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    who was the skan dissed by????what did the train look like?
  2. walmart i got a couple of funny nace stories... during my one day tour of nj Chip, nace and I had a very long discussion at burger king one day about how nace wanted to become vegan. I think hespent an hour or so asking me about what I eat, if it was hard, and so on. He told me that him and his girl were going to try real soon and that he wanted some recipes..... all of this was going on as the three of us munched on some veggie whoppers (yuck). as we the day went on we also had a very deep discussion about walmart. i kept telling him that 87cents a can for black is a steal and that if you work with the paint long enough its just like krylon... I kept going on and on about how great walmart is and told him about the cheap paint, film and dope gear that you can purchase all under their great blue roof... chipy and nace just gave me weird looks and asked if i was sponsored by walmart... I just told him that I couldn't reveal my secrets...... ohh and also that day we had another extensive discussion about jerseys dutchman.... this is a great writer that I am sure few people know of. I hope this gets back to the dutchman because nace liked your weird ass shit. He even tried to convince us to do a whole page spread in B/D on the dutchmaster........ i only knew john for a short time but he left a lasting impression on me. Only the good die young...... p.s... shop at walmart.....
  3. since my man sigh doesnt come on here to defend himself im going to have to step in.... sighs shit might have been influenced by geso and grey but give me a break.... who hasnt been influenced....sigh is a die hard train nerd...Ive known the guy for over a decade and he is the real deal. He is a humble writer and he is just down to paint... as far as dos being va hosts.....virginia has been rocking for years... va writers pretty much built the washington D.C. scene with maryland kids... some va heads include: Joker.....still going strong High....one of the first train guys.. felon..... elk, expert, sire and stren....yes of mass appeal.... killed trains,for the longest time and bombed the fuck out of dc ..... view, phone, lyes, bzee, exist, cense, forse, cram (yes the one that went to sf and killed shit for a long time) all of these guys and many many others have killed freights and walls for a long time.. why has it taken so long for va to get respect???? because we have been in Washington D.C.'s shadow .... but after a while we said fuck it... we need to rep our own state..... most va kids have lived in other states and cities and they hold their own just fine.... you dont have to be from la or nyc to rock shit hard.... and we are not all rednecks..... sigh is pretty much a redneck...but if you have ever seen that fool elk......you would know.....he looks like a gap model..... we all do.... virginia #1
  4. the nova


    the super nova virginia.......#1
  5. ohhh my god that was a long winded post.... cheap fame is the best kind... and if you had a clue you would know i dont have any..... stop your yapping... you are right the walls do speak the truth... -the one year wonder..
  6. virginia #1 glad to see everyone giving the thumbs up for big sigh.... for the guy knocking penis's shit..... penis is a incredible writer who flips styles all the time..... he is a great guy and artist.... all of the dos guys are very dedicated and are working hard to put va on the map..... most of the guys painting in va are doing 300+ trains a year.......... and sighs shit might look similar to geso but i would have to say that he definetly builds on it and improves on it.... no body is doing anything new..... especially geso....he is a great writer but he borrows plenty from different people.. virginia number one!!!!!!!
  7. livin like a pretty thug hip hop yo....
  8. quit swellin-ive done/do/ better and more for over eight years... i don't even want to hear it..... kids like cyne come and go every year and i just sit there and watch.... that dumb ass emails everyone i know and kisses their ass and then tries to start some nonsense with them. if he was so smart he wouldn't have gotten caught....talking all day long on the net wont get you anywhere..... and the mixing bowl is not everything...... nova is the easiest place on earth to bomb......but you would have to be a moron to bomb a rich suburban county that has nothing better to do than arrest little jerk offs all day.... those motherfuckers will track you down and lock your ass up for ever..... *real badboys move in silence*
  9. ummm no cyne is a toy and not to mention super sketchy. he needs to stick to the books till he gets some skills. and i did not mention con. Con is great. eon is up and that is great... but best writer??? come on now.... and internet beef is wack.... as far as va vs. DC we all know va would crush shit since almost all of the people who are up in dc are from there....exist,ecos,aker,clue....the list goes on and on....... that guy spase is up a good bit too but im not sure where he is from....fire he is up,,, boner is up ...... gel, jale is up....... some tale shit here and there.....and a couple of other heads long live va dc and md XXX i wear black on the outside because i feel black on the insideXXX
  10. poppa teee sigh Sigh is the man. I know many a graff heads and he is by far the most dedicated guy i know..... if his fat as would only stay off the numbers..... go sigh go!!! bling bling xxx
  11. what??? cyne? are you fucking kidding me? your out of your mind pal......... umm also none of those writers are from D.C. they just paint there...... exist is the man
  12. actually talking shit?i was not talking shit...just stating some facts. I give the book its props but there were some that were left out. as for b/d ...the people in the va article all have been putting in work for over 5 years or longer. also there were numerous times that i personally asked for submitions and never got them. every crew that has been painting in va for a established amount of time was represented in that article. Dos, gf, mc, msp,mds,aeo,ebt.... I can think of only a few people that the article left out. (exist, warp, phone, dick, forse,cense,aero, and a few other people.) there are a lot of new guys coming out and they will be featured in future issues but the goal of that article was to give a spotlight to people that are steadily building a scene from the ground up. I would like to hear a valid arguement against featuring any of the people in that 2 page spread. As far as my name being mentioned in that write up ..blame it on elk. I told him to write anything he wanted to about VA graff and thats what he wrote. I almost didn't run the article but he talked me into it. those are his words and they are uncensored. people expect me to travel all through out the state and flick shit. come on. if you didn't get in dont get your panties in a bunch send your shit in. if its good ill hook it up no bullshit graff politics. Also there is a difference between a graff mag and a book like i stated earlier. while you were sleeping started as a graff mag and was great. It has taken a new turn and changed its content. That is fine by me. it is professionally done and for that i give roger props. he is a good businessman and has put a lot of time and energy into wyws. its not the type of mag i do but to each his own. the whole point of what i said was that some people were left out and that is a shame since they might be forgotten in the future.
  13. ohh come on free agents had a lot of classic shit in it but it definetly was one sided (as usual) I can think of at least 20 writers it left out. If you are going to include sime and eon you would also have to include other people painting during that time. what about all the elk shit in dc,,,, vaze , kade, evil (seva), tale, cose, coma, nore, clue, the list goes on and on.... all of the above have painted way more than sime and eon..... you cant write a book about the history of a city and only include the people your buddies with. like i said there is some classic dc shit in there but its not like it was a magazine article...that book is going to be looked back on and people are not going to know the whole story.... you have to either include everyone or not do it at all..... I don't know just my 2 cents.
  14. the nova


    im in seattle right now and i see that shit everywhere. i kind of like it. they are up everywhere. talk is cheap... being up isnt.... im sure they will be at the STEPPING FROM THE SHADOWS art show on friday at the independent media center...... see you and them there.
  15. ohhh it wasn't that gay... just a bit.....
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