havent paid your dues.. your magazine sucks.. and you talk shit on kids to gain your respect. end of story.. to me you are a JOKE.. to others you are an ICON.. keep doin your thing.. ill keep doin mine.. only the walls can tell the truth..


later BADBOY


Love Cyne..(i am more than happy to CYNE any diss to you baby...)

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