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the answer to everything thats been happening

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at first look you'd think this is crazy and not worth it, but its about your fucking life - which is being manipulated like a motherfucker.




http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/ - its 2 hours, but watch the whole thing. you have to. save the future.


watch the whole fucking movie. we've all been fucked with since the roman empire and what not. dudes in high places believed that the world must be ruled under one government. the movie speaks about how the government has been run by those in power of banks, which you will see is too true. everything has been staged so far to follow up with this plan. i mean well.. the plan makes sense and what not, but fuck theres better ways to move forward.


us government, which is run by the federal bank (which does not follow rules of the government - but it doesnt matter because the government doesnt matter..), is being manipulated. truth is, our lives have been and are being planned out. the reason why jfk was shot.. the reason why bush became president (which now you can see clearly, was staged).


show your friends this, show people you dont even know this, show people you hate this. shiet. lol.


but seriously guys. revo-fucking-lution has to happen. so wake the fuck up. this dumb entertaining, just doin it to do it shit, is all part of it. just do the revolution, then go back and do that just doin it shit. this shit is real.



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smalls! could you be.. ZOMG! only a few calls me smalls. crazy! but watch the movie! its strange at the beginning.. till the middle. it gets cool at the middle to end. but i feel like starting revolution. just cause.

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that really sucked i just watched like 40 minutes and when it started getting into 9/11 i couldn;t bare it any longer.


There were so many falsities in the religious part as well.


FYI its common knowledge that the romans changed christianity to be in line wiht pagan beliefs, however there was a christian movement before any of that happened. Its really dumb for the documentary to show that the Romans completely warped the christian faith into their own image, and then to attempt to attack that idea as the original christian faith.

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watch finish! i didnt really follow that whole bit either, but it gets important after that part.


i guess, this isnt about the christian movement that happened before. its about what happened after. i dont think they meant to talk about it as the original faith.. they were just saying how it was messed with.


its kinda the same when they start talking about u.s. government, which was and is getting messed with.


.. but keep watching, they start talking about the international bankers. how they pretty much control the government. its.. important.


iunno. i could just be all crazy cause of this conspiracy mumbo jumbo or whatever. but i guess.. i want someone to tell me its not true.




just watch it!

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Zeitgeist is awesome....


BUT, just one thing....


Type into youtube:

Ron Wyatt Jesus Blood


To me, Ron is authentic... But according to Zeit, Jesus is fictional.... The Blood Ron found, may be Horus'!!!


I agree with the 2nd and 3rd parts o Zeit, but the first part is still sketchy... Even though it is fact that were going into a New Age.


2012, the date of when we make or break it. It is the date of all humans will evolve... not physically, but mentally....



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