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Need Advice/Critisism

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Hey, guys I did my first peice w/spraypaint today and I have a new found respect for graffiti artists. I have drawn and painted all my life but using spraypaint is a whole new challenge.

Anyways, please give me some tips and advice on my first peice. Its done on a huge peice of cardboard (5x8 feet) and w/shitty paint since its just practice.




I know this fuckin sucks but it is my first attempt, so whatever you see that i can work on to improve my technique would be appreciated.

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just keep on doing your thing and stay off the internet.

you'll probably have this thread locked after a few insults and reply pictures anyway

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take 'i need advice/criticism' threads to the PAPERCHASE section of the site



you need to spend some time sketching letters.

you have a bubble thing going on which isn't disgustingly atrocious, but you should maybe work on a straight letter style for now

(like doing block letters or comic book letters as graffiti)

you are also staying simple, which is GOOD..stay SIMPLE for now



you need to practice, on WALLS, a LOT

you are dripping on cardboard so your can control is shit

don't look to caps or fancy euro paint to help you

your hands will only get stronger and agile with PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE



you have a grasp of the whole outline/fill/3D/highlights/background concept

but you suck at can control

so maybe for now, don't worry about highlights, they are only making your shit look worse because it is mad sloppy and thick

and, you need to work the 3D out

i hated 3D when i started, but the fact of the matter is, graffiti looks waaay better with a '3D'.. whether it be traditional blocks, a drop shadow, or actual three dimensional letters (which you should NOT be worried about attempting now)

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