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More cash re-designs?!? Its a conspiracy

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have any of you ever wondered why the current administration has seen fit to re design and re print more cash in just five or so years than damn near any administration in the last 100 or so years combined? Why do we need a new 20 every 6 months? Why did we need these new bills? Was counterfeiting such a huge problem with the old bills?



Oh, Ive been thinking about this since bush started issuing new 20s 10s, 5s, and hundreds over the past 5 years in order to "detour counterfeiting" with updated security and watermarking... sounds like a good idea right?!?


Well check this out...




Every time they re-issue a series of money the reserve is supposed to remove and destroy the equivalent ammount of older series - the ammount of cash has been controlled very strictly by the fed bank since the depression when they learned that printing more money devalues the cash dollar, double the ammount of cash in the economy and it reduces the value of a dollar to 50 cents - thats simple economics. If they need a weaker dollar, they print more money, need a stronger dollar, take some cash out of circulation.


So we all know that there have been like 5 or 6 versions of the new bills released, updating the security supposedly and detouring counterfeits. When they print the new series of say, 20's, the fed is supposed to remove an equal ammount of old 20s in order to keep the cash value the same - after all these bill issues are not supposed to change the currency value as stated its for counterfieting. before they would wait untill an old series was just too flimsy to be in circulation, probably every 5 years or so theres a replacement series. Theres been like 30 or so total re designs between the 5-100 bills combined, plus they removed the 500 and 1000 bill from circulation so those had to be replaced with more 20s... Now theres a new series printed for every bill each year.




So when they destroy the old bills we know a few things are going to happen - first off the count is not going to be exact each time, thats just the nature of dealing with hundreds of thousands of bills. Thats not so much of a problem when they destroy old bills - its only every 5 years or so - the innacuracy in the count doesnt mean as much when you replace 10,000 or so bills every five years, lower for fives and ones because they are used more, but this isnt a series replacement, this is a recall of old style bills of all series and a replacement with new ones. So the numbers are exponentially higher and the innacuracies in the count are going to be a higher bill count... and we all know the government , like any profit driven company, is ging to account for these errors, and they are going to err on the side of more money being out there as opposed to less, print slighly more money than they destroy because they know the count is going to be off, because it favors their intrests. So basically what we have over the past five years is that the re designs have added a little bit more cash in the economy than what the fed has on record. A few times in insignificant, spread over time, but there have been more cash issuing and re designs under this administration in the history of america



The Counterfeiting issue


Also the counterfeiting is more rampant than ever before AS A RESULT OF THE RE DESIGNS. Before the designs counterfeiting was done by high end organized criminals. The old paper, if you look carefully, had a mesh of red and blue fibers in it. It was illegal to create, sell, or possess paper with small red and blue fibers, and even paper with just red or blue fibers in it had a minnimum fiber count they had to go by that was significantly higher than the official currency paper. Making paper like what money was printed on requires a paper mill... and your average criminal doesnt have acces to shit like that. Counterfeit money was either made on the bullshit legal paper which only has red or blue fibers, and a lot of them, not both at ohh, say 1% fiber to 99% reg fiber., or more commonly stolen federal paper reams. For the past 20 years or so high end printers capable were expensive, but obtainable, so the argument that printer technology on a consumer level is so cheap that a re-design was required is kinda bullshit. The paper was the real test, and it worked. After the 2nd 20 came out 4 months after the first one people were confused. Nobody knew what a real 20 looked like exactly. With 5 types of each bill being in circulation you cant just look for the owl in the corner of a 5 anymore like people did back in the day. If someone gives you a feasable stack of 100's where 1 out of 10 is fake, you would have no idea because there might be 5 different kinds all looking a little different with different security traps.


Now I keep some shady connections, and I went my whole life without ever being offered chances to buy funny money, the only counterfeiting was done by rich kids with good printers (who always got caught for thee bad paper) and organized crime stealing plates and paper. After the 2nd or 3rd re design I started hearing of people copping funny money because slip 20 20$ bills in a stack, give it to a guy mixed up at the store and they wont know whats real, whats fake, and whats a re design because nobody can remember all that. They just hit em with the pen (which can be fooled with a specific chemical coat), or peep watermarks (which can be done easily with the right high end printer)... even the security strip can be faked with certain printing methods... how do I know this? Well I went to art school and took a lot of printmaking classes, trained iunder a recognized member of the national printmaking association, and I worked for a magazine for 3 years, so I know a fair grip about paper, plate printing, and inks... and if you took me to any art store worth a shit I could pick out at least 2 or 3 types of paper available to consumers that looks just the same and would pass to the touch. The new paper still has fibers in it, but not the same as before, it appears to only be one color, and they print these huge pink gradients across the whole bill so you can only see them really small on the very edge


So the counterfeiting protection obviously put more funny money in the economy because its exponentially harder to catch, and it circulates easier and for longer. Even more cash put into the economy thats not on record with the fed. Even tho its fake, it spends the same...





Its human nature to steal. Its a fact that someone responsible for destroying money is going to skim some off the top. With every re-issue its pretty much understood that a certain ammount of theft is going to occur, and when done every 5 years once again the number is insignificant... But they removed so many bills people have more opertunities now to steal the money sent to be destroyed, so the number is more significant. Bruno at the federal incinerator only got to jack a couple thousand every 5 years before, but now he gets to jack tens of thousands every 6 months because they are destroying far more bills far more often. Bruno then goes out and buys a home entertainment system and that money is circulated completely off the records the federal bank holds...




Any one with afew classes in economy knows that there are 2 economic systems in the modern world


1) The cash economy - this is the primary method of money held by lower and middle class.More cash in the system means that 20 in you r pocket aint worth what it use to be. Your personal bank account is backed by cash reserves in bank, so even though its not cash, its on a card, its still basically cash


2) The credit / reserve economy, or the "digital economy" - this is money held by corporations and the extremely wealthy. When some corporation is valued at 10 billion dollars, there isnt some vault somewhere that has 10 billion in it for that corporation, its in an account controlled by the FDIC. When corporations buy and sell they dont bring a duffel bag of hundreds, they digitally transfer the funds...


When the fed legitimately alters the ammoount of cash and records it accurately, it effects both systems, but what they have in essence done is devalue cash on a street level for the lower classes that depend on it by putting more cash out there through errors, theft and counterfeiting while keeping the digital money valued as the same ,


Cash me and you use is worth less than its supposed to, and the corporations, credit agencies (who pretty much operate entierly on a system of digital debts) and major banks get to enjoy all the benefits of a weak street dollar - Bruno takes that stolen stack and pays off his credit card bill, the money is converted into digital accounts through the credit agencies according to false federal reserve records. The 20$ bill thats really worth only 15$ due to devaluation is converted back to 20$ again, in laymans terms.










What prompted me to say this now, when Ive been thinking it for a few years? I just got my first new 5$ bill they issued last week. It has a big purple 5 (like criminals cant print in purple and do gradients) and has all these watermarks PLUS if you hold it up to the light there are 3 "5" that light shines through... this is hard to reproduce, harder than any other previously used method... but I ask all of you... have you ever one time in your life ever had ANYONE EVER hold a 5 up to the light to check it?!? You go buy a beer and the guy is gonna check it?!? I dont know about you, but I only get my bills checked if they are hundreds, about half the time, and 20s like one out of 50 times... Nobody is ever going to take a 5 and hold it up to see this security measure EVER! Someone showed me one and told me to hold it up, then the discussion began if anyone has ever held a 5 up to check the watermark, and the answer is always nope.

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a lot the stuff in this article about how financial systems work is just flat out wrong. what is a "credit agency?" do you mean credit card companies? they don't really do shit, they are only there to facilitate transactions, they have very little power. most of things that get ascribed to credit card companies are actually done by banks(until recently, the credit card companies were owned by the banks, but that's a whole 'nother matter). the main way the money supply is controlled is through interest rates.

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That's a dope article/opinion. I'm not real educated on the ways of the economy, but that makes a lot of sense to me.


NightsBlood: I think you misunderstood ASS's use of credit. He was talking about the digital documentation of a person, or corporation's wealth. Meaning that there is not an actual paper dollar for every dollar in every bank account.

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yeah pretty much thats what i was talking about

i understand how intrest rates are used by banking firms

i was speaking on how our money isnt backed by anything nowadays but debt and credit to other financial systems


and i wrote that, its something i have been kicking around in my head for awhile and finally got down into a cohesive statement one night on the oontz...

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